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Classified documents from Car-a-Lago could sink Biden

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-17-23 6:10am

Here’s an interesting theory from David Catron of the American Spectator....

Was the Mar-a-Lago Raid a Biden Insurance Policy? Perhaps it was meant to indemnify him against the kind of scandal in which he is now immersed.

Yes. It’s a stretch.

Yes, it could be just another wild conspiracy theory. But if these DC democrats were willing to create two crazy conspiracy theories out of whole cloth to run bogus impeachment against Trump-twice- 

Which they were: the Russiangate smear was entirely invented and the brew-ha over the Ukrainian letter that led to trump’s first impeachment was complete invention, too-

If today’s democrats are sophisticated enough and scummy enough to engage in those sorts of sophisticated smears, knowing that their accomplices in the MSM will participate...

They’d certainly be sophisticated enough to create a third smear against Trump related to mishandling of documents and orchestrate a raid that makes trump look guilty of something that the democrat president or vice president is-actually-guilty of.

Rush Limbaugh and we conservative talkers have been saying it for years: every time the democrats rush to insist that republicans are doing something illegal or is because the democrats are really the ones doing that exact same thing: engaging in that same illegal and sleezy behavior.

Everything from dems hiring illegal aliens as gardeners and colluding with foreign agents to smear their political name it: time and again, when democrats accuse republicans of something, it is because they, themselves, are the ones getting away with it.

So it is that farfetched to believe that Biden’s team could have been aware of a scandal related to Biden’s documents brewing...and knowing that it was only a matter of time before it came out...

And so...if Joe wants to run for a second term against Donald Trump.... let’s go ahead and create a fake scandal related to Trump documents?

This is not a totally crazy theory.... even if i don’t fully buy into it.

Canton-does-make the case that -in truth-Joe Biden had far more to lose in a ‘missing documents’ scandal that Trump does. After all, Trump was president and took documents with him that-he believed- he was taking legally.

He had the power to declassify.

He also kept them on-one-secured location.

That’s a far cry from Joe Biden, as vice president, breaking the law by taking documents he never should have had-and never had the power to declassify-and then handling them so carelessly that-six years later- neither he, nor anyone on his team, knows where they are.

Biden’s criminal actions here are -self-evident. He did break federal laws...

And his negligence, cavalier handling of those national secrets is-also- self-evident. 

If they can invent elaborate smears like the Russian collusion hoax.... complete with fake reports and findings like the Steele dossier...using the power, connections, and brain trusts of the Clinton campaign and the Obama white house...

They can certainly orchestrate a raid on Mar-a-Lago and a big, splashy-and fake-document scandal for neutralize a very real Joe Biden document scandal.

We are told that the discovery of the first batch of Biden documents was found in the office of his fake think tank ...allegedly on November 2nd. 

They were also found by quote. Biden lawyers. Not by a random staffer or janitor. That immediately led to questions about why Biden was using lawyers to clean out his office, rather than normal movers.

Well-it makes more sense that Biden’s team was already ‘looking for something’...doesn’t it?

Which brings us back to the question we’ve had since the beginning: what touched off this search for classified documents among Biden’s properties?

The white house and Biden’s minions refuse to answer that: what was the catalyst for this document’s search?

Was it? As i suspect? That the national archives went quietly to the bides sometime earlier in the year and spoke. Uhm....we still need those documents that you took five years back...

We still need them back, Mr. President.

Being ‘deep-staters’, they might have even said: we are currently in the process of reviewing what president trump took. We’ve been going back and forth with his lawyers.... and....we can’t go after him...if you still have documents that you’ve had for years. We got to tighten up a sloppy system, sir.

What touched off the search for classified documents among Biden’s offices, in the first place? And when did it really get underway?

Earlier in 2022? Well before Biden’s scummy and partisan a-g conducted the trump raid?

Wouldn’t that timeline be interesting to know?

Because-what we do know-is that Joe Biden was already hiding his own document scandal when he started to blast trump for mishandling documents after the raid.

This is also something that ‘adds up’ if we go with canton’s theory that the raid was staged to protect Biden’s scandal. Consider it: Joe Biden already knew that classified documents had been found at his fake think tank....

He already knew he was in some potential legal trouble -and it’d be a scandal if it ever got out-when he did that interview with Scott Pelley criticizing trump as being sloppy and reckless.

Why would someone be such a naked hypocrite-on camera? 

Either because he’s a 50-year politician who lies with such ease that it just came naturally...which is a good bet...

Or...he was doing his part to portray trump’s document scandal to be a huge case his ever got out.

And now he and his minions want to bloviate about ‘transparency’.

As Cong Jim Jordan tweeted yesterday:

And here’s another thing that rings hollow: this sudden -and collective- criticism of Biden by his fellow democrats and all sorts of Clinton and Obama era insiders.

This, too, looks orchestrated to me.

It could be that they are all seeing an opportunity to shove Biden out of the 2024 could be that they are all playing their part to admit that yes, Biden screwed up too, so let’s just say that both 2024 frontrunners did, and move on.

Let’s just call a mutual foul-and move past the documents- as an issue in the 2024 race.

Because suddenly, every major player on the left is characterizing this as a ‘huge gift to Trump’, and I just don’t buy the sincerity.

There are way too many questions for this Biden document scandal to go away, any time soon, and i understand that all sorts of people on both sides of the aisle-want it-to be the thing that pushes Biden out of office...

But I highly doubt it will be. The Bidens are like the Clintons and the Obamas: they are scummy, scummy people who are just going to ram ahead with their plans...regardless of what roadblocks are put in their way.

photo credit: Getty Images

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