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There could be 6 or more Biden's involved in the family corruption business

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-17-23 6:40am

James Comer is the house republican who is leading this newly launched probe into the Biden family corruption...and he told fox news yesterday that at least six or seven family members were involved in these business schemes.

And this makes sense: the long-time belief, which has been validated by Tony Bublinski, one of the Biden’s businesses associates-is that Joe Biden was trying to enrich his entire family with these secret schemes.

His son Hunter and brother James were the two family ‘point men’ for the operation, but Jill Biden certainly knew what was going on and was involved in it, and the money flowed to the family members of Biden’s two brothers...and maybe others.

Again-this has all been rumored for quite some time: that yes, Joe and Jill Biden-really were-trying to enrich the entire family with these ‘influence peddling’ schemes.

Well, now comer, for the first time, has access to treasury documents that flagged at least 150 questionable or suspicious transactions involving hunter Biden over the last fifteen years.

And comer and the committee members are just starting to review them. On Tuesday, Comer said there is at least a fourth Biden who got money funneled to her because of this hinkey China deal...where-in the Bidens received a three-million-dollar lump sum payment...and then smaller scheduled payments that followed.

Comer didn’t name the ‘fourth Biden’ on Tuesday, but it’s now obvious that it is Hallie Biden-who is the dead son’s wife.

Remember beau, the other of Joe's sons? The one who served in the military and wasn’t a crack-addicted, prostitute using, freak?

Beau’s wife is Hallie....who after beau died...if you remember.... moved over to hunter. At some point, shortly after one son died...this woman just kept her wagon hitched to the Biden family by hitching it to hunter.

Well, she pops up in these money transfers. This is Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law, and you can imagine how he and jill and hunter talked about how, now that beau’s gone, we got to be sure to take care of Hallie.

Hunter and Jim Biden earned at least 4.8-million dollars from that Chinese agreement, alone, and we know that at least ten percent was set aside for ‘the big guy’. Meaning Joe and Jill Biden got about a half a million dollars of that. 

Even hunter’s lover at the time- his dead brother’s wife-got about 35-grand. 

And yet-neither Joe and Jill Biden, nor hunter, will acknowledge the little girl that hunter had with a prostitute. And kick any money her way.

What a trailer trash family.... the Bidens are...

And this is clearly just the tip of the iceberg: Comey says now that at least six or seven Bidens could have gotten a slice of that initial three-million dollar down payment on the China deal.

And comer hasn’t even looked at the Burisma deal or the two Russian deals, or any other agreements that were clearly influence peddling schemes.

As comer said on Tuesday: The Bidens don’t have a business. They don’t sell anything. They don’t’ make a product. They don’t manufacture wears. They only have one thing to sell: access to Joe, and his perch atop the US government.

Hunter Biden has -allegedly-under investigation for years of tax fraud...but it is his daddy’s justice department that is doing the investigating...and... somehow...that case just never concludes.

Hunter’s tax crimes should be extremely easy to prove and should come with consequences-at some point-no?


Somehow. That investigation just never comes to an end...and has disappeared from anyone’s radar. Huh.

But the dems insist that there is no deep state, and that Merrick Garland is the very definition of honest. The democrats and their accomplices in the media have managed to stonewall and misdirect on this Biden family corruption scandal for five years now. Five years.

And comer is still getting stonewalled at nearly every turn. But he is vowing to follow the money trails. And see where they go. But we already know where they go: to a massive, decades long, illegal, wildly unethical, potentially treasonous, influence peddling operation run by joe Biden and his family.

It is the sort of cartoonish levels of corruption that Hollywood movies portray in the Washington swamp that -in truth-rarely happen on this scale.

And yes, I believe the Bidens will get away with it. Yes. It’ll be yet another instance in which Hunter and James Biden get a complete pass on decades of illegal enrichment schemes....and in a few years...Joe and Jill Biden are dead....and so...who really cares, anyway?

That’s how this will all play out.

Their accomplices in the MSM will protect them-to the grave...even if Comer and Republicans expose every part of the scandal.

story credit: Fox News
photo credit: Getty Images

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