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Remember, a vote for Biden is a vote for Kammy

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-12-23 7:10am

Here is a question that -none- of the so-called ‘smart people’ in DC, in the news media, are asking- but is one that could become more prominent soon.

Uhmmmm, who’s really running the country?

It’s pretty astounding that-as far as Joe Biden has declined physically and mentally- we still aren’t asking this question.

It’s interesting that no one in the news media-on either side of the aisle- is asking it today- given that we just had a presidential performance in Vietnam that had a tired Joe Biden rambling incoherently -until the staff cut off his microphone.

They-actually-cut the mic off- when the president of the United States was talking!!

It’s amazing that we still aren’t asking this question after Biden was heard saying both: I do what they tell me to do …and ‘I’m going to bed’ from the same stage.


We still aren’t going to ask the Biden regime ‘who’s really running the country?

Who’s really making all the final decisions on things?

Because we didn’t elect any of them to make the final call. If you believe the results- 80 million Americans elected Joe Biden to make those calls, and it’s obvious he can’t, anymore.

So who is really running this country?

And i know Biden’s people will try to duck and dodge and say ludicrous things like.... we young people just can’t keep up with him...

But we, and our media members, should be well beyond that nonsense, by now. They should be digging...and calling anonymous sources...and insisting on getting answers: who is really running this country?

Because it’s not Joe.

What we have here- is a disoriented, doddering old man who is being controlled by shadowy figures behind the scenes....

And what’s really alarming is that-when those shadowy figures do step into the light to grab his arm or take the microphone from him- they are people like Karine Jean-Pierre and Hunter Biden- who are known morons and bad decision makers.

Who? Is playing ‘the Wizard of Oz’ here? Behind the curtain?

Folks- it’s September of 2023. Joe’s getting worse with each passing week. They still must keep this charade up for another 14 months!!??

Are the people who control the other levers of this country-and are the people who control the fourth estate- ever? Going to get serious and start asking adult questions?

Folks, I think we all know that there’s only so long that democrats can keep pretending Biden is a competent leader. He’s not.

Nor is Kamala Harris- who is now starting to be asked ‘if she’s ready’.

Good god.

May the lord save us all, if this feckless chick is ever in the oval office.

Let’s go to Margaret Brennan of CBS on face the nation, who asked Kammy the question this weekend.

Is that supposed to be reassuring? Or is that her resume for leadership?  That she works with Joe Biden every day?

Because-a) that’s a lie. They have very separate schedules and she’s almost never in the room when anything major is happening.

And b) at best-Joe Biden is modeling how-not-to do this job. Is that who she’s learning from?

Watching joe-makes her capable of doing the job?

Not hardly.

Kamala Harris isn’t any more likeable, or relatable, or competent, or capable, than she was when she ran for president in 2020-and had to drop out before the voting started.

Even black America rejected her because she’s not ‘African American’ in any way...and she’s not ‘black’ by any standard that black Americans put on their leaders. She has-none- of their shared experiences. None. 

It was just this weekend that video of her ‘dancing’ at some black festival went viral. She genuinely looked like elaine from Seinfeld. Black people left a string of comments ripping her as a fraud and a pretender.

She followed that up with this ‘face the nation’ appearance, in which she refused -four times- to answer the question: do you have a limit for abortions?

And I’ll give Margaret Brennan credit for sticking with the question and trying to get an answer out of her-but Harris dodged-four times.

And it’s a simple question: are you in favor of abortion right up to the point of birth- or beyond?

When will you kill the baby?

Because this is a question that no democrats want to answer. It’s the question that exposes how ghoulish and extreme they are-on abortion- so they won’t answer it.

See-all their campaign donors and pro-abortion activists insist on ‘no limits’ infanticide. Kill it- whenever- right thru the nine-month window-and on the delivery table if that’s what the mother wants. 

If she delivers the baby and it’s alive- stab it. Scramble its brain. She wants it dead.

That’s where the pro-abortion crowd draws the line: there is none. 

And so, they refuse to answer the question.

I see-so much-of Hillary Clinton in Kamala Harris. Both are inherently unlikable women. No charisma. No obvious morals or character. Both rode more powerful men into power, themselves. But at least Hillary was a bright woman-

And at least Hillary would answer this question: ole Hill’ is in favor of ‘no limits’ abortion. Stab it in the head on the table...if you need to.

And she copped to it.

Kamala Harris is too cowardly to do that. She kept ducking the question and insisting ‘we aren’t trying to do something new. We just want the protections of Roe-v-Wade restored.

That might be an acceptable answer-if it was true. But it’s not. Today’s abortionists are pushing for new rules that go far beyond any roe v wade limits or protections. And this, by the way, is the way republicans can win the abortion argument:

Most Americans want to limit abortions to six or 15 weeks.... the longest gestation time they will agree to before support for abortion totally drops off a cliff-is about 20 weeks.

But that still leaves 20 weeks that the left won’t be allowed to kill the baby-and that’s unacceptable.  The pro-abortion activists and the dem party won’t go for a 20-week limit.

And Harris is too scummy to be honest about it.

And that’s not even the primary reason that only 32 to 35 percent of registered voters like her. She’s got a worse approval rating than Joe Biden does-and it’s been this way for most of their presidency.

77 percent of Americans and 69 percent of democrats say joe Biden is too old for a second term.

And this chick is ‘next up?’

Come on.

Nikki Haley is on the campaign trail arguing that a vote for joe Biden in 2024 would really be a vote for ‘President Kamala Harris’ and she’s right.

More republicans need to adopt that talking point-as a way to scare voters ‘sober’.

Think about what you are doing if you are voting for a second term of Biden: you’re really voting for this charade to continue -where-in- some faceless shadowy figures are really running the country as they drag joe’s corpse around...

Or- you’re voting for ‘cackling’ Kammy’ to start calling the shots.

The woman who isn’t prepared to explain ‘rain’ or ‘buses or ‘Ukraine’ the cuff.

" a country...on this earth.... next to Russia...which is another country, a big country. With Russians in it..."

Thank you, Madame President. Thank God you’ve got a handle on things.

photo credit: Getty Images

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