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Biden has DHS special agents making SANDWICHES for illegals now.

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-1-23 7:10am

I’ve been characterizing Joe Biden’s use of border patrol agents as concierge and baby sitters for illegals as Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas and the entire democrat party just let the globes citizenry waltz into the country. Well, we have to add ‘cooks’ to that description.

These agents are supposed to be tracking down some of the tens of thousands of illegal children who have been smuggled into this country by sex traffickers-and Joe Biden has them making sandwiches.

And let’s pound this nail home: Biden and Mayorkas’s insane open borders policies are the very thing that has enabled these sex traffickers and slave traffickers to do a booming business over our southern border-

So, you’d at least think that Biden and his snake would be putting quiet emphasis on trying to crack down on the problem.


Instead of allowing the agents who were hired to save and protect children from the clutches of monsters- Joe Biden has them making sandwiches for the border crossers.

That. Is disheartening.

Folks-every time I think this border situation couldn’t get worse- it gets worse.

Every time I think that there couldn’t be more evidence that ‘all of this is intentional’ and that ‘Biden, Mayorkas, and the democrats don’t even care about all of the crime, misery, and mayhem they have created- there’s more evidence that they genuinely don’t. Care.

My god-they are keeping highly trained law enforcement agents from going after the sex traffickers that their open borders have encouraged.

It makes you wonder: are Alejandro and Joe getting a cut?

Is that why they are clearing the way for the child sex traffickers?

Are they getting a cut? Does Hunter have some connections in the sex trafficking industry that he and Joe are milking for more cash?

And a few years ago-i would have been saying this flippantly. It’s obviously a joke. Our president isn’t a sex trafficker...

But seeing what we’ve seen. Knowing what an immoral scumbag Alejandro Mayorkas is. Knowing what immoral and unethical scumbags we now know the bides are.

Can we really or just ‘laugh off’ the possibility?

Why in god’s name would Biden and Mayorkas be prioritizing ‘sandwiches’ over catching child predators and saving children from sex trafficking.

And Mayorkas didn’t deny it. It is infuriating to learn this-and it is doubly infuriating that-unless you are looking on a few conservative websites-you aren’t going to hear this story today.

Even though scores of so-called reporters watched that senate briefing yesterday- most Americans will not know this. They will not see or hear stories today that say: Joe Biden is ignoring child sex trafficking because Alejandro thinks he needs more sandwich makers for all of the illegals pouring into the country.

What could make this more of a farce? Folks?

In what way-could Biden’s open borders be more of a dangerous farce?

Unless we start to greet known jihadists at the border...with Twinkies and juice we invite them in...

How could Biden’s border be more dangerous and ridiculous?

We aren’t vetting anyone. So far, during his term, Joe Biden and the democrats have let at least five million illegals cross over our border-and stay. Transported them right to the places in America that they wanted to live.

There have been at least 1.7 million more ‘known gotaways’ meaning- agents saw them cross into the country but couldn’t catch them.

And now Hamas has ignited a new round of ‘jihad’ on America and the west.  Lone wolf attacks, at the very least, seem certain, because of Biden’s open borders-

And God forbid- entire terror cells have managed to get in and are planning another major 9-11 style attack.

This is what Biden and the dems have been cavalierly inviting-onto this country- as they insist on open borders.

Yesterday, in a different briefing, our rather useless FBI director, Christopher Wray, a Trump hire, told congressmen that the terror threat to America has hit a new level, now, due to Hamas’ actions and Israel’s retaliations.

Can you see why Mayorkas and Biden’s other minions -refuse- to talk about how many illegals and ‘unknowns’ they have invited over this southern border?

Our own senator- Ron Johnson-asked Mayorkas for the numbers-three times-yesterday. And the scummy Mayorkas refused to give them to him. This a-hole refused to even utter them out loud.

He and Biden's’ regime are putting this entire country and its people under terrible new dangers-and know it-and won’t admit it.

And all to show fealty to a group of their political supporters?


Isn’t there-any point? -at which Biden, his team, and dc democrats will say, ‘okay, enough is enough’. We cannot continue to pander to the open borders crowd-no matter how much they pressure us, and no matter how important we think they are to us keeping and holding power.

At what point? Does any strain, or twinge, of patriotism stir in any of these left-wing leaders?

Joe Biden? Really? Wants to invite major terror attacks onto the country.

He’s really willing to do that-just to get and keep votes?

All his fellow democrats-all of them-including Tammy Baldwin and Marc Pocan and Gwen Moore-are really?  Willing? To sit silently and allow this country to be put in such terrible new dangers?

Are really willing to allow child sex trafficking to go on- as agents make sandwiches?

They’re really willing to sit quietly and do and say nothing?

It makes me weep for the country. It honestly does.  America-cannot- continue like this.

America-cannot continue to exist- like this.

The democrats that have been elected to office are really. Going to keep us on this path?

If that’s the case-then we may be seeing a second civil war develop. Because, if half of the country is going to sit by and silently cheer as it’s destroyed- what other option will there be?

photo credit: Josh Hawley's Twitter/X account

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