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Hold on, Biden's illegal classified documents were related to Ukraine?

Jay Weber Show transcript

For a second day in a row, yesterday, President Biden simply shut out- any of the questions about his newly discovered classified documents...that were found in a closet in his former ‘ceremonial’ office at a university in which he pretended to teach after his vice presidency.

And by the way-is that being properly reported or investigated?

Trump had taken steps to at least have his in secured, locked storage space at Mara Lago-and even increased the security around them after the national archives instructed him to do so.

Biden’s papers were literally sitting in a broom closet in a public space. 

The stories say the closet was locked-but still- who had the key? Did the building’s janitorial staff? Or department head?

They almost certainly did, didn’t they?

I’d love to know how these were discovered. Some new tenant of the office gets the door open and realize-hey-Biden’s still got papers in here?

Why is there-zero interest- related to the circumstances surrounding how these files were found?

All we’ve been told is that quote. Biden’s lawyers...altered the DOJ to them.

Well-Biden’s lawyers aren’t the ones who found them. Are they? 

What would they have been doing-poking around some university where Joe Biden-never did-spend time?

No, someone else found these: someone without security clearance. Very likely someone who isn’t even on the Biden team-and alerted them to it.

Folks-the ‘very answer’ to whether Joe Biden mishandled classified documents lies in the question about how these were discovered, right?

Who found them in the closet? -speaks to how shabbily the Biden’s were treating classified documents.

But we get-no answers? And no inquiries from the media?

And since President Biden is down in Mexico City and -has to-at least appear with these other north American leaders- his handlers have had to put him in a situation in which reporters can pepper him with questions...from just a few feet away.

For two days-Biden has smirked and looked right thru them.

What a jag.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump or George bush would have treated the media this way?

Their -very reaction-to the reporters would be a big scandal!

This president apparently thinks that he doesn’t work for the American people.  He thinks he can do anything he wants and is answerable to no one. By God-the news media is the proxy for the American people!!!

Can you imagine the headlines and the around-the-clock leftist commentary-if Bush or Trump had simply smirked at reporter questions?

But Biden gets away with it.

It is unacceptable that President Biden isn’t forced to answer these questions- considering the relentless hounding that the democrats and these accomplice media members of theirs engaged in-over trump’s similar situation.

You might have seen this bit of video surface, yesterday, Joe Biden commenting on the fact that classified documents were found down in Mara Lago

What a shock!

As Joe Biden did this interview, he knew what I’ve been telling you forever: that all presidents take classified or ‘once classified’ material with them.   

Joe Biden knew this.

What-we the people-didn’t know, is that he-as vice president- illegally took classified documents, too. And as VP-he had no power to declassify them and no ‘free pass’ to take them with him.

But-when asked by Scott Pelley- Biden said this:

To be a democrat is to be a hypocrite-

But this gets even worse- as we learn what types of documents Biden had taken!

CNN was the news outlet that reported it-to their credit:  the classified documents are related to Iran, Ukraine, and the UK.



Yep. Joe Biden -as vice president-walked away with classified documents related to Ukraine- the very country where he and his son hunter were working sleezy side deals for millions of dollars.

That cannot be a coincidence. Republican congressmen must-demand- to know what those documents were related to: were they taken as part of joe’s effort to pay off on promises that he and his son had made to Ukrainian businessmen?

This is another potential landmine that points to the very highest levels of Biden corruption. And not a single major news outlet is interested?

CNN said the bulk of the documents were personal- as if to downplay things.

No, no. It should be the opposite: if this was Biden’s stash of personal papers-related to mostly family matters- why were classified documents related to Iran, Ukraine, and the UK in amongst the stashes?

This raises more questions-not fewer.

Why were classified documents in with -personal-materials? Family-related materials?

Folks, if they were related to the Biden family corruption schemes.... doesn’t it make that sense that that’s where they’d be?  Put in with Joe Biden’s personal family papers?

Oh-yeah-that stuff is related to the scam hunter is running in Ukraine I’d better that in here.

Republicans on the hill need to -demand-that the FBI and the national archives search Biden’s store of documents to see what else he has-and when he took it.

I said yesterday-this should be the ‘reaction’ to this. Not just the kneejerk whining related to the hypocrisy of things.

photo credit: Getty Images

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