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The real reason for the DC elites wildly un-proportional meltdown.

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-8-23 8am

Wow- Chuck Schumer and the DC elites sure had a wildly un-proportional meltdown over Tucker Carlson’s alternate version of events on January sixth. Didn’t they?


And there are two reasons for it: one more legitimate and one that’s purely political.

The more legitimate reaction was the kind we saw from Mitch McConnell and a few GOP lawmakers who pushed back on Tucker’s characterization that this was a ‘mostly peaceful’ event. 

Their reaction-

The motivation for their push back is we were there, and it was scary. Let’s not gloss over the violence.  Windows were smashed in... physical violence occurred outside. Someone was beaten with a flagpole. Doors were kicked in. Ashley Babbitt was shot while trying to break into a locked chamber. Damage was done to the capitol.


All of that happened. It was a riot.

I had a listener email me yesterday and ask: why are you buying into the media’s label that this was a riot?

Because there was rioting. And I’m not going to pretend their wasn’t or suggest there weren’t some scary and serious tensions related to that day. And anyone on our side who would, is simply trying to ‘whitewash the facts’ the other direction.

No. There was damage, violence, and rioting. Even Ashley Babbitt’s death.

But...using the left’s standards, it was still a ‘mostly peaceful’ event.  All those things. Violence, damage, death, destruction of property-

All those things and worse were committed by BLM and antifa rioters in our cities, and these same leftists insisted on calling them ‘mostly peaceful’ events. And so, by their own definition, the capitol rioting didn’t rise to-anywhere near-the level of the ‘mostly peaceful’ BLM and antifa protests.

But I’m not about to defend or dismiss the destruction and violence that-did- occur that day, nor should you.

And so...

I’d put these reactions in that category-the ‘I was there, and it was scary, category’:

Toss in Mitch’s midday comments in which he, too, pushed back on tucker’s characterization and said- I side with the capitol police chief who rejects the claim this was peaceful.

Okay. Those are more legitimate ‘takes’, based on their personal experiences that day. Because parts of that day-were-scary. But here’s where I roll my eyes at them....and people like chuck Schumer and Merrick Garland who went out of their way yesterday to completely mischaracterize Carlson’s report:

I reject the notion that Tucker Carlson is suggesting there wasn’t rioting and there wasn’t violence. He’d be a moron to do so. And that is-not-what I took his Monday report to be.

He wasn’t saying this was entirely peaceful. Or there were no rioting or scary moments.

What he was saying is that-the Jan sixth committee took the opportunity to use those select ‘scary moments’ to portray this as an organized insurrection against the country-and that’s idiotic.

What Tucker-is saying-is that the Jan sixth committee intentionally lied about Ray Epps. And continue to do so to this day.

What Tucker-is saying-is the Jan sixth committee completely fabricated stories around the so-called q-anon shaman and how he was some dangerous leader of the rioting. The video proves he wasn’t.

What Tucker-was saying-is the Jan sixth committee and their accomplices in the media have been lying about officer Sicnick being beaten so badly that he was ‘killed’ the capitol. Or at home the next day. Tucker is saying- there’s all sorts of video showing him walking around normally-after the time-in which the left said he was badly beaten...and/or killed.

All Tucker is doing is exposing the January sixth commission as a bunch of intentional lairs who used their platform to gaslight the country and portray Donald Trump as too dangerous to be elected to a second term-etc.

What Tucker Carlson’s reports- do not do- is trying to rewrite history on the rioting. Instead, he is trying to correct history on it.

Nothing that I saw in Tucker’s Monday report that had chuck Schumer and the left so unglued yesterday- suggested- at all- that it wasn’t a riot. Or wasn’t scary. Or that lawmakers weren’t scared...etc.

And this is important-every single contention that Schumer and the leftists having meltdowns over tuckers’ reporting were either-intentionally or unintentionally- misconstruing his report....and pretending that tucker was saying things or reporting things that he didn’t.

And trust me-as someone who has done a 3- or 4-hour radio show for 30 years, this happens routinely: people hear what they want to hear or internalize what they want to internalize.

