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America-hating left pushing reparations to further divide us.

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-19-23 7:10am

You’ve probably heard about San Francisco’s great ‘reparations’ idea, by now: let’s give five-million dollars to every black person who is over 18 and can prove they have lived in the city for more than 13 years.

It is just the latest ludicrous idea, and it comes on the heels of an LA task force  that is suggesting an $800-thousand-dollar reparations check...and as a state-level task force works on ideas for the entire state.

For some reason, the leftist bullies in California have gotten a bee up their butt about reparations.

Folks, California was never a slave state. Most black people out there don’t have slave roots...but...the latest ridiculous push for reparations is on-out there-anyway.

This week- the angry activists in Frisco settled on five million dollars-for each black person- paid by the rest of the city’s residents- as a reasonable figure.

They aren’t even expecting state or federal taxpayers to foot this bill. This amounts to somewhere between 50 and 150-billion a city that has an annual budget of 14 billion. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Being an actual- descendant of slaves is not a requirement-

And please notice that being an American citizen-is also! - not a requirement. So, any long-time illegal alien in San Francisco with darker skin could claim this five million.

These reparations task force members might think they’ve got it all worked out-but this is a screamingly stupid idea-

And one that causes all sorts of new racial and ethnic animosities between people of different skin colors-and! - among black people!

You’re telling me that a plan that hands out five million dollars to ‘some’ black folks in San Francisco but denies it to others isn’t going to cause a few problems in ‘the community’?

If they do this, they should spend another five million on body bags, because they’ll need them.

But it gets worse

So, you’re going to give -some? - people in the neighborhood a five-million-dollar chunk and then a lifetime payment of 100-thousand dollars a year...and make the other people in the neighborhood pay for it?

Then stand back-and watch the mayhem ensue.

Folks-this plan touches off both-race wars-and a war between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ within the black community.

If i didn’t know better, I’d think this was an evil plan to have black people killing each other and reducing their own numbers...

I mean-could you think of a better plan?

There are all sorts of conspiracy theories in the black community about how it was republicans who introduced cocaine and crack into the black communities...etc. After Katrina ‘George Bush hated black people’ if he controlled the tides...

This is democrats hatching a plan that is far more sinister and destructive than any of those crackpot notions.

All of these new reparation’s schemes are meant to racially agitate. Dig up and newly fester old wounds. Turn groups of Americans against each other. That’s what this new talk of reparations in California, New York or anywhere else-are meant to do.

And one important clue is that their schemes all seem to include giving nearly all black people a big check from the taxpayers....when only a fraction of Black Americans in this country are really descendants of slaves. And i don’t know what fraction that is-

I’m not saying it’s a small fraction. I’m simply talking about ‘only a chunk’ of black Americans have slave roots in their family.

Right now-about 20 percent of Black Americans are foreign they don’t have American slave roots. And that’s just counting those alive today. How many black Americans had their families come from foreign countries -after- 1865 and therefore, have no slave lineage? 

It could be 50 percent-or fewer-black Americans today who have any slave roots or claims to reparations. Yet every scheme these left-wing agitators and black activists seem to come up with is giving checks to everyone who calls themselves black.

I wonder: would Rachel Dolezal and talcum x-get reparations? They’re white people who are really...really...convinced they’re black. Do they get a check?

And what about the white descendants of slaves?

This part of US history has been largely forgotten and is never talked about-but there were white and Asian slaves, too. There were Irish slaves, and British slaves, and Chinese slaves...etc.

Do their descendants get reparations?

No. Because this is about ‘grievance culture’ and left-wing politics. It’s not about ‘setting anything right’.

If it was-only the descendants of slave owners should have to pay reparations.  In Barbados, there’s a push for reparations on, but there, they are at least limiting the punishment to those descendants who are directly tied to slave owners.

All talk of reparations here has-every- living US taxpayer paying for them. Why? Most of our families never owned slaves-and either settled in the northern and western states...or didn’t even arrive here until much later.

How should-any of us? -be on the hook for reparations?

Well. Slavery built the naïve retort from the grievance crowd.

Boy-that is overlooking all the hard work, sacrifice, and turmoil of generations of Americans of all colors and ethnicities- in order claim America was primarily built on slave labor. It’s a lovely talking point, but it’s incorrect.

No-this push in California has all the markings of a Marxist attempt to inject racial and social conflict into this country.

It’s right out of their standard playbook. Today’s bullying woke socialists have, as a mission, to inject racial and class conflict into this country, and to have us hating each other-and ourselves.

Please don’t be dumb enough to fall for it.

This is just the next step in the ‘new lefts’ attempt to destroy tricking Americans into destroying themselves.

And sadly-it is working in way too many blue states.

This is also new today: it has been two years since the rabid Marxists and racial agitators in Seattle....antifa and BLM bullies...convinced city leaders there to slash the funding of the Seattle police department...

And two years later...local business owners and residents say the crime is worse than it has ever been. Seattle is turning into a dystopian landscape in some parts of the downtown.

Many storefront businesses and restaurants have closed in these cities like Seattle and San Francisco-with more closing every year...

And the ‘new democrats’ in charge don’t care. Their whole mission seems to be to destroy America’s cities.

photo credit: Getty Images

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