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Why does left want to deny kids better schools?

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-31-23 8:30am

So-you know that the clown who owns the Minocqua Brewing company and a band of activist democrats have banded together to kill off school choice in Wisconsin.

They feel the time is right, now that the activist left has taken over the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and they think they can get Protosawitz and the other robed activists on the court to do so.

In fact, those suing are asking the Supreme Court to take this up directly. Don’t even have it go thru the lower courts or the established court process: just grab the case and kill off choice.

And this is not only a nakedly myopic and extreme political move-

It’s also a genuinely harmful and stupid move if we are interested in educating our children and giving them the best start on life that they can get.

It really is folks. This attack on choice is a group of nasty, politically embittered people, who do not care-at all- about what’s best for Wisconsin children and families. All they care about is winning a political argument that-in truth? - they lost long ago.

It kills me that these clowns still want to argue:

A) these private and choice schools are not a superior educational experience (because they are) and...

B) that funding them with taxpayer dollars is somehow ‘taking money away’ from the public schools when it’s not.

All you need to do is look at the level of funding that we taxpayers and our elected officials have been putting into the public schools over the last ten, twenty, and 30 years since choice was invented-

And you will see K-12 funding levels for public schools only go up and up and up and up.

And yes-even after act ten-and even as we have increased overall funding for choice options.

Folks- just going back to 2010, when walker took over and the act ten caused the attacks on choice to get even louder. Just since 2010 per-student funding in Wisconsin has skyrocketed. 

And in Milwaukee? At MPS? Our public-school funding has- no kidding-doubled- doubled-since walker took office.

It has gone from about 8-grand per student in 16 or 18 grand per student, depending on which figure you want to believe now.

Even choosing the lower estimate: MPS funding has doubled since 2010. So how in the hell have choice and charter schools ‘starved’ the public schools of funding?

If you still believe that you are being seriously gaslighted- or you’re really a gullible dope.

We have the hard stats to prove his, year to year. Both government and independent data.

And as for the quality of the education- there too-we’ve got stacks of data that show students in independent and choice schools in Milwaukee, in Racine, and statewide- have better test scores than the kids in public schools.

It's just true: and if you visit just about any ‘choice’ or private school you can see why: there’s more discipline, more order, and more emphasis on learning and encouragement than in the public schools. At least from what I’ve seen.

In Milwaukee and Racine alone-we’ve had great choice schools cranking out graduating class after graduating class for decades-with nearly all of the kids going off to college or into the trades. Very few dropouts or duds.

And so- if these Dems are successful in killing off the school choice program in Wisconsin- it’ll immediately mean that 50-thousand black kids and 11 or 12 thousand Hispanic kids in Milwaukee and Racine will be shoved out into the cold, and then back into their craptacular, failing, neighborhood public schools.

That’s what a ‘successful’ lawsuit by these dems would mean.  

The WMC- Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce-just put out another poll yesterday that confirms 70 percent of Wisconsinites support choice. Seven in ten. Choice in education is a very, very popular idea- with popular programs-unless you are a child hating, family hating unionista hack:

And those, of course, are results that WMC and choice supporters hope to get in front of the state’s left wing supreme court justices and lawmakers: look, you’re less likely to keep your job if you vote against choice.

That could become an important bit of information for Anne Walsh Bradley, who’s up for re-election in 2025.

Because the truth is: these questions related to school choice were answered long, long ago: they offer an important alternative for parents, and they have proven their value to families-especially inner-city families-here in Wisconsin and around the country.

Choice options have expanded to nearly every state in the country-and universal choice is spreading faster in red states-than it is here-in the state that invented school choice.

photo credit: Getty Images

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