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It's simple. Joe Biden broke federal law.

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-25-23 6:10 and 8:10 am

So... moving into ‘week three’ of this Biden documents scandal...more and more insiders are starting to wonder why the Biden political and white house teams decided to go with the narrative that.... oops. Those classified documents found in the U-Penn closet were just an inadvertent mistake. No biggie.

Why did they go that route with their messaging-when they already knew more classified documents had been found in Joe's garage?


Why did they decide to go with ‘Biden tattled on himself and is cooperating fully’- when Joe Biden and his team-did not-tell DOJ officials and -are not-cooperating fully.

If you don’t fully understand what I mean by that, folks: Biden’s team-did not- come forward on their own and admit to Biden’s mishandling of classified documents: the NY times, itself, broke the story that Biden’s lawyers quietly went to the national archives and gave the documents back and said, essentially, I hope you can just slip those back into the drawers where they belong, and we can forget this.

It was the national archivists who had to follow protocol and oversight rules, and so, two days later, they went to the dept. of justice and told the FBI about how the Biden team approached them...with these classified documents.

Joe Biden-did not- turn himself in, and if you have been following the progression of this story at all-you know that Biden and his team-have not-been cooperative and/or transparent.

They have been stonewalling the media members and the American people ever since this public disclosure-which they- Biden’s team-did not make. The dept of justice did.

Bottom line-Biden and his team have been lying and stonewalling from day one-and Biden’s claims of cooperation and transparency have lost all credibility.

The man-broke- federal law.

There is no question of that. Simply by admitting he had classified documents he shouldn’t have taken; Biden and his team are admitting to ‘one level’ of criminality.

Then, admitting these documents were found sort of scattered all over the place, where they had literally been lost over time- is admitting to a second level of criminality...even if Biden and his team are trying to confuse the issue by saying, there was no ‘intent’ to break the law.

Do you know that-when it comes to the federal laws related to the mishandling of classified documents- ‘intent’- isn’t the standard?

Gross negligence is.

You are breaking the law simply by handling national secrets and classified materials in a, quote, grossly negligent manner...and gee...I’d say losing them in your garage, or in a closet, or tossed somewhere in the dining room of a home you never use, but that has family members living in it...coming and going in and out of it-

Gee-that seems to define ‘gross negligence’ in the handling and storing of these documents, doesn’t it?

Biden’s team -is not telling the truth, and they haven’t been from the moment these documents were discovered, back on November 2nd. They immediately went into ‘crisis mode’ and like every other scummy democrat and dc swamp creature-they immediately went into ‘fabricate and cover up’ mode.

As the NY times admitted: Biden’s team never even seemed to consider ‘coming clean’. Instead they hatched a plan to try to slide these papers back into the national archives with no one being the wiser.

They even limited the number of Biden advisors who knew about the discovery: which was the discovery that joe Biden had broken federal law. For years.

Biden didn’t self-report, as he and his minions now want to claim.  Biden’s team tried to convince the national archivists to become partners in the cover up- and since that agency has an inspector general that looks out for the public and is tasked with keeping that agency ‘on the straight and narrow’ and operating by the book-

Now the Biden white house wants to pretend they’ve been open and honest the entire time.

I know younger listeners won’t get the reference, but this is a real ‘Eddy Haskell’ sort of move.It’s the sort of thing your slippery friend would do try to pull off a scam, and then pretend that he was going to ‘come clean’ the entire time...

Oh, no, Mrs. Cleaver....Wally and I agreed we should tell you right away.

But this is our president of the United States and his scummy minions. 

And one way we know Biden and his team were lying from moment the time the story went public, on January 9th, that second batch of illegal documents had been found in Biden’s garage.

The first batch was found November 2nd in the closet, correct?

Well, the second batch-in the garage-was found on December 20th.

But when the story broke on January 9th...two weeks later...what was the story?

That -a batch-singular-was found in the closet of Biden’s think tank.

If Biden’s team was being so transparent with the archives, the DOJ, and the American people. Why was the DOJ not alerted to the documents found in the garage until mid-January! - after the initial story went public?

