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All the J6 tapes released and the Commission panics

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-20-23 16:40am

The new house speaker- Mike Johnson- announced that he was releasing all the January sixth tapes of the violence at the US capitol on Saturday... And the democrats and their accomplice media outlets went nuts.

It wasn’t lost on me that the biggest alarmists over the release of ‘all’ of the footage ...were the members of the bogus Jan 6th committee...who spent months and months crafting false insurrection narratives against Donald trump and then used them for a second bogus impeachment after he had already left office.

Listen to ‘Rancid Raskin’.... on Wolf Blitzer’s show.


The members of that commission are clearly worried that something closer to the ‘truth’ might come out.

As in, there was no insurrection. Donald Trump was not sending out dog whistles to organized groups of proud boys...or whatever.

And that-instead-this was a few hundred idiots who ‘took it too far’ on January sixth of 2021...and that most of the protestors who entered the capitol stayed behind the rope lines and behaved themselves.

Because that-really-is what happened. It was still a disgraceful day in u-s history-

But let’s not conflate a few hundred idiots rioting with a real ‘insurrection’, much less one organized or orchestrated by Donald Trump.

I know that that idea has been normalized, over time, by liberals and never Trumpers. I know they love the term ‘insurrection’...but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

And I’m someone who would rather see a different GOP candidate get the nod so he or she could have two terms-and I’m someone who criticizes Donald Trump routinely, when he’s wrong or going too far.

But this January sixth stuff is silly...and it kills me that so many people-on both sides of the aisle- are so obsessed with it.

And no, I don’t want to see the right-wing media members or the matt gates, MTG crowd obsess over this for another six months...or have another reason to distract us from the awful Biden regime...

But maybe if the footage is released now. They’ll have their chance to obsess over it this winter and so we -can! - be talking about how destructive Joe Biden’s presidency has been and how we -must- move past it-as a nation.

I know it’s Pollyannaish thinking, based on how Donald Trump and this hardcore of clowns still won’t start looking forward rather than backward....

But...maybe....this takes one distraction off the table before spring.

And yes, all of the footage should be released. I have no problem with Johnson’s move, here.

But the two sides are never going to agree on.

It’s another thing that trump and his supporters- and Liz Cheney and her supporters- are never going to change their opinions on-

And so, this cannot be our obsession between now and the next election day.

2024 must. Must. Be a referendum on Joe Biden’s destructive four years. If it is, republicans win, and we divert this country from the socialistic, totalitarian path that today’s democrats now have us on.

Winning in 2024 is all that matters now. Going back 4 years to relitigate and constantly churn and obsess over the events of January sixth is a massive and foolish waste of time... And if this has Trump supporters and the right wing media doing it-instead of focusing on the issues in 2024, it'll backfire.

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