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Biden cares more about his Corvette than classified documents

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-13-23 6:10 am

The biggest story of the last 24 hours is that-after finding a second batch if unsecured classified documents that a ‘vice president’ Joe Biden never should have had...and had no authority to declassify...

Merrick garland has appointed a special counsel out of the Dept of Justice to investigate it.

Garland did- because he ‘has to’. This is a political appointee to a job that is supposed to be performed in a fair and bipartisan manner: attorney general-

Merrick garland has already been a huge disappointment in that regard and has been caught in several hypocrisy and double standards.... including his incredible overreach related to president trump’s classified documents-

Remember- the normal, long-standing protocol, was to have the national archives review whatever was taken by the outgoing president. Trump allowed that twice...

And then...if there was any argument over which documents needed to be returned, or could be kept by the ex-president, the two sides’ lawyers would get involved and negotiate that out-

Which Trump’s people were in the process of doing-when Garland -at the urging of the Biden white house (I’m sure) ordered a very dramatic and high-profile raid on Mara Lago. It was a naked political stunt meant to smear and impugn trump...

And it was way out of bounds, with honest people on both sides of the political aisle admitting it-

But hey- the dems and Biden are on a mission to destroy and disqualify trump any way they can-and so-they continue to defend it and have been working toward ‘actionable charges’ against Donald Trump-

These rancid actors want to bring criminal charges against an ex-president for the first time in American history- and they are using this canard over classified documents to do it-

And so-gee- when Joe Biden is found to have classified documents too-even though he was the-vice president- and had no business taking them legally-

Well- AG Garland now has no choice but to pretend to be an honest actor and appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden’s document scandal, too.

After batch number two was discovered, Garland was virtually forced to go this route.

Okay, but that still doesn’t mean it will be an honest process or an honest investigation. Garland still has the ultimate say in what does or does not happen with these special investigations.

Heck-James Comey pretended to have a special investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server crimes....and still gave her a complete pass and orchestrated a highly dishonest conclusion to it.

And so, let’s not make the mistake of thinking that Biden is in any-real- jeopardy here.

But he should be-because his cavalier mishandling of classified materials is far worse than Donald Trump’s.

Trumps records weren’t ‘mishandled’. They were in a secured location when the national archives went to look for them-and Trump even beefed up the security more, afterward. After the archivists recommended it.

Joe Biden’s were in- some side closet at a think tank? boxes in his Delaware garage? Where he and Jill never go, anymore?

This wasn’t at the beach mansion that they fly to every weekend. This was at his long-time Delaware home, where they probably haven’t been in at least two years.

Biden had classified documents just cavalierly dropped into boxes-in the garage.

And Monica Crowley had a clarifying take: she said, ‘the dementia patient just admitted he kept classified documents in a garage with his corvette.


And Biden said it, as if this was akin to a vault at Fort Knox. It sounded so ridiculous, that he got immediately mocked in DC and on social media for saying it. 

Here’s the full clip, starting with Steve Doocy’s question.

He rambles on from there...but...I stopped it at that spot to point out two things: first- Joe Biden and his minions had-as their top talking point-that Joe Biden takes classified documents seriously’.

You just heard Joe say it.

We have prima fascia evidence that that’s false...because...if joe Biden takes the handling of classified documents seriously how do some of them end up getting lost and left in his garage.... or in a closet back at the think tank.

Joe Biden-did not! -handle these classified documents carefully. He has already proven that to us. The talking point is idiotic-and the white house news media needs to push back on that and stop being so malleable.

The mission of the accomplice media, this week, has been to come up with a dozen ways that Biden’s document scandal is ‘nothing’ and trump’s is far worse.

In truth- Biden’s is far worse.

A) Trump’s were -actually-secured...and

B) Trump has president and had the legal authority to declassify...and take documents with him.

Biden failed on both of those counts.  Folks, if there is any ‘question’ over whether Donald Trump had the power to declassify the documents that he took.... that’s up for debate...

But there can be -no argument- that if a vice president walks away with classified documents, that’s illegal. And if he sloppily stores them where they could be recovered by enemies of this nation-that’s illegal.

It is a factual statement to say that-today- on this day-we know Joe Biden broke federal laws.

He’s not even denying it. He’s admitting these classified materials were found in his shabby storage cubbies.

We-know-he broke laws. How is trump’s situation worse?

Oh, trump lied to grand jury lawyers....

Did he? Everything that Joy Reid and Joy Behar are peddling this week is up for debate. The violations of federal law that i just outlined that joe Biden committed- are not.

And republicans are right to have a field day with this. They should refuse to talk about anything else on any of the weekend shows-and should steer every interview back onto this topic.

We have famous stories of soldiers, sailors, airmen...being prosecuted for leaving a single classified document out on their desk as they went to get coffee.

We have dishonorable discharges for that poor sap who overlooked a thumb drive that was sitting next to his stapler when he cleared off his desk for the night.

Joe Biden gets off scott-free for treating classified documents like old Stephen king books? Just tossed into a closet or box in the garage.

This is a far more significant scandal than any related to trump’s documents-

And this is why-for all of their bloviating- the democrats and the lefty media accomplices know that there is now-no way- Merrick Garland can charge Donald Trump with anything...without having it look extremely prejudiced and nasty.

The discoveries of ‘sloppy Joe’ have taken virtually any prosecution of Donald Trump off the table, folks. If Garland were to go ahead with this-they’d be virtually assuring a second term of Donald Trump.

Listen to speaker Kevin McCarthy turn this all back on the media, too, yesterday, when a reporter wanted to talk about president trumps ginned up document scandal.

McCarthy Tells Reporters ‘You Should Be Offended’ Biden Tried to ‘Make Sure’ New York Post Laptop Story ‘Couldn’t Be Printed’

Kudos to McCarthy for being combative with reporters, yesterday. He should adopt this as a permanent tone when dealing with them.

And he-has been-one of the dc republicans who is good at calling out reporters on their false suppositions and flipping the script on them-but as speaker now-he should really adopt this as a technique.

I’d love to know what touched off this sudden need to look into Biden’s closets, wouldn’t you?

Why were lawyers- acting like movers?

What went missing that prompted all of this?

The White House says they were just moving stuff out of that think tank office...but...if lawyers were present...i wonder if the national archives didn’t touch this off... By quietly going to the Biden white house and saying...we are looking for these files. These files that Biden was using to write his memoirs were never returned....and we need them back.

There is much more to this story that Biden’s minions are trying to cover up, and that their accomplices in the media are trying to hustle us past.

photo credit: Getty Images

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