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Tucker Carlson's possession of all the J6 videos has the left in a tizzy

Jay Weber Show transcript 3-1-23

For two years, not a single newsroom or reporter in-any-of the left-wing newsrooms had -any- interest in the January sixth video footage-

But the minute Tucker Carlson requested it and got it- now- holy cow, holy cow, holy cow- they all got to see it.

This has become a huge peeing match in Washington DC, over 41-thousand hours of video tape that-until Tucker expressed an interest. No one else was interested in.


Well-because they were happy to get all their information related to January sixth fed to them by congressional democrats and the scummy actors on the January sixth commission.

That’s why. Pelosi and Liz Cheney and Benny Thompson put all the effort into selectively editing the tapes to fit their narrative and feel their accomplice media their pre-approved version of events...and everyone in DC an NY newsrooms went along with the charade.

Why would any of them have any -actual curiosity or intellectual interest in seeing-all-of the footage? Right?

It’s a very damning statement on the state of journalism today and just how quick the so-called newsrooms are to accept the democrat’s crafted narratives.

And if tucker Carlson hadn’t had requested-all-of the tapes, we never would have heard any more about them-or what -else-they might show.

This has also become a standard move in today’s era of activist left wingers pretending to be journalists-as they go along with the democrat’s gas lighting-

We now have these liberal newsrooms routinely trying to ‘get ahead’ of any stories that will actually tell the trying to line up new lies ahead of time.

For example: the minute the news that energy dept scientists have also concluded that the covid virus leaked from the Wuhan lab-instead of reporting the story-what did just about-every single mainstream news outlet do?

They leapt to find new reasons to downplay and doubt the findings. Correct?

The people working in the largest dc and ny newsrooms are not journalists and they haven’t been for some time: they are highly dishonest, closeted, left wing activists and operatives, and they prove it daily.

I love it. If Pelosi and Cheney were feeding them the story- they were quite content to-never- see the actual, unedited security tapes on January sixth.

But Tucker Carlson asks for them-and everyone on the elite left in NY and DC immediately knows what that means: he can prove that we tainted our coverage and lied about January sixth as we served our left-wing masters at the capitol.

We got to get our hands on them. We got to know what they-actually show- so we can get our next round of gas lighting and excuses ready.


And no, i don’t trust tucker to tell the unvarnished truth either, with no spin, but his team will find any evidence that destroys leftist narratives about the riot that we-immediately knew- were untrue. Fake news.

And as for the hair-on-fire demands from the other news organizations and their attempts to slam and smear Kevin McCarthy to giving access to this footage only to tucker-

It’s not republicans who first decided to release video tape to the news outlets. It was Pelosi, and then she and the dems only released the portions that re-affirmed their narratives on the riot.

McCarthy is doing the more honest thing here-by giving an outside news operation access to-all-of the footage. To prove nothing is being hidden and no narratives are being manipulated with cherrypicked video-

Which is what the January sixth committee did.

These so-called news outlets in DC and NY have been-so dishonest-for so long, that it is high time for republicans to change the rules of the game and react to that dishonesty.

I love that McCarthy only released this to tucker for now. I love that Carlson and fox and-hopefully- put out the more honest narrative on January sixth before the other news outlets can pile in and protect their lies.

I love that Ron DeSantis’s team blackballed NBC and MSNBC last week-until Andrea Mitchell apologized for suggesting that DeSantis was a racist who didn’t want to teach black history.

I love to see Ron Johnson blast Chuck Todd for only inviting him and other republicans onto the show in order to try to abuse and embarrass them. 

I love that the RNC has broken ties with the long-rotting, very biased, presidential debates commission.

It’s high time.

photo credit: Getty Images

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