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Just one percent of US households are same-sex couples.

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-26-23 6am

So- check out this figure: one percent of US households are now same-sex couples. 

This is being billed by the census as revealing the ‘changing composition’ of US families. 


It’s one percent.  (It’s actually less than that, if you look at the details) 

And that’s not -married- same sex households. That’s ‘all same sex couples. The census data says about half of that one percent represent married gay couples...And point-four percent are made up of unmarried gay couples. 

Okay.   Whatever. 

But it got me thinking about how, for decades- we have been told by the left-wing activist groups and their lapdogs in the media that gay people make up ten percent of society. 

Remember that? 

They used to push that figure at us -a lot- when i was younger. Ten percent. Ten percent of the population is gay. You got to understand that. You got to respect that.   

Okay-but wouldn’t you expect more same-sex households -married or unmarried- if that stat is true? 

And I'm not reaching into the bag of homophobias, here (I don’t care how many same sex couples are living together), I'm simply asking rhetorically, and trying to work this out logically:  if ten percent of society is gay- wouldn’t more than one percent of them be cohabitating together?   

Let's work it the other way: if 90 percent of Americans are straight-well- this same census report says more than half of all u-s households are headed by a straight couple- married or not: it’s 53 percent of households headed by ‘straight’ couples. Then another 28 percent of households are people who are living alone.   

All right. 

So-if 90 percent are straight and straight couples represent-more than half- of all households. Why aren’t at least five percent of the gays in this country living in a same-sex household? Or is the ten percent figure wrong? 

Some social scientists on the right have-forever-been challenging that ten percent number-saying the gay activists just made it up. They’ll, instead, insist that only something like 3 or 4 percent of people are gay.    

And in an attempt to be factual: a gallop survey in 2017 found that about 5 percent of Americans said they were something other than straight. 

In 2020, that figure was 5.6 percent. 

And so, I believe this ten percent figure was always a lie. 

I’m not invested in it, either way, i just don’t see these census figures as logical if ten percent of Americans are gay. And hey-the US census is touting this as the most detailed and complete national profile ever compiled on this stuff: 

Census Bureau Releases New 2020 Census Data on Age, Sex, Race, Hispanic Origin, Households and Housing

 Same-Sex Couples Accounted for 1% of Households in 2020, Census Shows

Notice anything about those numbers? 

Even in the ‘gayest’ areas of the country- these figures are nowhere near ten percent. If ten percent of the population is gay or lesbian- how can households headed by gays and lesbians possibly be this low? Especially in places like San Francisco and New York. 

Well, and now, of course today’s left-wing activists are trying to convince us that nearly one in four of our teens say they are gay, trans, or alphabet people. Bull plop, they are. That’s a made-up figure, for sure.   

Instead, it’s a bunch of activists shouting loudly at every turn and trying to convince the rest of the country that their numbers are larger than they are. They’re trying to shame and bully their way to the top of the pecking order as ‘special Americans' and the rest of us are getting sick of it. 

story credit: WSJ and US Census Bureau

photo credit: Getty Images

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