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Only 14 percent say Joe Biden’s era has made them better off.

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-14-23 6:40am

So-this is the time of year when retailers are clamoring for a bunch of part-time help for the holidays, right?


At least not this year.

This is another hint at how ‘strong’ Biden’s economy is and how well Bidenomics is working.

Folks- we aren’t even seeing the sort of normal ‘holiday hiring rush’ that we normally see.

The National Retail Federation, a trade group, expects retailers will hire between 450,000 and 600,000 seasonal workers this winter, down from 669,800 in 2021. Target, which plans to hire up to 100,000 people for the holiday period, has reported an 18 per cent increase in applicants for seasonal positions compared with a year ago.

Employers posted 8.2 per cent fewer holiday openings this year than last year, according to jobs site Indeed. The decline came even as Indeed reported that searches for seasonal jobs rose 33 per cent this year over 2021 to their highest level since 2019.

They say this is a very different employment market in the Biden era-and after the dramatic ramp up and return to work that we saw post-covid.

But Biden’s inflation and never-ending interest rate hikes have played a featured role in the economy ever since. And it hasn’t been a good one.

Also, this week-the CEO and other supermarket hot shots admitted that Biden’s inflation on food has been crushing household budgets.

These are the retailers who are seeing their customers spend-very differently-than they were before Biden and the democrats’ passed policies that skyrocketed food prices...which are still drifting upward.

Folks- food prices are up more than 20 percent since Joe Biden took office-and if you go to the grocery store once a week-you know that that’s a false number: the prices on a lot of these products seems to have-doubled-

And often, you are getting ‘less’ product for a higher cost.

Chicken prices are insane again. Coffee prices are shocking. Egg prices still haven’t fallen back to where they were in the trump era.

Nothing has.

Joe Biden and his fanboys in dc and New York keep wanting to insist that this is a great economy and Joe Biden has wonderful for the American worker and the American family-

And nothing could be further from the truth. This has been a rolling disaster-for three years. have 2/3 of Americans now saying they are living paycheck to paycheck-and nearly that same amount saying ‘being able to afford food’ is their biggest worry.

For heaven’s sake- food is a ‘staple’. Food is something that everyone needs to exist-and not since the 1930s and 40s, did most Americans really need to worry about where their next meal was coming from.

For heaven’s sake-that worry has returned nearly 90 years later- in the Biden era. 

How is that possible?

I cannot imagine how hard the food pantries are going to be ‘hit’ this holiday season.As it is, one of the largest food banks in the country is saying that they are seeing the biggest shortage of donations in their 40 years of existence.

This is one of the greatest and most arrogant ‘disconnects’ between the dc elites who are running the country and what the people are seeing ‘on the ground’.

Genuinely. I have never seen a bigger disconnect between reality and ‘dc spin’. Nor have I seen a less caring and arrogant democrat party.  

This party is headed by a group of leaders who honestly do not care. About the American people any longer. 

And it shows in virtually everything they do...and it starts with the constant-daily-never ending gaslighting related to ‘how great’ this is going.

Good grief. Only 14 percent of American voters say that Joe Biden’s era has made them better off.

The financial times pollster says that ‘this is bad news for Biden, given that there’s not much he can do to change the perception that prices are too high before election day.

It’s not just ‘a perception’, people. And that’s why Biden can’t change it. You can’t spin voters into believing that they aren’t experiencing-what they are all experiencing.

That’s why Biden and the democrats have been losing so many Black, Hispanic, and younger voters. These have been three of their most important demographics-

They also just happen to be demographics that are largely comprised of lower income voters.

And so, the people in these groups are going to be struggling the most due to Joe Biden’s craptacular economy.

We’ve talked about how Biden is losing the black and the Hispanic vote over economic issues-

Well-he’s losing the 18-to-29 ‘youth vote’ too, and this might be the demo in which he’s seen the most dramatic erosion.

Biden won ‘young people’ by double digits over trump in 2020....and now Trump and Biden are splitting the under 30 vote.

Most young people don’t go to college and mostly care about how -they- are doing in life. And Biden has failed them, big time.

Young people are struggling financially and it’s not hard to see why: those on the lower rungs and with the smallest salaries have felt the hardest hit by Biden’s inflation.

One reason the seniors haven’t given up on Biden in nearly the numbers that the young people have is that seniors have nest eggs and assets that they can fall back on in tougher times.

They also aren’t trying to buy houses with 8 percent interest rates or having to put their charges on credit cards that demand 21 percent interest.

Heck-social security checks are even adjusted for inflation.

And I’m not saying seniors aren’t also feeling the pinch under Biden. They are. But the young people have really felt the betrayal.

And hopefully-will vote differently.

story credit: Financial Times

photo credit: Getty Images

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