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Hunter's gun charge is just the start of saving Dad

Jay Weber Show transcript 6:40am 9-18-23

Last week we talked about the quickly changing landscape around Joe Biden- and the signs that a growing number of democrat insiders want to block him from a second term.

I explained the importance of the David Ignatius piece in the Washington Post- and talked about how the impeachment inquiry has them worried that Biden’s obvious corruption will be more fully detailed and exposed- costing him the election.

For now-the members of Biden’s accomplice media are still trying to protect him-but the spin is getting more desperate and ridiculous.

The gun charges filed against Hunter last week have -what i would label- most DC democrats now willing to throw Hunter under the bus as the next step in trying to shield the president from wider coverage on the family influence peddling machine.

It’s not a mistake that Merrick Garland and David Weiss charged hunter with the one crime hunter clearly committed that didn’t involve daddy. Any tax evasion charges would involve Joe, right? Where did you get this money that you illegally avoided taxes on?

And so-they had to go with the gun charge to try to prove hunter would be ‘prosecuted’ and not protected.

The gun charge would allow the Biden white house and their accomplices in the media to claim...

A)Hunter’s getting no special treatment. He will be punished if he’s committed crimes.

B)Joe Biden is just a loving father who’s concerned about his son.

And right on cue-former white house liar and new MSNBC host, Jen Psaki, did exactly that.


This is the play: hey, all sorts of Americans have dealt with a relative struggling with addition? Or that adult child who needed to be drawn-in closer to the family work thru some stuff and get support.

Yep. Joe and Jill Biden might be president and first lady, but they are just like you, as your family tried to deal with that crackhead nephew of yours...etc.

Hunter will be punished. But Hunter’s is not father, and Joe’s just a loving dad.

None of that explains-away the global influence peddling schemes that Joe, Jim, and hunter Biden were obviously engaged in... but...maybe the gullible, low-information Americans will buy it.

That’s the left’s political play on this-for now.

But hunter’s gun charges and Joe’s impeachment inquiry -guarantee-that they will be a major issue in next year’s campaign...and already...six in ten Americans say that Joe Biden was engaged in a corrupt scheme...

And republican house members have an entire year to carefully lay out the proof- so that even the ‘lowest’ of the low-information voters hear about it and understand it.

This, also, by the way: plugs in beautifully to the major theme of trump’s campaign that our government is corrupt and is harming and targeting average Americans while protecting the elites.

In short, my friends, joe Biden and the democrats -suddenly-seem to be in very big trouble.

Joe Biden and the democrats had such a bad week last week-that the most they could cling to is ‘at least the election is still a year away’.

We have time to manage this.

That’s about the ‘best’ you can say about Biden’s 2024 chances, right now.

And the best they can hope for is-the republican’s impeachment move backfires.

It won’t, though, unless Kevin McCarthy and his team are stupid and listen to the wingnuts of the party instead of being smart about it...

And McCarthy’s not that stupid.

If he rushes thru this to placate Matt Goetz and Loren Boebert-then it backfires. But those two have ethics problems and scandals of their own, right now.

If the GOP does a careful impeachment-realizing there’s no reason to rush a formal impeachment vote- this inquiry will only harm Biden.

Why is there no reason to rush an official impeachment vote? Because it might make some hardline conservatives feel better-but Schumer and dems in the senate won’t vote to remove Biden from office...and there’s a chance it backfires on about 20 republicans in swing districts.

Just getting the facts out on Biden’s criminality and corruption will be far more damaging than a single moment of satisfaction that some hardliners would get on being able to see Biden officially impeached.

Okay-if you do that today, or before Christmas, or before Easter? Then what? 

Hunter’s indictment and possible convictions on gun and tax evasion charges will be far more damaging to president Biden if -as they occur-republicans can link them to president Biden’s actions-and prove that if Hunter is guilty of tax evasion-than Joe Biden is, too.

We’ve seen the growing talk about political escape routes for Joe.

And he’s got to take Kammy with him- but a growing number of democrats think Joe’s got to go. Last week’s piece by the much-venerated David Ignatius of the Washington Post...has now officially given ‘wider Washington’ permission to talk about it.

Heck-the liberals at politico even brought up the possibility of more charges against Hunter-saying-yah know- he could still be charged with tax evasion and with being an unregistered foreign agent.

photo credit: Getty Images

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