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Biden plans to come after your light bulbs and gas appliances again

Jay Weber Show transcript 6/11/24 8:10am

I have a different segment about how- under a second Biden term the overall cost of owning and running a car is going to get far worse. It’s already to the point that the average cost of a new car is over-47-thousand dollars in America-

And that’s with Biden’s sky-high interest rates tacked onto any payments-and with car insurance costs skyrocketing under Biden.

As it stands-the cost of a new car has gone up ten thousand dollars in just the three years Biden has been in office. Ten grand.

And in second Biden term-it’s going to get even worse. That much is guaranteed.

The Heritage Foundation says the Biden regime is already working on a-quote- carbon credit system-in which car makers would be punished for every gas-powered car they sell.

And this is just one way that the socialist and communist bullies who the Biden and Obama regimes have put in charge of our federal agencies are planning on harming the American people in the future.

This insanity where-in rabid leftists running our govt agencies promulgate more and more stifling, unamerican, harsh regulations and fines to force onto all of us- genuinely-has to stop-or America as-we-know-it will cease to exist.

And only voters can stop it. This fall. This fall-is likely our last opportunity to save ourselves it really is-

Because- DC insiders already know that if joe Biden gets in for a second term- we, the people, are in for what will likely be never-ending govt bullying. 

And it will be related to every part of our lives.

A new report today says -as president Biden’s White House angrily insists that they -by God-are not trying to ban gas stoves-

They are trying to ban-all-gas appliances in our homes-in one fell swoop. Your gas furnace and water heater and/or any other gas-powered appliance you might have.

The Biden regime is working on a ‘total home’ ban on natural gas hookups and appliances. And kitten, that would mean your gas stove.

The Washington Times today reports that Joe Biden is coming after our light bulbs again- if we let him.

Yeah-screw the consequences.

Democrats have never cared about the consequences of their bright and bullying ideas. Everyone who knows ‘better’ -including those experts in the industry being targeted-are just supposed to shut up and comply.

And congress’s role in this-as the people who we send to DC to determine such things- is zero.

These are agencies that have simply gone rogue, pretending they have powers that they do not have, and getting the cover they want from the executive branch and the current administration.

Nearly every regulation that EPA, interior, FDA, USDA, etc.- 

Nearly every new regulation that they promulgate and put into place should really be approved by congress. Instead, they are just rammed into place-and it needs to stop.

And yes- this madness has been going on for decades but is now being openly and relentlessly abused by socialistic bullies on the American left any time they get into power at the state or federal levels- and it needs to end. We cannot have big govt socialists in charge of our federal and state agencies like this...with no workable oversight from elected officials.

And the only way it changes is if we start by voting Joe Biden and democrats out of office.


That’s the only way that ‘socialism thru agency orders’ is ended. Otherwise, the leftists are going to continue this march.

Already-in just three years- Joe Biden’s tenure has been a complete disaster for freedom loving Americans and small businesses. 

And under Biden- i swear to you- between the old Obama hold-overs and the new aggressive socialists the Bidens have welcomed into their regime-

 the people whom they’ve put in charge of every one of our agencies in federal government -are- socialists.  

Here’s another move that the Biden FDA and DOJ have announced: they are going to crack down on e-cigarettes with more legal actions.

So far- the Biden dept. of justice has been too busy prosecuting Donald trump and Maga republicans to worry about prosecuting illegal E-cigarette sales...

But now- Biden’s DOJ agrees that they will start to follow thru on prosecutions.

A new DOJ/FDA task force will crack down in criminal and civil court-they are promising- that could result in-quote- felony convictions, criminal fines, civil fines, and product seizures.

Because-God forbid- anyone in this free country of ours enjoys a fruit-flavored e-cigarette.

These are the same democrats who refuse to crack down on street crime. Who refuse to close and control our border. Who refuse to arrest looters and rioters. 

But-if you are sucking on a cherry flavored e-cigarette- they’re coming for you.

What? In the hell is going on in this country!

And the way to stop this is: first-

Getting trump back into office and republicans back in charge of DC. Sincerely. We’ve got to take Biden’s regime out of power first.

But that’s only step one: step two has got to be...has got to be...forcing Donald trump to clean house atop every federal agency and engage in ‘top down’ reforms and rebuilds.

GOP congressmen-if they have the numbers-also need to pass a law that blocks agencies from simply take power for themselves- and putting laws into place on their own.

Congress needs to stop long time abuse of this ‘agency action’ system. Nearly every new regulation out of any of these agencies should need to be approved by congress.

story credit: The Washington Times

photo credit: Getty Images

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