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Biden's new border policy is a joke

Jay Weber Show transcript 1-6-23 6:10am

This-to me-is rock solid proof that Joe Biden and his handlers intend to run for a second term: suddenly, they are acting as if they want to solve the very border chaos that they created.

What a joke.

And no, the plans that the president put out yesterday, detailing a change in policy, are not really going to a) stem the flood of caravans...or b) lead to fewer illegals crossing into this country.

I still see this as primarily window dressing, as the democrats try to invent new ways that a relentless flood of foreigners into this country is ‘normalized’ moving forward.

Ironically, Biden’s team is going to bastardize a few of trump’s policies to pretend that this is a crackdown.

There are elements of ‘remain in Mexico’ and ‘safe 3rd country’ policies here...but they really aren’t the same. Or anything near what Trump was doing. And so, they won’t stop the flow.

Biden announced that he’d use title 42 to immediately deport more Haitians, Cubans, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans who cross into America.... And he’d use a version of ‘remain in Mexico’ to keep the overflown numbers from those countries-out-

But- in the next breath-he announced a new system to let 30-thousand people from those countries into the US each month.

Well-how is that helpful?

Oh-but-those people will be let in legally, and only for a two-year stint.

Yeah. Okay. That’s a falsehood.

These changes amount to a new shell-game as they keep the southern border open and their scheme to replace America’s voters with new foreigners going.

I see-zero-reason for optimism here.  

In fact, one of Biden’s own minions seemed to give up the game, when he said this was about ‘trying to cut the Mexican cartels out of the process’.


But. You’re not stopping the problem. Are you.

But it won’t.

Not unless Biden and his team vow to force-everyone crossing-to remain in Mexico, instead. Trump’s policy was successful because there were no exceptions, and because it acknowledged the obvious: that none of these crossers need asylum in America. They were only using it as an excuse because the Obama govt-and now Biden’s-are allowing them to use the excuse.

Folks-there is no ‘asylum loophole’ that needs to be changed, here. That’s bunk.  

None of these caravan crossers need asylum here. They walked thru two, three, five other countries-to get here. The ‘safe 3rd country’ policy of Trump’s stated that- you cannot walk thru other countries who could offer you asylum.... just because you want to use the excuse to get into America.

Biden should fully re-adopt that policy, too.

And as for remain in Mexico: why limit it to 30-thousand illegals? Why not say-as trump did- you will not get into America until your asylum case is heard. Until then-you will remain in Mexico.

That was the greatest deterrent to these caravans, a ND what stopped them in very short order under trump: once the illegals found out that we were serious...they knew that a) they had no legitimate claim to asylum..

And b) they sure didn’t want to live in Mexico for two or three years before their case was heard. A case they’d lose- before they were sent back home.

Trump’s policy was a great ‘stopper’ for that reason. He ended their ability to game the system. Biden’s moves here keep all sorts of doors open to continuing to game the system. ...

And very importantly- keep the hope alive for illegals that they can -on some luck of the draw-still get in.

Any illegal-not-from these three specific countries is still going to be let into America...and those-from-these three specific countries are still going to have hope that conditions ‘land correctly’ for them, and they can still get in.

Or-have to stay for only a short time in Mexico before they can get in-the next month.

Do you understand what Biden’s system is here?

Mexico has agreed to take up to 30-thousand illegals from these three countries each month...and house them. Keep them from coming in.

Okay. Is that the first 30 thousand each month? It sounds like it.

And so- the way to defeat that is to hang out in Mexico for a short time until the end of the month...once Mexico has hit its limit. They aren’t taking any more- and then get in line to cross into America.

And of course, this nonsense made neither side happy. It upset his pro-illegal crowd.

What Biden’s regime isn’t making clear-and needs to before anything gets better along the border-is that you will not get into this country if you try to come in illegally. Period.

You will be captured and deported or turned away at the border.

This needs to be stated and reinforced in broad strokes: first-

First declaration: you have no hope of slipping in on an asylum claim. You will not be allowed to pass into America on that bogus claim.  You will be deported. So, there is no reason to endure the journey.

Second declaration: the only way for you to get in is-legally.  We have now expanded the number of your countrymen who can get in legally-but you must engage in the process-from home. From your home country.

Stay home and apply.

Those are the two strong declarations that need to be made here, before a system like this could work. Instead, Biden’s team is limiting any deportation or threatened a few countries only...

And is then opening a new legal pathway to let them all in-anyway. Just apply from home-we promise to get you in.

So-how is this solving the problem-which is a crushing mass migration?

Do you see why this is still just window dressing?

Biden’s team is saying the equivalent of don’t try to sneak into the brewers game- just apply on line and we’ll send you free tickets.

Okay-well-that still results in a full stadium, doesn’t it?

And it might even result in a -fuller-stadium, no?

One story says 82-thousand people from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela are nabbed crossing the border each month.

Well...if only 30 thousand need to remain in Mexico-what happens to the other 52 thousand? Do they get let in, anyway? Do they all get put onto planes and deported back home?

Biden’s team needs to make that clear.

We need a Gandolf-style declaration, here: thou shall not pass.

These border crossings and mass caravans only end when American leaders make it clear: thou shall not pass. No way. No how.

The only way to enter America is-legally.

And yes, we can expand the number of-legal-entries each year if congress and the president want to debate that and work it out.

I have no problem with that-

But- this border crisis could be solved-today-with any display of ‘real resolve’.

And instead, Biden was still Mr. Milk toast, yesterday, and gave us gimmicks and double-speak, instead.

All he and his team want here-clearly- is to be able to-pretend-they are doing something to address this insane border crisis.

A crisis that they, themselves, intentionally created.

Trump had illegal crossings down to literally about ten thousand a the time he left office. That number is so low that it represents the people who tried to sneak in illegally or under the cover of darkness and got caught by the border patrol.

The caravans had stopped. Hundreds of miles of new wall had been built in the key crossing zones...and this was literally a matter of only catching the true die-hard attempts.

Trump’s team had us down to fewer than ten-thousand crossings a month.

Biden and his pro-illegal regime came in and intentionally destroyed it all and now we are seeing somewhere around 250-to-300 thousand crossers each month....and Biden’s regime is aiding them as they do so.

In two years-democrats have let somewhere between five and six million illegal foreigners into this country. And we have no idea who most of them are. How many are criminals, gang members, terrorists.

No idea.

And now that the situation has gotten so awful and extreme that the democrats understand this will harm them, politically, in 2024-

Only now- are they pretending they see the problem and pretending they are going to deal with it.

If you buy this-you’re a dope.

photo credit: Getty Images

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