I cannot tell you how often a listener will react to something i said by totally misconstruing it.

They’ll hear what they want to hear.

Schumer and the scummy Jan sixth crowd -could not react-by admitting they lied, right?

Chuck Schumer couldn’t come out and speak. Boy...did my own party leaders get that wrong. They’ve been caught gas lighting and manipulating the American people on Ray Epps, the shaman, the actual level of threat that day. Thank you, Tucker, for opening the aperture and giving a broader view of that day.

Nope. Scummy Schumer isn’t going to say that. And so-he deflects. He -pretends- that tucker Carlson is saying that no violence or rioting occurred that day. Tucker isn’t saying that. And he’s not attempting to whitewash or cover up the facts of that day- his entire exercise is mean to prove that- the whitewashing and spinning-was done by the Pelosi sanctified Jan sixth commission: its members knew these truths-and lied.

That’s the entire point of tucker’s investigation and he has-with video tape-proven their lies. So, what does chuck Schumer do?

He does into the well of the senate and completely mischaracterizes and an angry meltdown that is-intentionally- wildly out of proportion as a reaction to tucker’s reporting. This ‘over-reaction’ by Schumer is intentional and I’ll explain it in a minute.

Schumer claims Tucker has ‘contempt for the facts’ and a ‘disregard for the risks to the country’ he ‘tells lies’....

But the truth is the exact opposite. Isn’t it? Its’ Schumer, Pelosi and the dems on that committee that are displaying a contempt for the full set of facts on Jan sixth and showed a blatant disregard for the risks that their gas lighting and lying might do to the country.

Folks-every time a democrat is giving you this ‘righteous moral high ground’ b-s, of the sort that Schumer is here, they are the ones who are engaging in the very thing they are accusing others of doing.

It's a classic democrat move, and Schumer does it here. He’s insisting that-more transparency-is dangerous. He’s insisting that- allowing the American people to see a fuller sense of the riot-in context-is reckless.

You heard Schumer angrily claim that Tucker Carlson intentionally lied to his audience and is trying to deny Jan sixth was a violent insurrection. Those are Schumer’s exact words.

Folks- Jan sixth-was not-a violent insurrection. Schumer is still the one doing the lying. There was some rioting. It was scary at times. But no one was trying overthrow the government. Nothing was organized. That’s all been made clear now-even with the help of the Jan sixth findings-and Schumer is the one lying about it.

Schumer claimed that Carlson cherry-picked from thousands of hours of footage. Once again-that is -what the Jan sixth commission did- and the entire point of Carlson’s reporting is to expose that. 

Schumer is still lying.

Schumer claims tucker is trying to argue that the Jan sixth event was nothing more than a peaceful sightseeing tour.

No. He isn’t. Tucker isn’t trying to do that. And chuck Schumer is still lying.

Every part of that little tantrum that Chuck Schumer had on the senate floor yesterday is incorrect. A mix of hyperbole, exaggeration, and intentional lying...and we’ll continue this after the break.

And no, this isn’t a matter of ‘viewing the same event from a different lens’. 

This is the democrats continuing to lie about a series of false narratives that they have been selling to the country for two years:

Jan sixth was not an insurrection.

There was no organized plot.

Donald trump did not start it.

Ray Epps is not a credible witness.

The dope in the bull horns wasn’t a threat and didn’t lead any rioting. Etc., etc., etc.

All of those are lies. And Chuck Schumer and the DC democrats-along with their accomplices in the east coast media- have now been faced with the proof. And have decided to keep the smearing and vilifying and mischaracterizing the messenger-and the message. 

Tucker Carlson ‘manipulated his viewers’ by showing us -all of the video-that Pelosi, Cheney, and Schiff didn’t want us to, see?

Come on. What scumbag Chuck Schumer is.

And then he calls for censorship: he calls on Fox News to reign in and censor their boy, there, who is making so much trouble....

And this is where Schumer gives away his game-

And this is where we get to the explanation for why Chuck Schumer and the left think that all of the angry over-reaction to tucker’s findings is necessary: because they have been on a weeks-long effort to destroy Fox News.