The fact is that we only learned about the garage documents because-even more! - classified material was found inside the house on January 12th...and some of that was top secret. 

Only then-did the Biden team and accomplice media need to admit to a ‘second batch’ of documents found in the garage-and then-if you remember-they still withheld news of the third batch-found inside the house!

Biden and his minions, along with Merrick Garland’s DOJ, by this point-were still ‘slow rolling’ the scandal...trying to keep the sheer breadth of Biden’s negligence a secret.

That’s how we got to last Friday, and the FBI-finally- spending twelve hours doing a serious search of that Wilmington home and finding batch number five of illegal documents...some of which date way, way back to Biden’s time in the senate.

Friday’s discovery was rock-solid proof that Joe Biden has been breaking federal law-for decades.And no, he wasn’t careful with the documents he was taking, and yes, he has exhibited gross negligence in the handling of those documents to the point that no one could deny it: he had no idea where any of these documents were, having stuffed them somewhere, years ago.

Is that being grossly negligent with our national secrets?

I’d say so.

And now there are calls for the FBI and the special investigator to search thru Biden’s senate documents which are stored at the University of Delaware- and gee- do you think they’ll find more illegal documents there?

Of course, they will.

Which brings me back to the growing reaction from the dc insiders...related to how Biden and his team are handling this: it is an incredible mix of incompetence and arrogance that we are getting here-

And for some reason-that’s surprising people...even though some of us have been describing Joe Biden as an arrogant, incompetent boob for 30 years, now!

Dc insiders are-really? -surprised at how incompetently Biden’s people are handling the scandal-and what an arrogant ass Joe Biden is being about all of it?

Well-they shouldn’t be.

A CNN analyst is marveling at something that- i admit- no one else is focusing on: this is yet another amazing ‘first’ in American history that we should all take a minute to appreciate.

Stephen Collinson of CNN says: we have FBI officers searching the private residences of a sitting president. That’s’ extraordinary.

Yeah. It is.

He doesn’t say this next thing, so I will: and with each search, more evidence of intentional criminality by that sitting president is discovered.


And yet Biden’s accomplices in the MSM still don’t want to point any of this out...or frame it more accurately. And even now-three weeks into a scandal that is still deepening-they want to spend most of their time pretending that Donald trump’s handling of documents was worse.

Not by a long shot.

Anyone trying to make that argument, anymore, is an idiot.

Senator Ron Johnson on Twitter: "Hunter was obviously fed detailed information on Ukraine so he could show Burisma why he was worth millions of dollars. Was this classified information? Did Joe Biden know about this? Inquiring minds want to know."

Folks, on Saturday, FBI officers spent 13 hours    searching the private residence of a sitting president. 


That is extraordinary, moreover: with each search, more evidence of intentional criminality by that same, sitting, president is discovered.

Folks, we are entering week three of a scandal that is still deepening-with each day...and anyone still pretending that Donald Trump’s handling of documents was a dope.

Joe Biden has been caught being ‘grossly negligent’ with classified and even top-secret documents- over decades!

He has been caught violating federal laws related to our national security and our national secrets-for decades.

That’s no small thing. It cannot be easily dismissed. 

And you can see the desperation settling in more, in the Biden white house, with each passing day.

Yesterday, the horrid Karrine-Jean Pierre accused the white house press corps of trying to stir up controversy when they insist on asking questions about this.

If that isn’t a last, desperate act, of a drowning democrat administration: really? Your side? Is going to whine after about a week of finally getting some tougher questions?

After what you have your accomplices in the MSM doing to republicans and conservatives- every day?

What a joke.

But this documents scandal is now putting Biden’s 2024 hopes in part...due to the revelation itself ...that he had documents.

But....even more so...because Biden and his team have handled this so arrogantly and incompetently.

Three weeks later, we know that Joe Biden and his team were lying from the moment they found the first batch of classified documents and are even lying about coming forward on their own.

