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It's so bad, Chicago residents now longing for the Beetlejuice era

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-9-23 8:10am

Chicago residents are so infuriated and frustrated by the city’s sanctuary city status and the flood of illegals it has flooding into the city- with city leaders welcoming them with open arms-

That the last two Chicago city council meetings have included raucous crowd shouting down council members.


The Chicago Tribune reported on Tuesday’s meeting...with follows last which a group of aldermen tried to put a referendum on next spring’s ballot asking city residents if Chicago should end its sanctuary city status.

Well, a different gaggle of activist alderman swept in to block the move by not providing a quorum for the meeting.

More left-on-left violence. 

Tony Napolitano is one of the better aldermen down there-and he’s right, of course. The decisions on what’s going on in the city of Chicago are being made by a new rabidly socialist mayor-in Brandon Johnson- who is making excuses for every bit of crime, dysfunction, and failure that’s being seen on his watch. He’s trying to excuse it all away.

And-the decisions are being made by a bunch of increasingly socialist and activist council members, as well. This is what Napolitano is talking about.

And yet- the residents of Chicago-did- vote all these asshats into office, didn’t they?

Chicagoans are getting the government they voted for and let’s not pretend they aren’t. The remedy for all these furious Chicago residents and urban black activists who are feeling betrayed is ‘vote differently’. Vote Brandon Johnson and this current gaggle of socialist clowns out of office and out of power.

Because-until you do- they are going to ignore your whining.

This crowd on Tuesday night was so angry that they shouted down the alderman until the meeting was canceled.

Great. They are making themselves heard.

Now, is anyone organizing recall elections against these dispassionate, arrogant aldermen?

Are people stepping up to run against some of them in spring?

Because- precisely as a i predicted when Brandon Johnson won the mayor’s race- Chicago is now really ‘starting to go to hell’. Even more so than it was in the mayor Beetlejuice era.

Most listeners probably don’t know that -regardless of what the situation is related to crime.... Brandon Johnson rejects the idea that the city is in crisis and shrugs off the crime as ‘youthful indiscretion’.... or ‘as a symptom of social injustice’...etc.

He is a stone-cold America-hating socialist. And he’s not going to lift a finger to save this city. Instead, he and his fellow socialist progressives-who voters were dumb enough to elect to office- are instead going to consolidate their power as they watch the city crumble.

After all-Chicago and America need to be pile of dystopian ashes if the America-hating democrats are going to build their socialist, egalitarian utopia on the rubble.

This week- mayor Brandon Johnson downplayed crime as just a ‘dynamic’ to be addressed by Chicago leaders.

Even the tribune editors clapped back and said: no, Mr. Mayor-this is a crisis of crime. The smash and grabs, the street thuggery, the car jackings.

Brandon Johnson was put into office by the modern democrat machine to ensure the city continues to crumble...and to make excuses while he manages the decay.

And in that sense-he’s like virtually every other big city mayor in the country, now.

Virtually all our big cities have been taken over by the George Soros- far left- now, and the elected officials in them are doing their level best to ‘do nothing’. To make excuses and manage the decay.

And if you think I’m wrong, or am being too cynical, then prove me wrong. Email or call in and list all the great democrat mayors who are turning their cities around and lowering crime.

You can’t do it. Because they all supported the ‘defund the police efforts.’ they all stood back and watched parts of their cities be burned and looted...and claimed it was political protest: give the thugs room to riot.

And not even one of them has gotten their act together, since. 

A few of them have pivoted and are now ‘talking’ a better game on cops...but that’s it. They aren’t serious about tackling the crime in their communities. Not even one of them is calling on the Soros das and activist judges to ‘do better’ and start taking the thugs off of our streets.


Urban America is ‘left on left’ violence...and the leaders of today’s democrat party want it that way.

story credit: Chicago Tribune

photo credit: Getty Images

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