Most Americans aren’t paying attention to this, but it goes back to the lawsuit filed by the maker of the dominion voting machines against fox news-that is revealing that some of Fox’s show hosts appear to have told lies or said things on air that they knew were wrong or inaccurate...related to the ‘stolen election’ theory.

Ever since some emails from Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and others were publicized that suggested they weren’t being honest actors-

On air-and were instead, playing along with the trump stolen election theory-

The east coast democrats have been trying to use that as ‘proof’ that fox news isn’t journalism but is instead a malignant force in America. A threat to democracy. And needs to be shut down.

This. Is why Schumer going after Tucker-officially-on the senate floor yesterday. This wasn’t a news conference with reporters-this was an attack on Carlson and Fox News that was ‘read into the congressional record’ ‘official history’, if you will. As an ‘official govt matter’. By Schumer.

And it was part of this game to ‘kill off Fox News’.

It has been going on for weeks, and so far, hasn’t gained much traction-

And for obvious reasons: because CNN, the networks, MSNBC, etc....also...clearly do the same thing. Which is why only one in three Americans say they trust our news media.

But Schumer’s rant was an attempt to escalate the argument that Fox News is dangerous. You even heard Schumer suggest that Rupert Murdoch needed to end the madness because it’s dangerous to this democracy.

Folks- Chuck Schumer has never outed George Soros as a danger to democracy. He has never called on MSNBC or CNN to be shut down as ‘dangers to democracy’ or -the view’- to be shut down as a danger to democracy-

And trust me- more idiotic and incorrect things have come out of Joy Reid or Joy Behar’s mouths before the first commercial break-on any given day of those shows- than fox got wrong on dominion.

Trust me on this, too: within a few days, there will be a democrat introducing a bill to shut down fox news on some pretext. It’s coming.

But- the false, overly animated, virtue signaling and cyberbullying is now institutionalized- on the left...and it is actually a far more serious matter -that is going unaddressed.

As i said on twitter, yesterday: this ‘go to’ move by today’s democrats and woke leftists to insist that everything they object to is a ‘danger to democracy’ is as idiotic as it is ‘telling’.

This democratic republic was founded on the exchange of ideas and perspectives. It was built on the heated exchange of opinions, facts, and even lies. Someone who has a different perspective or a different ‘truth’ on something than today’s woke democrats do-is not ‘a danger to democracy’.

The danger to democracy-is their attempt to bully, silence, and shut down anyone who they disagree with-and this- we must continue to push back on.

And one reason that we even have Pelosi and Schumer defaulting to this idiotic ‘someone’s a danger to democracy’...or an idea is a ‘danger to democracy’....

The reason that even the top dems are defaulting to this nonsense, now, is because they cannot defend their ideas or excuse away, they lie they have been caught in.

Therefore, Chuck Schumer resorted to this nonsense, yesterday.  His side of the aisle was caught in a series of -intentionally manufactured lies- and he couldn’t explain them or defend them...and so he had to try to ‘shut it all down’ by claiming any further examination of the fraudulent Jan sixth committee’s work is a ‘danger to democracy’.

Bull plop.

The left is frantically trying to kill off fox news as a ‘danger to democracy’ now, because it is the only major media outlet that they do not ‘own’ politically....and the only one not parroting out their line of indoctrinations.

This about ‘democracy dies if’... Is literally the last refuge of scoundrels who cannot defend their ideas or explain their lies.

And scumbag Chuck Schumer had to resort to it, yesterday. Because the Jan sixth committee has been exposed on at least a half a dozen lies now.

And that doesn’t mean that violence didn’t occur that day. It doesn’t mean that rioting didn’t happen. It doesn’t mean we on the right want to whitewash over it all as a ‘peaceful protest’.

They are lying. And they got caught.

And like all leftists of the last half-century- they’re now just completely jumping to something else and pretending as if it’s what Tucker Carlson is talking about.

It’s not.  

photo credit: Fox News

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