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"I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life!"

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-2-23 6:10am

We haven’t talked about the Biden family corruption schemes for a while because so much other stuff was going on-

But if you haven’t heard-James Comer and the republicans in congress can now directly trace at least two payments of foreign cash -from China- into Joe and Jill Biden’s bank account.

This is big news, because DC democrats and Biden defenders have patently refused to look at the growing mountain of evidence, emails, bank records, photos of meetings that prove joe Biden sat atop a bold, corrupt, even criminal, influence peddling scheme that his brother James and his son hunter ran- and have made their living from.

Dems and their accomplices in the MSM refuse to look at the evidence and have been saying, as an excuse: there’s no evidence Joe got or used that money.

Well-comer and his team have now linked a 200-thousand-dollar payment and a 40-thousand-dollar payment to those Chinese payouts and a different business scam Jim Biden was running.

And there’s no doubt that joe Biden received far more than that- as his cut of the ten-million dollars Hunter and Jim extorted out of this Chinese company...

But these are some of the direct lines that can be drawn -from the Chinese payment to a shell company...that was run thru other shell companies....and then came out the other end in Joe Biden’s bank account.

And if you’re really interested in all the stops and filters that the money went thru- comer and republicans have put out a video and several flow charts that walk you thru it. It’s not the sort of detail that makes for compelling radio-but-These newly released bank records on the latest 40-thousand-dollar check start with hunter Biden’s famous shakedown of a Chinese business associate in 2017.

This is the ten million dollars that the Bidens received-in two chunks-from a Chinese energy firm tied to the Chi Com government-after hunter got on the phone and said ‘my dad is here with me...and he’s not happy. Where is the money?’

Just a few days after that-the first five-million-dollar payment arrived, if you remember the earlier stories...and now comer and company are ‘charting out’ how that money flowed thru a series of complicated transactions and shell companies that the Bidens had set up-

This is the way they laundered the money-and let’s be clear and honest: it is the only reason to set up dozens of fake companies and forensic bankers and investigators will tell you they see it all the time as they start unraveling crimes.

And yes- this would be the criminal part of the Biden family schemes laundering money to avoid paying the taxes on it....

And after it was laundered- hundreds of thousands of dollars of it ended up in the personal bank account of Biden’s brother James and his wife Sara. 

From there-they doled out the money to joe. In the case of this 40-thousand-dollar check- Sara Biden -the sister-in-law- cut it to joe in September of 2017. 

And this is the second questionable payment Jim and Sara Biden made to Joe that has been ‘direct lined’ by investigators from the Chinese payments. The one revealed last week was for 200-thousand dollars, linked to a company that went defunct, but before it did, the Biden’s got 600-thousand dollars that should have been given to its creditors.

Jim Biden listed these as repayments of loans that Joe had let him-but there’s no evidence of the loans being given out by joe.

Moreover, this is the exact same time that Joe and Jill Biden are paying nearly three million dollars to buy their Delaware beach house. The one that they’re flying off to every weekend.

It turns out they bought that beach house. Weeks. Weeks. After that big five-million-dollar payoff flowed in from China-to Jim and Hunter’s fake businesses.

All very convenient, isn’t it?

When would you feel good about plunking three million dollars down on a weekend getaway on the ocean?

Well, right after you know that your shade chi-com buddies have paid off on that ten million they’ve been promising you to do their secret bidding in dc.

That’s when. Correct?

This all happens right after Hunter Biden’s ‘what’s-app’ exchange with his Chinese counterpart-

An exchange that can only be described as ‘extortion’. This reads like a gangland mobster wanting his money.

How many times has hunter Biden gone into ‘thug mode’ over the decades-to get Joe Biden his money?

In that exchange-he at least ‘boasts’ or pretends that he’s played the role of enforcer quite often: all too often people mistake kindness for weakness- and all too often I’m standing over them saying ‘i warned you’.

How many times has hunter acted thuggish to complete their foreign extortion schemes?

In all seriousness-

If we had direct audio like that- of Eric or Don Junior- threatening a Chinese govt official and energy chairman to give Donald Trump ten million dollars- or else-

Imagine how unglued the democrats would become over it. Imagine how relentless their accomplices in the media would be -until they drove president trump out of office.

And yet-

The refuse to even follow up on -any-of this evidence or that ‘what’s app’ phone call.

And it-is- detailed evidence. What Comer and the house republicans have here-is rock solid.

They have all the documentation and detail.

The money sent to Joe Biden came directly from the money the chi-coms sent hunter.

Biden had to know it, because he went along with the lie that this was ‘repayment for a loan’ that he never made.

How much more obvious does it need to be?

And yet- remember this moment from the 2016 debates?  It’s just one instance of Joe Biden repeatedly denying that he ever took foreign money and/or money from China.

That is another lie-disproven-by house investigators this week-and last-

And the Biden accomplices and propagandists in the MSM still refuse to report it.

James Comer also made the point yesterday that this is direct evidence that Biden’s family was cashing in on his name and money laundering-at the very least.  It also shows that joe benefitted from that influence peddling scheme...and while it doesn’t ‘prove’ that Joe Biden knew the money was coming from China-and elsewhere.

It at least proves that he had a pattern of getting big chunks of money from his brother for loans that don’t seem too

Joe and Jill never asked where that money was coming from?

Why? Jim? Are you giving me a check for 200-grand?

Of course, Joe Biden was in on it. He was the ‘product’ in the family’s influence peddling scheme, and he also had to know about the money laundering.

Let’s not pretend that there’s still a doubt, here.

photo credit: Cong James Comer Twitter/X account

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