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The left's projection: From Russia-Russia-Russia to Biden corruption

Jay Weber Show transcript 5-16-23 6:40am

It’s been about a week since James Comer and house leaders released a very detailed, 36-page report laying out the Biden family corruption schemes, which include criminal activity if they were shuffling money around in shell companies in order to hide their activities and not pay taxes on those millions- 

And now- a week later- America's biggest news outlets have decided to keep totally avoiding the story.... Or have spin and downplayed it as a ‘big nothing’. 

We just witnessed an entire country full of newspeople and so-called journalists choose to ignore one of the biggest corruption scandals in American history. 

That is no small thing, people. 

Johnathan Turley is a constitutional scholar who’s liberal but is also willing to use his brain and be an independent thinker. He knows how credible all of this information and evidence is. He knows the information on the laptop is real and knows what’s on it. 

Turley knows that the house presentation last week was very credible, and their findings ring true. 

In short: Jonathan Turley knows that Joe Biden-as a vice president and as a senator-was selling access and policy favors to foreigners in pay-to-play schemes. 

Turley knows Biden is corrupt-because it is now self-evident. It is proven, because we all now ‘know what we know’. 

And Turley is marveling at this new, ‘state run’ media that has put a Defacto blackout on the story...And is overlooking rank corruption.  It comes as this Biden corruption story just keeps growing. 

This story is only going to keep looking worse and worse for the Biden family -and for the  

So-called ‘independent news outlets’ who are clearly trying to cover for the Bidens, instead of covering the story honestly... 

We have actual paper trail of him asking Brennan and Clapper to sign the letter-and their responses back to him-saying they’d be willing to do so.  

Anything to keep the leftist deep state in power, right? 

If you aren’t familiar with John Brennan and James clapper-you should be. THEY WERE OBAMA’S CIA AND NATIONAL SECURITY CHIEF, RESPECTIVELY, AND WERE BOTH MAJOR PLAYERS IN TRYING TO RIG THE 2016 ELECTION IN FAVOR OF HILLAR there’s also this part of the puzzle: the now total exposure of this intentional lie of a letter that Anthony Blinken AND BIDEN’S CAMPAIGN TEAM GOT 51 FORMER INTELLIGENCE AGENTS TO SIGN...Claiming hunter’s laptop looked like Russian disinformation to them. 

Thanks to a different house committee -the judiciary committee led by Jim Jordan- we now have several of the major players admitting that the letter was purely political. Its sole intent was to mislead the American people and gaslight them into electing joe Biden to office. 

One of the most significant admissions comes from one of the biggest CIA snakes and political scumbags in US history: John Brennan. 

Brennan sat for a four hour questioning session-under oath-with Jordan and other congressman-and he came out and admitted, yes, the letter was all political. And since that’s now public knowledge, I have no doubt that his fellow scumbag, James Clapper will follow  

Both men gleefully and relentlessly shopped around the fake steel dossier that was full of lies and smears that claimed Donald Trump was a Putin stooge and had close ties to Russia. 

These two clowns were also involved in Hillary Clinton's campaign hoax. Here they are, caught with their fingers all over the Biden campaign hoax, too.  

Thankfully, Hillary's orchestrated hoax by this group-failed- but Biden's worked. He won the election  even though polls afterward made it clear that the American people would have voted differently if they’d known about the lap top and the very real political corruption that its contents detailed. 


photo credit: Getty Image

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