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Tony Evers' massive HR nightmare

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-6-23 7:10am

So- credit to CBS 58 and their reporter, Emilee Fannon, for engaging in an ‘old school’ act of journalism and tracking down Gov Evers, in order to ask him why he doesn’t have a ‘no fraternizing’ policy in place for his staffers in the executive administration that bans employees from having sexual relationships with each other.

Dan Bice and Mark Belling broke different parts of the story last week-about how Tony Evers’ chief of staff- the socialist progressive who is really running the state-Maggie Gau- is in a relationship with one of her direct subordinates.

The person just happens to be gov Ever’s communications director, Britt Cuddeback, who has seen a meteoric rise within state government, and in just a few years.

It was other workers in the Evers administration, clearly, who tipped Bice off to this relationship, and the fact that other staffers find it inappropriate and questionable. After all-across state government- including in the legislature-there are rules against sexual relationships in the workplace-and specific bans on any relationships that involve a ‘manager and subordinate’ situation.

Governor Evers put no such rule in place for his 30-some staffers, obviously, and has been ‘looking the other way’ on this questionable and inappropriate dynamic within his own inner circle of advisors. Why? -would be an obvious question.

This man has been in the ‘state management’ game forever, and as a liberal democrat, you’d think he’d be especially careful to do everything by the ‘sexual harassment’ playbook and by the state employee handbook.

Instead, he’s looked the other way.

Is it because both people involved in the relationship are women?

Is that why?

And it only becomes an important part of the story because Evers is handling it this way. Maggie Gau and Britt Cuddeback have allegedly had this private relationship for years.

Fine, whatever. That’s entirely their business.


They bring it into the workplace. And until they decide not to disclose a state taxpayer funded operation.

That’s when this personal relationship becomes ‘public businesses. When there’s secret ‘personal stuff’ that be both- a motivation and reason for quick career climbing as other staffers are passed over....

And- could become problematic as personal baggage and stuff at home could spill over into the workplace and create animosities, motivations, scandals, or even lawsuits for us taxpayers.

That’s why it is a big deal that tony Evers isn’t addressing this.

Here’s what he told CBS 58 yesterday, and none of this holds water.

That might sound like a reasonable answer.

It’s an answer that he -at least- delivers in a ‘reasonable tone’...

But it’s mullarkey.  

In fact, anyone in human resources-or with half a brain- will realize this is a ridiculous and illogical answer.

Evers mentions his 'small staff' as a reason no rules on personal relationships are needed in his office.

Folks... Do you know how many people are in the average lawmaker's staff? 2 to 4 people. That’s it. If you are a super-important lawmaker- maybe you get three staffers, but these are very small offices. And yet there are clear rules in place for the legislature-in both chambers.

There are clear rules for every other department and agency within state government.

Why wouldn’t there be for Evers’ staff?

I’ll bring up the nature of the relationship again because he did. Evers started out by saying-quote-first of all, I respect the rights of the individuals I’m working with.

Okay. Does that mean he would have allowed a straight couple to have the same inappropriate work/home relationship that he’s allowing this lesbian couple to have?

Do you think- ‘progressive democrat’ Tony Evers would have quietly allowed the same relationship to go on if this was a heterosexual couple involved?

It’s unclear as to whether gov Evers knew this was going on.... or not. I’m sure he did. But once he found out-

Let’s say he didn’t find out until the Dan Bice piece: once he found out- did he do anything about it?

Nope. All he’s done is make excuses for his massive double standard, here. This response of his is ridiculous.  

Here’s another place Evers’ response logically takes us: was he only being ‘sensitive’ about this relationship because it’s two women? Proving he has a double standard and is giving these two  a special status in state government due to their sexual orientation?

Isn’t that an interesting and appropriate question?

But no one wants to breach it- or utter it-because it’s a lesbian relationship.

Why not?

If today’s left wants gays and lesbians to truly be accepted as ‘equal’ …that would also mean that they are ‘no more special’ than anyone else of any other orientation, correct?

And so-why can’t we talk about it honestly, openly, and bluntly?

Why is-anyone? -involved in this being secretive? Evers? Gau? Or Cuddeback?

What’s the big deal?  So, they’re both women. Whatever. Why the secrecy?

The answer to that is: because Evers was giving Maggie Gau a ‘special status’, not a normal status.

Or Gau was simply taking it.

Either Evers knew and ignored the statewide rules because it was Gau and she apparently likes women...

Or...Gau was giving herself that special status as the chief of staff...because she thinks gays should be exempted from the workplace rules that were put in place for the heteros?

Well? Which is it?

See why none of them want to talk about this?

Do you understand why Governor Tony Evers- lifelong enlightened democrat- has suddenly flipped from sounding like a ‘progressive’ to sounding like a 1950s conservative?

The democrats -entire agenda! -is invading other people’s business. Their entire agenda! - is trying to control every aspect of our lives-

And for some reason-these democrats seem especially focused on what’s going on in our pants and in our bedrooms-

But suddenly- Governor Evers is a big ‘privacy rights’ guy?

Come on.

story credit: CBS 58

photo credit: Getty Images

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