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The DOJ prosecutions prove it was NOT an insurrection.

Jay Weber Show transcript 12-2-22 8:30am

I have spent zero time on January sixth nonsense on this show because it is precisely that: we knew what occurred on January sixth within a few days of the Capitol riot. We knew it wasn’t a pre-planned attack on the capitol building.

We knew it wasn’t an ‘insurrection’.

And we knew Donald trump did not organize it or have anything to do with the violence or property damage that day. He did not- call for insurrection. He specifically called for peaceful protest around the capitol before the riots started.

He took way too long to call calm once it was underway, but at that point, a statement from trump or some call for an end to it on twitter would have done nothing. Changed nothing.

Because most of the thousands of people around-and in-the capitol -were- peacefully protesting. Checking out the inside. Staying within the velvet ropes.

It was only a few dozen to a few hundred dillweed’s who decided to turn violent or destructive.

It was nothing close to an insurrection.

But that’s what the scummy, highly dishonest left has insisted on calling it ever since. 

And the proof of this-lies in the ‘final fallout’ prosecutions of the violent dillweeds that day.

This week-the head of the oath keepers and one other jackass who had delusions about ‘storming the building’ were sentenced, following a grand jury investigation and trial.

Stewart Rhodes, the leader of that merry band of fools, was convicted of ‘seditious conspiracy’...

And it’s the biggest verdict that the DOJ prosecutors have ‘landed’ in the year that they’ve been working thru these Jan sixth cases.

That conviction has Jan sixth committee members-like the scummy Jamie Raskin- insisting that this conviction ‘proves’ Jan sixth was an organized insurrection.

No, it doesn’t.

But of course, people like Joy Reid and the trump haters on the left are dumb enough to believe it.

If any of them could read-

And if any of them followed along with the news.

They would know that -in truth? - the jury’s work, and the jury’s logic behind the Rhodes conviction proves that Jan sixth-was not- an organized insurrection.

Because-among the DOJ and jury findings- are the significant declarations that this was not a larger, planned ‘anything’-

And-that President Donald Trump didn’t have anything to do with the oath keeper’s little destructive club.

Andrew McCarthy at National Review has a good take on this and says...the jury-flat out-concludes that the riot was spontaneous.

I agree with that completely...and it was my take within days of the the facts came out.

Also, within days-this is the conclusion that the FBI and the capitol police department came to: it wasn’t a planned attack. It wasn’t an insurrection. Trump didn’t orchestrate or order it.

No, GOP lawmakers didn’t ‘aide or abet’ it. Those were all foolish rumors from lying leftists.

And here we are: two years after the riot...and after two years of orchestrated and relentless smear campaigns related to it against trump and virtually all other republicans and conservatives in government...

The DOJ prosecutions prove it was a few hundred idiots, not an insurrection.

What a shock. And still-

Even now-the bogus Jan sixth commission will plow ahead...and issue a final report soon that makes out trump to be the organizer and villain...and tries to cast a cloud over the entire republican party and anyone who would dare to support him.

We knew where this was all going right from the start. Right as the democrats leapt to spin wild theories of insurrection...and leapt to portray American conservatives as the biggest threat to democracy.

And do you remember what motivated Pelosi and the democrats to go ‘so hard’ into the insurrection fantasies?

It was because-up until that moment- it had been the republicans and conservatives in this country who had peacefully watched in disgust as democrats supported true insurrectionists in the form of antifa and BLM-burning down parts of our major cities for fun. Looting. Killing dozens.

It’s amazing how quickly that ugly year of rioting and fires- promoted and backed up by democrat lawmakers for political gain- was forgotten.

And some of you will remember on January seventh of 2021, I said.... dammit: now these few hundred morons have given the democrats the false high ground on law and order.

These few hundred morons had given them a gift: something to use to completely spin the narrative. Portray republicans as lawless threats to democracy-and cover up the fact that it was they and the thuggish groups they were supporting who are the biggest threats to democracy.

And how did it all play out?

Almost exactly as predicted.

The riot also gave the democrats a new issue and a series of new tools to keep up their relentless mission to destroy and disqualify Donald Trump..

And sadly...two years later...I’ve got to believe that it has largely worked. I see this seven-year smear job on Donald Trump as having accomplished the goal of disqualifying him as someone 2/3 of America’s independents and moderates would vote for-

The campaign has driven all ‘crossover’ democrats and union members who voted for trump in 2016 and/or 2020-back over to the left winger’s side.

Polls prove-and the results of the fall midterm we just had- prove that Donald Trump is- very likely- not even a viable general election candidate in 2024.   

And yes, he helped engineer his own impossible position.

And ironically-the only thing that might revive his fortunes is if Biden’s DOJ -by God- insists they need to follow thru with drummed up criminal charges against trump....and they turn him into a martyr.

If. If. Republican voters lose faith in Donald Trump to the point that he doesn’t win the nomination in will be because of trump’s doing, ultimately, more-so than dem’s witch hunts.

Right at the end of the show yesterday, i talked about some responses from the villages: 75 percent of the old folks in that community are republican....and polls show most want Ron DeSantis as the nominee-not trump.

Additionally-a newspaper did a man-on-the street with 25 trump voters in the villages...and only five said they’d support trump again. 15 said DeSantis.

And the comments were all similar: we are done with Trump. He’s too mean and divisive. He’s embarrassed himself.... etc.

Their comments-were not-about how the democrats have disqualified him...or about January sixth-

They were about how-trump- himself-has turned them off. Done himself in.

I got some heat from listeners a few weeks ago, after his official announcement he was running again.

He got all sorts of credit for just ‘staying on script’ and giving a good speech. Being disciplined.

And I said- just wait a few days-he’ll blow it. He has no discipline.

That angered some trump fans.


It took about a week...but...almost exactly one week later...he was having dinner with a kooky Kanye west and his new racist, anti-Semite friends...and then trying to spin his way out of the fallout.


photo credit: Getty Images

story credit: National Review

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