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WAKE UP WISCONSIN! How can an admitted activist be a fair judge?

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-2-23 8:10am

So- poisonous Protasiewicz is vowing to recuse herself from any State Supreme Court cases that might involve the state democrat party- because its leaders have already dumped 2.5-million dollars into her highly partisan and dishonest campaign.

But she says she won’t commit to recusing herself on anything else-even though she has gone out of her way to make it clear she is pro-abortion, anti-act ten, and thinks the election maps are rigged.

So-we already know how she would rule on those matters. She has made up her mind before the cases are ever heard. And she let us all know it! 

But no, she’s not going to commit to being fair and honest when those cases come before the court.

Seriously: you persuadable voters in the audience-

Seriously: can you see how wrong and irresponsible it would be to elect this woman to the supreme court?

Daniel Kelly will follow the law and the constitution. That much we know.

And we know it -because Kelly has already had a short stint on the court-and ruled that way.

We know that Daniel Kelly will honor the letter of the law and the state and u-s constitutions after he gets unchecked power as a member of the court-because he has already been on it-and decided cases that way.

And so if that’s what you want in a Supreme Court justice-

And if that’s what you want out of our supreme court: honest rulings that follow the law-

Well then, you need to vote for Dan Kelly.

And i don’t care if he doesn’t have a personality that you can warm up to...or.... if he’s a "man-splainer"..or if he’s a ‘ginger’...

Whatever reason you’ve got in your head that’s telling you, ‘Well, I don’t know’...

I do know: Daniel Kelly is the only- honest- sane-option for any voter who wants to see justice served and our laws and constitutions followed-in this state.

That’s what i know.

And maybe we even have some democrats in the audience who can be persuaded...but i know we probably have independents and moderate voters who can be persuaded: Janet Protasiewicz would be a poison on this court.

And she keeps making that clear: on top of signaling how she will rule on abortion, act ten, and the electoral maps-she has said flat out in interviews and when speaking to groups that she participated in the act-ten protests at the capitol. So-she’s an admitted activist.

How can an admitted activist be a fair judge?

She’s also given us that famous quote about how-in most cases-she won’t put her thumb on the scales of justice-but sometimes- she needs to.

That was a naked admission of bias and legal tampering...

And even while making this silly pledge yesterday- Janet Protasiewicz -again- committed a gaffe when she wouldn’t commit to ‘actual’ fairness and impartiality- but only to the ‘appearance’ of it.

This comes from the WI State Journal- a liberal newspaper-and even their lefty reporter seemed surprised:

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates differ on whether party backing requires recusal

Wisconsin court candidate won't hear Democrats' lawsuits

The appearance of fairness and impartiality?

That’s what the public deserves?

No, no, Janet, the public deserves-actual fairness and impartiality.

The public deserves a judge that will hear the case...match and contrast the two arguments against what a mountain of case law and constitutional guidelines have to say-and then issue a ruling based on that.

Judges-should not- be deciding cases on ‘appearances’ or ‘what they think they can get away with’.

And isn’t that what Protasiewicz’s comment suggests?

I’ll hear those cases on abortion and redistricting because you know my values and how I got to step up and put my thumb on the scale...but at the same time...I’d have to ‘give the appearance’ of fairness.

That’s what she suggested to these reporters if you read the entire WI State Journal story.

Genuinely- swing voters. Persuadable voters. Reasonable democrats- I don’t ask you for much, but please- take this Supreme Court vote seriously...

And if you want a court that will decide cases based on the law and the constitutions- please acknowledge that there’s only one choice in April.

Dan Kelly.

story credit: WI State Journal
photo credit: Fox 6 News/Milwaukee


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