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Get ready for the next round of Biden lawlessness

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-1-23 7:10am

It’s become a regular theme on the show in the Biden era: how -on every issue. On every policy- on everything, every time- Biden’s regime and today’s democrats seem to be lying. Dropping untruths. Engaging in larger disinformation campaigns that amount to gaslighting-

And no one in the MMS ever calls them out on it. They just print the lies, no matter how ludicrous and obviously wrong they are- or-or-the reporters and editors of those outlets just ignore the lies, all together.

I hope you heard that absolute whopper of a lie that Karina-Jean Pierre told this week-related to the border-

Because she said it in front of the entire white house reporter pool. There are at least 25 to 40 reporters sitting or standing in that room and attending that briefing, every day, my friends-

And yet-Nearly all of them simply have sieves for ears when it comes to Jean-Pierre’s lies.

She lies daily and she lies constantly.

She’s such a bad press sect that she’s mostly ducking. This press briefing is now her ducking and refusing to comment on about 60 percent of the questions-and then she lies and gaslights on the rest.

Even so-this lie was a whopper: that President Biden-has-stopped the flow of illegals over the border. Here’s Fox’s Steve Doocey asking the question-and using New York’s lefty mayor as the foil:

That is so obviously false, it’s insulting. 

Someone looked-and on the very day KJP said it- the border patrol apprehended more than seven-thousand people illegally crossing the border.

As of the end of June and into July- which are the latest ‘full’ figures we have- illegal crossings are surging again-even as Biden’s team is allowing most of the 140-thousand illegals per month that are streaming in- to stream in under some pretext of ‘order’.

Oh- and this is rich: Karine-Jean Pierre had the temerity to suggest that Biden had stopped the flow of illegals over the border- just a few days after an alert went out by the FBI-

That they were scrambling to find more than a dozen Uzbek nationals who slipped into the country with an ISIS member leading them.

As in the terror group-ISIS.

I know you’re not going to be surprised by this-but this story-also-somehow-got very little coverage last week.

That group was...quote screened by homeland security and was let in the new ‘open door’ way...with border agents forced to wave them right a border crossing.

The democrats think you are dimwits. Biden and his team members -so routinely insult-the American people...that it’s clear they have no regard for us, as constituents, or as a group of people with brains in our heads.

Charles Cooke called out Jean-Pierre on a different-very foolish claim she made during a CNN interview with Jake Tapper. It is clearly a falsehood-and yet- she thinks so little of us that she thinks the American people will buy this:

It's the old.... oh...joe’s so energetic he runs the rest of us into the ground...bit.

Isn’t that ludicrous?

Why are she and Biden’s handlers even trying to sell that, anymore?

As Charles Cooke puts it: that’s so preposterous it’s disrespectful even to float it.

As he puts it: she knows that everyone knows that what she’s saying isn’t true. 77 percent of Americans — including 69 percent of democrats — believe that Joe Biden is “too old to be effective for four more years.” They believe that because they can see it. Of course, Biden is not hard to keep up with. Of course, Biden is not constantly working every day. He’s barely alive. Who, exactly, are these lies supposed to move?


But every democrat who’s holding office these days- seems to be a liar.  Instead-after hinting that it was Joe’s fault and he needed to do something for months- now they have all pivoted on a dime- to call for a quicker process for ‘work permits’ for all these illegals.

Have you noticed this?

This is such a left turn that it-must be- newly crafted talking points that the Biden regime, itself, has urged these mayors and governors to push.

Why would Biden’s team allow for the criticism and push back?

So that they have a pretext to suspend the rules about how people who have crossed the border illegally- and turn the work permit process into a joke, too.

Folks-as i dive into this- understand that it is ‘all about’ more gaslighting of the American people-and the democrat’s own important constituencies- to have an excuse to shred more of our immigration laws.

And boy, should people on the lower rungs be upset about what’s coming- especially those who are advocates for poor minorities in both our urban and rural areas.

Folks, if blacks and Hispanics in our major cities think they have been pushed to the lowest rungs of the economy ladder already- just wait until hundreds of thousands of illegals across the country get the ‘go ahead’ to steal American jobs.

Joe Biden and the mayors of NY, DC, and Chicago-are pushing for this. Illinois governor JB Pritzker-yesterday- along with Chicago’s putrid new socialist mayor- werepushing for this: we got to clear the way for this flood of illegals to work and support themselves...and get off our overburdened social services.

Okay, that sounds logical on its face, but whose jobs are they going to swoop in and fill? What job openings are they qualified to take?

And how many of them are willing to work ‘off the books’ under the cloak of having a work permit if anyone asks?

If I was an advocate for the minority communities-I’d be enraged over this.

There are a few things to unpack there-including the admission by the White House that very few of these illegals who he’s letting in legally-are interested in work!

At least not enough to ask for a work permit.

Now-come on-Why would that be?

Could it be because they worked hard back home...and then got to America and were given clothes, given a place to stay, and put on the latest state, county and federal versions of the welfare dole?

Could that be four out of five illegals who Biden’s regime is waving into the country don’t want to work?

That’s’ quite an admission, if you ask me, and it’s just dropped in as a single line in the story?

But you know the score: Eric Adams says taking care of the illegals  that Biden’s drawing to New York will cost more than five billion dollars per year....and Chicago’s new clown said something similar yesterday.

And so- holy cow-we got to shred the immigration laws that say illegal aliens cannot work here and steal American jobs...and drive down America’s wages and overall standard of living...

Because....these illegals got to contribute.

Do you see the next major round of naked lawlessness by the Biden regime being set up?

Because you should.

He and the democrats are -somehow-blaming republicans for the fact that Biden has engineered open borders...and now they’re laying the groundwork to have Biden’s team magically erase the longstanding immigration laws on banning illegals from taking American’s jobs.

It's coming folks, and i have zero doubt that it is the central planners within the Biden administration, itself, who is encouraging the mayors and governors of the blue states to start banging this drum:

Yes, yes, criticize us if you have to. Get the narrative going. We got to let these illegals work....year. Blast we have a pretext to do it it.

photo credit: Getty Images

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