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The left's $3 mil-dollar, 2 year sham destroyed in one night

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-9-23 6:10am

David Marcus has this handy line: the three-million dollar, two-year- committee investigation of January sixth was destroyed by a single, devastating cable news segment Monday...on Tucker’s show.

Yes. It was.

Marcus goes on to explain why it was: because the left was never interested in the truth in the first place. They just wanted revenge.


The entire point of Pelosi’s fraudulent Jan sixth commission was to use their power, access, and influence to launch ‘one last war’ against Donald Trump to ensure that he couldn’t return for a second term.

From moment one- we on the right-were characterizing this committee for what it was.

The minute Pelosi formed it-she refused to follow longstanding congressional protocol and allow republicans to choose half of the members.

Instead- Pelosi blocked -any- republican members from being appointed by Kevin McCarthy. And instead...waited weeks...before cutting deals with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to be a part of the charade.

And their mission was-never about-finding the truth or investigating how the capitol was breached.

Heck-Pelosi’s second order of business was to define what this committee-could-and could not- investigate. And she put ‘the security measures taken that day’ off limits. Remember?


Because she was the one who was responsible for security! Both Pelosi and McConnell technically share the duty, but there, too, the long-standing protocol is for the speaker of the house to really be the one who deals with security matters.

Pelosi barred the Jan sixth committee from looking into it-because she was in charge of security...and we know this for a fact due to inquiries immediately afterward: Pelosi not only ignored the capitol police chief’s repeated calls to add more security that day....but....Pelosi also declined at least one or two offers from the trump white house-to provide national guardsmen or extra protection.

These dems and the Jan sixth commission conveniently want to leave that out: why would president trump have tried to provide- extra security-and even guardsmen with guns- if he was secretly planning an insurrection?

No-Pelosi blew it on security. Maybe intentionally. We got the sense at the time that Pelosi and the dems-wanted- something to happen. Wanted the crowd to get out of hand. So that they could flip the script on the BLM riots.... which was a terrible embarrassment for the dems when contrasted with the -always peaceful-MAGA riots.

And since the mission of the Jan sixth commission-from the start- was to craft a narrative that smeared republicans and destroyed trump...that’s’ what the commission did.

And so, with simple access to all the security tapes- Tucker’s team debunked a handful of lies on Monday night, and boy, was it embarrassing for these scummy democrats.

Even after being caught in the lies-neither the democrats nor their accomplices in the media will either a) admit it- or b) do better. Be more honest, moving forward.

And look, childish leftists never admit a mistake or take personal responsibility-for anything-and so, an admission of guilt is too much to expect here, from today’s media-

But- the proof that they are fake journalists who are, instead, fully engaged activist leftists who are running these newsrooms, now.

The proof came just a day later: antifa terrorists attacked a police planning center that’s under construction- in Atlanta. Used Molotov cocktails. Threw bricks and rocks at police. Fought with them. Did property damage.

You know-rioted.

And the video shows a pre-planned, well-organized attack. This was-a terroristic and intentionally violent attack.

And how did the NY Times characterize it?

Quote...protestors damage property at site of planned police center in Atlanta.

That was the NY times’ headline.

‘Protestors damage’

Not- ‘rioters damage’

Or – ‘anarchists damage’.

Or- ‘insurrectionists damage’

They put none of the labels on the-actual- violent rioters doing damage in America...but have been deeply committed to mischaracterizing Jan sixth and labeling it an insurrection....and insisting that anyone who participated-even peacefully-is an insurrectionist.

Folks-Atlanta’s own mayor called this ‘domestic terrorism’.

He is not a conservative. He’s Andre dickens- black democrat- and he knows terrorism when he sees it, apparently.

At least he did on Monday. Other leftists have probably approached him by now and said...Andre....we don’t call it ‘terrorism’ when our side does it.

But as for the ‘bombshell effect’ that Tucker Carlson’s little bit of work did this week: none of this would be shocking if Nancy Pelosi and her committee members would have been ‘honest brokers’ in the first place, right?

As Rich Lowry points out: if Pelosi had simply been honest and fair and allowed a few pro-trump members onto the panel as Kevin McCarthy wanted to do...the committee’s final product would have been far fairer and more unassailable.

Instead, Pelosi’s one-sided approach invited


Well, of course it did. But ‘not being fair’ as she formed the committee- wasn’t a mistake.

It’s not like Pelosi-wanted to be fair-but oops, we kind of got the mix of members wrong.

She-handpicked- the members to form an intentional unfair, rigged, committee.

So, let’s not dc insiders get away with suggesting ‘mistakes were made by Pelosi that are only being fully revealed now.  It was intentional.

This committee- had to. Had to. Had to. - conclude that Donald Trump was an insurrectionist.

That MAGA members were all racist, insurrectionists, too.

And so-none of them could participate in -any-future election.

That was the -real-mission of the committee. And then, understand, that Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger couldn’t wait to be a part of it. What fecal smears.

Oh-and the great ‘kicker’ to the tucker stories on Monday and Tuesday-is that Kevin McCarthy and his house republicans are letting them stand on their own.

On Monday and republicans gave reporters comments on if. When they asked. And it was all the leftist media members want to ask about.

But...already...on Tuesday morning...the caucus strategy was-clearly- to focus on other things.Message other things. Brush off the Jan sixth stuff.

And folks, that reaction by McCarthy’s members-is infuriating- the liberal media outlets.

It’s awesome.

Politico puts its leftist spin on it, but admits that MSM reporters are frustrated and flummoxed because house republicans won’t cooperate with their questions. Instead, they pivot and talk about the wins they are racking the house.

Great. This is how GOP congressman and senators should do-every-interview. Simply don’t give the lefty reporters anything they want...unless it serves your purpose.

It’s what the democrats have done for two decades.

 its’ why i stopped watching the Sunday news shows all-together, about 15 years ago: when any honest take or interesting conversation was replaced by democrats reflexively lying and diverting the question...

I decided there was no longer any value in watching them.

But- another under covered story is that-since becoming speaker- Kevin McCarthy is impressing nearly everyone in Washington.

He’s got the house back to operating on something far closer to ‘regular order’. He’s got an ambitious agenda moving forward on several fronts. He-is- finding ways to take votes that result in republican wins, or at least, pin Biden and the democrats into a corner.

So far? He’s been good.

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