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Biden and the Dems are killing off the American dream for young people

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-19-23

I ran across an interesting take that’s apparently circulating among the crowd that’s looking to defend joe Biden at all costs. Insist he’s been a great president. Etc.

And the argument is: why isn’t Donald Trump being blamed for at least some of this inflation?

Why isn’t Trump sharing in the blame, when several large covid relief packages were passed under his leadership, too, and that was govt. money that was pumped into this economy... That sparked the rise in prices, too.

Nice try, but no. The reason Donald Trump isn’t being blamed for this inflation-is that he clearly doesn’t share in the blame.

Remember- Trump and congress-did- pass several massive, multi-trillion-dollar covid relief bills, and yes, that money was put out there-so scatter -shot that billions of dollars were taken fraudulently... was done during the pandemic and by the time Donald Trump left office...the economic challenges that came along with covid were already over: nearly all the states had opened back up. People were going back to their jobs. Paychecks were being restored-and very importantly- we were seeing a textbook ‘v’ recovery in our GDP growth and as trump left office...inflation was still very low.

Inflation-under trump-and as he left- was below two percent. In fact- I believe in fall of 2020, inflation was running at about 1.5 percent. It was very low and not a problem.

In fact, the biggest problem we were facing was the economy rebounding-too fast-and causing supply chain problems.

But even that-as Trump left office-was only a minor worry.

And so-why isn’t Trump being blamed for this inflation? Because he didn’t touch it off...and we have the data and the long-term memory to prove it.

What-did? -touch off the runaway inflation? The fifth and final covid relief package that Biden and the democrats passed in 2021 – that was completely unnecessary.

They passed it despite a flood of warnings from economists on both sides of the aisle and some of Obama’s own national economic directors: don’t dump a glut of govt money into the economy that isn’t needed. Don’t extend larger unemployment checks and extend rent payment bans...and student loan payment bans...when they aren’t needed. 

And my god-don’t sent 12-hundred-dollar checks to virtually every American-when they don’t need it and didn’t ask for it.

Biden, Pelosi and Schumer did all of those things-and the result was 40 year high-runaway-inflation.

And so why isn’t trump sharing the blame for it?

Because he had nothing to do with it.

And the American people remember the stellar economy under trump...and can contrast it with the craptacular economy under Biden...because it’s still a vivid memory.

Noah Rothman of National Review has a piece today that-sort of- hits this issue. His supposition is that Joe Biden is underperforming now because he and the democrats took several calculated risks and moves that backfired on them...and are likely to haunt them thru the remainder of his term.

Biden’s Reelection Gambles Backfired

I’ll agree with most of that. The one thing i don’t believe Rothman gets right is -his assumption that most voters find these ‘accomplishments’ of Joe Biden’s victories.

No, most Americans don’t want trillions spent on green energy projects that they pretend is ‘infrastructure’.

And no, most Americans don’t support tax hikes for green energy slid into a bill that had nothing to do with bringing down inflation-but had to be called the ‘inflation reduction act’ to trick them. Passing that wasn’t a win.

And no, most Americans don’t consider more restrictions on their second amendment rights as a ‘win’, no.  And no, any American who understands how capitalism works and the research and development of new drugs works-no- is not in favor of drug price fixing.


And so-Rothman assumes that this would be a popular agenda if the American people just knew more about Biden’s. quote. Successes.

My take is-they aren’t finding Biden’s ‘wins’ here, as ‘wins’ for them. That’s what’s really going on: these coastal elites are so out of touch with what the American people-really want-and really care about-

That they are ramming home parts of their socialist wish list and are then shocked that the American people don’t appreciate it.

Taking away guns for self-defense, forcing green energy on us. Banning the gas stoves and cars that we like, price fixing drugs and further screwing up the medical markets. Getting rid of affordable Obamacare policies....

These aren’t things that 2/3 to ¾ of the American people want. They aren’t wins to run on....and the fact that the democrats keep listing them and touting them as wins- proves to the American people who they are- and what they are about.

Bottom line: today’s democrats are so out of touch with what average Americans want, and hope and dream for-for their families and their communities-that they can’t possibly put together a winning 2024 platform.

The socialists and snobs have so thoroughly taken over that party that if republicans and conservatives can get our act together- 2024 should be a good election year.

Maybe even with trump atop the ticket.

I mean-

How insulting is it to hear Biden and democrats-over and over again-insist that this economy is going great. People are enjoying bigger paychecks and dropping prices.

It’s an insane level of gaslighting that not even the dumbest of voters would buy.

I ran across a piece from Bloomberg yesterday that just happens to use Milwaukee’s home prices as an example of how Americans can barely afford homes- thanks to Biden.

A Drifting Dream: The Bloomberg Close, Americas Edition

And the story goes on to give examples of. Quote...heartbreak...that some couples are experiencing as they try to find that first home...etc.

And it is a heartbreak. It is emotionally taxing and disappointing, at some point, when young people fresh out of college or freshly into a good paying job cannot afford to take that ‘next step’ in life.

Life is a series of mile markers and rights-of-passage, and being a homeowner is still an important one for most young Americans.

I have nine nieces and nephews and at least five of them have been looking for that ‘first house’ for a few years now. They aren’t able to find anything in their price range that isn’t snapped up too quickly....

They can’t get out from under 2-thousand dollar a month rents. It’s frustrating and-long term- emotionally taxing.

It is. And so, if those young voters go out to vote-who are still old enough to remember the success and economic optimism of the trump era-and are now stuck in the Biden morass....will you be shocked if a higher number of them vote republican?

Biden and his team have tried so, so hard to ‘buy off’ young voters with false promises of student debt relief...etc.

And yet...they are the ones responsible for the 40-year high inflation and the 8 percent mortgage rates that make home ownership impossible for so many of these young and minority couples.

Biden and the dems have been gaslighting them with false promises of ‘free stuffs. While killing off the American dream for them.

The long-time American dream of homeownership is dying- for tens of millions of Americans who voted for joe Biden. They voted for this. And so-what’s the antidote?

Vote. Differently. Stop voting democrat, you frustrated young people.

Stop focusing on whether the trannies can use the girls bathrooms and start focusing on your own future and whether you want to participate in the American dream.

story credit: National Review and Bloomberg

photo credit: Getty Images

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