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Poisonous Protasiewicz is nothing more than a political chameleon

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-15-23

My friends-for the entire time that we’ve been talking about poisonous Protasiewicz -the leftist candidate for supreme court- i have been assuming that she is a ‘genuinely’ committed lefty.  And I believe she is- now that she has been on the bench of the Milwaukee County court for years- and has shown her true colors.

But apparently, a younger Janet Protasiewicz was perfectly willing to be any sort of political chameleon that she needed to be-in order to get ahead.

Wispolitics had an interesting story this week-that is only behind a ‘firewall’, unfortunately-

But it details how, when there were openings on the Milwaukee County court during the Scott Walker era, Protasiewicz was willing to praise conservative justices up-and-down to try to land an appointment to the bench.

So-here’s Protasiewicz sucking up to Scott Walker for a judicial appointment about ten years ago. Pathetic.

It echoes the story that Wisconsin right now wrote about Protasiewicz a week or more ago- quoting her stepsons, who said that they thought she was conservative the entire time, because she was married to a conservative judge and, apparently for years, either ‘was’ conservative, or at least ‘pretended to be’ conservative.

Again-when it suited her.

But then, after the husband died, i guess it freed up Janet to show her true ‘leftist’ colors. Because ‘here we are’.

And ‘where we are’ just weeks from a critically important state supreme court race that the Wisconsin dems and the national leftist organizations are trying to ‘buy’ on her behalf, as she hides in her basement.

Folks-Janet Protasiewicz won’t debate Daniel Kelly. She has refused a dozen offers, and only accepted one.

Cut thru the clutter. Ignore the pre-produced ads, and more fully consider what is happening.

I have noticed that, on top of ducking debates, Protasiewicz isn’t even doing many events, and when she is, it’s in front of ‘safe’ liberal crowds.

Instead-Janet Protasiewicz is largely in hiding as the leftist machine that surrounds her -is certain-it can buy her this race with tv and radio ads.

Meanwhile-here’s a twist: if you’ve been paying attention-even the liberal reporters and editors at the Wisconsin state journal and j/s are admitting that Protasiewicz and her campaign are being dishonest.

Last week, a story in the Madison newspapers admitted that she’s been weak on crime...and

Yesterday, Molly Beck’s story was about how the new ads that Janet’s campaign that smear Dan Kelly are inherently dishonest and leave out several important facts.

And so, I hope all this information is getting thru to the voters: even liberal news outlets feel as if they can’t -really-back Protasiewicz, given how dishonest she is being. And yet, when we get to the first Sunday in April, both editorial boards will probably be endorsing her, anyway.

And if you question which candidate is more radical- well- the Protasiewicz  campaign is actually -touting- cheering- promoting-the endorsement that they just got from ‘citizen’s action Wisconsin’.

This is a rancid left-wing group that lobbies for all sorts of terrible socialist progressive policies- like ‘no cash bail’ and ‘no prison time’.

They want to abolish all enforcement of drug crimes. ‘citizen action Wisconsin’-defines-what a kook fringe activist group is-

And for some reason-Janet Protasiewicz and her campaign wants you to know that it endorses her.

Her -actual- track record of being soft on crime- this endorsment-proves- Protasiewicz is soft on crime.

This group-cannot- and does not- like or support anyone who might lock up criminals or be on the side of law enforcement, right?

 and here they are- endorsing Protasiewicz -

And here she is- dumb enough to tout the ‘soft on crime’ endorsement.

 Folks-six in ten Wisconsinites say their main concern, or issue, is crime. Sixty percent of Wisconsinites want us to be tougher on crime.

If you are one of them-you cannot-vote for Janet Protasiewicz ...

And you -should be- making plans to vote for Daniel Kelly. He has all the endorsements from law enforcers, including the Milwaukee police association.

That means they are against allowing police departments to put out amber alerts and/or use Twitter and Facebook to try to find criminals and solve crimes.  That’s how extreme this citizen action organization is-and they Janet’.

I know that the left is going to outspend the Kelly forces by at least 2-to-1 in this short campaign window...but i hoping that Daniel Kelly can win this-simply because most spring-election voters are ‘paying attention’ or are hearing some of this stuff.

I’ve been characterizing Janet Protasiewicz as ‘the Milwaukee crime problem’.... because that’s what she is.

We always talk generically about the Milwaukee County judges who just keep letting criminals go-back out onto the streets- to commit more crimes-

Well- Janet Protasiewicz is-specifically-one of those judges. Her record is replete with such instances...and we in the conservative media have been detailing some of them for you: Protasiewicz will-literally-let child molesters and murderers go- on probation and the promise to ‘be good’ or she’s going to make them serve a prison sentence.

They are never ‘good’. They always re-offend. And she never makes them serve the prison sentence.

Protasiewicz  encapsulates the Milwaukee crime problem- in a single person.

Why in the hell would you put her on the state supreme court?

Make a point of voting if you want to keep her off of the supreme court-and vote for Daniel Kelly.

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