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A small coalition of freaks, racists, and zealots are driving Democrats

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-25-23 6:10am

One of the major features of this political era in which we live-is that 70 to 80 percent of the country has been letting a small but vocal and nasty minority bully the rest of us into getting their way-and pick an issue: open borders, transgenders in sports, wasting trillions on govt funded green energy products, defunding our police departments, calling riots ‘protests’, abortion-

Name an issue- and you’ll likely find that-in truth? It’s a small but aggressive left-wing minority that has been driving the issue and driving the American people ‘where 7 or 8 in ten of us’ do not want to go.

And it must stop.

Years ago-I flagged the moment that this started. That this socialist, America-hating movement really started to gain steam: it was after the 2008 election, and the building tea party movement, when democrats realized they had lost the working class- and Pelosi, Reid, and Obama decided that the only way for democrats to keep winning national elections was to give their nightmarish collection of extremist and grievance groups a seat at the table. Empower them as voices and players in the democrat party.

It's all been downhill from there.

The only think I got wrong-was I didn’t think Pelosi, Obama and the dems would be able to hold this coalition of freaks, racists, and zealots together for very long- because many of them have views that diametrically oppose each other. But i guess that power is so intoxicating- and they’ve been able to build a fictional strawman on the right who they can villainize- (and even before trump they had them. He just fit the bill nicely when he came along)

But it’s kept them hating a common enemy and has allowed them to form an impressive activist network of grievance groups and zealots that all come and support each other at their ludicrous protests-

And so, the extreme left in this country has kept it going. And their real ‘break’ was having Obama and Hillary kill off more traditional liberalism. Obama’s presidency was a massive failure...and it was followed by the Hillary candidacy and the one person who-they believe- could lose to trump.

And so- with 20th century liberalism dead and defunct and a void left atop the party when Hillary lost-Bernie fans and other zealots rushed in to grab the reigns-and here we are suddenly, this is an open border, America-hating, Hamas-loving, baby killing party.

They can’t get enough of the baby killing. They want abortion up to the point of birth-and they’ll even explain away Hamas’ beheading of babies as -they had it coming.

This is the left that we have America now, and the only way it gets defeated is if the rest of us-the other 70 to 80 percent of the country who does not support their extremism and America-hating- acts.

Does something about it. Which means-shouting them down in the village square-and voting differently to take their power away.

That! Is what having to happen in today’s America before we get back to some semblance of normalcy.

And hear what I’m saying: another term of Trump, or two terms of DeSantis or Haley, aren’t enough to do it. We need to strip the zealots in the democrat party of their power-and sadly- much of that is going to require the voters in their own party to wise up.

The vast majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle have found these pro-Hamas protests in our big cities and on our university, campuses appalling....

And they are a perfect example of the crowd of kooks and haters who we need to shove back onto the fringes.  We got two polls this week that showed 80 percent of Americans- 8 in ten- say they side with Israel amid this new conflict-as any decent person should.

This isn’t even a hard one, folks: hmmm the side that butchers’ babies and rapes old women and cuts off the feet of toddlers. And videos it all so they can revel in it....or....the side they attacked. Hmmm....which I on? Which side is the ‘right side’ on this one?

This latest poll puts American’s support for Israel at 84 percent. Nearly 9 in 10.

That’s the evidence of the left-wing indoctrination in our schools and universities right there-and it’s part of the solution: we must move-as communities-to purge our school administrations and faculties of America-hating, left wing extremists.

We wouldn’t put up with neo-Nazis or KKK members in our schools teaching our kids their hate: why do we put up with leftists indoctrinating our kids into hating America and western civilization-which has been god’s greatest gift to mankind?

Why are leftist haters running our schools almost exclusively-and indoctrinating our kids into hating themselves, hating their parents, and hating their country?

84 percent of Americans know better than to support Hamas and its butchery. So why are we tolerating these jackasses on our college campuses and in our streets spewing hate and waiving the flags of Palestine and ISIS?

We are we all just letting it happen...with virtually no reaction?

And I’m not saying storm the streets and murder or beat them-that’s what antifa, BLM, and their side does....(and by the way, we allow our leaders to get away with doing nothing about that)

I’m saying: pull your donations from those universities. Expose who’s funding and organizing all of this hate.  Expose the poisonous people in your community’s schools.

 and you democrats who have lost your party and want a return to common sense and a more unified America- vote differently.

You swing voters who can’t seem decide what your ethical standards or your political beliefs are: do better. Sit down and do a little thinking. 

Why are you voting Democrat? At all? At this point?

We have one party that has been taken over by racist grievance mongers and anti-American hate groups....and you’re still voting for them. Why?

If you mindlessly support a cease fire in Gaza now-why?  

When will the once-glorious western world decide to confront evil again? Even in our own communities?

Listen to Anthony Blinken yesterday. This is Biden’s Sect of State -who has been giving Joe Biden bad advice for the 45 years they’ve known each other.

I never thought I’d hear an American Secretary of State go to the UN and ‘mouth’ the right words, but still end up sounding like a weak weenie.

Here’s our Sect of State, yesterday.

We have to check the video on that-Greg: was that tony Blinken? Or was that Mr. Rogers?

We have 33 Americans dead. 11 being held hostage. Iran and it’s proxies have launched dozens of smaller attacks and attempts to harm US personnel abroad over the last two weeks...

And we’ve got a reincarnated Fred Rogers at the

UN. He may as well side into a red sweater: 

We don’t want a conflict with you mullahs. We’ve always loved your beards. But fellas...yawl are going’ to force us to react...if you’ll won’t stop trying’ it kill us...

Our message should be: don’t ‘f’ around, or you’ll find out...

And instead,, stop messing’ around ya’ll. There’s no need to be nasty....

And the American people voted these feckless clowns into office who are currently making the globe more dangerous.

Folks-if the statement by the UN secretary general yesterday-didn’t prove-that there is no political solution to middle eastern terrorism- i don’t know what would.

But this clown- Antonio Guterres- simply followed the same pattern that most u-n members have been following for 50 years on this Israeli/Arab conflict: for some reason-then Israel is victimized and harmed like this-the UN leadership leaps to defend the Palestinians.

Even butchered babies and intentional, organized attacks on innocent civilians isn’t enough to break this pattern.

He denounced Israel’s military response. Denounced their evacuation policies. And he only-very generically said Hamas shouldn’t have done what they did either. But...just sort of.

photo credit: Getty Images

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