It turns out that Biden’s team-did not- come forward on their own

Biden’s lawyers quietly went to the national archives hoped that they know...kind of... Just slip these papers back into the files where they belong on the down low.

It was the national archivists who had to follow protocol and alert the DOJ...which is how the story got out.

Moreover, we now know that-by the time the Biden white house disclosed the first batch of documents found in the closet- they had already found the second batch in the garage- but didn’t tell us about that batch...

They still thought they could keep Joe’s

Car-a-lago scandal contained- until batch number three was found in the house!

Only then-did they come clean on the garage documents...and even then, they decided to keep batch number three a secret for several days.

Biden and his team-have not-been cooperative and/or transparent....and even his fellow democrats are now refusing to defend his. And are admitting that he’s got no good excuse, on any of this.

And this is-before- the FBI’s special investigator searches the records that Joe Biden shipped to the University of Delaware after his time as a senator.

You know there are more classified documents to be found in that mess, given that Biden was the head of the foreign affairs committee, the judiciary committee, and sat on other important committees as a senator. 

There is-no way- Joe Biden didn’t walk away with other classified documents as a senate leader, given how sloppy he was being with them. 

Yesterday, a group of republicans called on Robert Hur, the special investigator, to also look thru Biden’s senate stash...and there is pretty much -no way- that Hur could refuse now. Having found classified documents scattered around in other Biden locations.

If Hur doesn’t look at the senate stash, he’s not doing his job.

This has Charles Hurt of the wash times saying- gee- around the first of the year.... the democrats and their lapdogs in the media were talking openly about Biden’s second term...

Now they are back talking openly about his doomed political future.

Hurt makes a good point: mishandled documents? Is what has everyone on the left abandoning Joe?

It is one of two things: either they see it as their opportunity to force Biden into being a one-termer, and not running for re-election, given that 70 percent of Americans say they don’t want to see a second term of Biden.


The other possibility here: they know that the documents scandal-must lead-to exposing the wider ‘Biden family corruption’ scandal, and they know they can’t keep it covered up much longer.

And so- this could have these dc and east coast media elites realizing Biden’s goose is cooked. It’s time to turn and attack him and orchestrate his removal from office.

They’ll do it for the party and for the larger leftist mission....but they’ll pretend they are just ‘doing their jobs’ as journalists...and being unbiased.

Those are the best explanations for why -of all things-it is this ‘misplaced documents’ scandal that has party members and the left’s media accomplices turning on joe.

This as Biden and his rancid white house team try to convince the American people that it is-no big deal-that a team of FBI agents spent thirteen hours searching a sitting president’s home!-last Friday!

Come on, people.

In fact, Greg, give me Jonathan Turley’s cut here. He has been doing a very good job of exposing Biden’s perilous position here, and was on fox talking about how president Biden and his team look even more dishonest and untrustworthy over how they chose to try to downplay all of this.

Bottom line- Biden’s claims of cooperation and transparency have lost all credibility.

Everyone in dc knows that the man-broke- federal law, and there is no question of that. 

As i said earlier: simply by admitting he had classified documents he shouldn’t have taken, Biden and his team are admitting to ‘one level’ of criminality.

Then, admitting these documents were found scattered all over the place, willy-nilly, where they had literally been lost over time- is admitting to a second level of criminality...gross negligence.

The federal laws related to the mishandling of classified documents don’t have the ‘intent ‘to break the law as a standard.

The standard is gross negligence: did you handle national secrets and classified materials in a quote...grossly negligent manner?

Biden absolutely did, if he had them in several different places and had forgotten about them over time. 

I cannot wait to see what else they find in Biden’s beach home...or in his senate archives stashed at the university of Delaware-  because you know the news on ‘batch number six, and seven, and eight’...are just a matter of time, here.

And certainly not when he had his coke-fiend son running corrupt schemes to enrich the Biden family, no.

This investigation over the documents-has got to lead-to a wider Biden family corruption scandal. And that’s why you see more and more dems lining up to shove Biden down the steps before 2024.

photo credit: Getty Images

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