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SCOTUS orders Trump's taxes opened. Good, now do Hunter and Pelosi's

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-23-22 7:10am

Oh boy-

The wrangling over whether Donald Trump needs to release his taxes to congress has taken nearly six years...but it has finally reached the supreme court...

The court has made its decision-

And trump lost. This represents the final step. The final appeal. There’s nowhere else to go, for Trump and his lawyers, when it comes to releasing his taxes to congressional democrats.

Now his only hope is that his team can ‘slow walk’ the transfer....and block the treasury department from releasing them to the house democrats- until after mid-January when republicans retake control.

The only wiggle room that i see for Trump is that this order directly pertains to a request made by the house ways and means committee in congress...and not a senate committee...or any other entity under democrat control.

This request was specific to a request from the democrat atop the house ways and means committee...and so if republicans retake control of it before records are transferred-

That looks to be about the only way that president Trump could keep his tax returns private.

And it is pathetic and infuriating that it has come to this. No other president would have been hounded this way, over seven years and thru numerous courts, committees, and levels of government...

Hounded. Relentlessly. By his political release his taxes.

A president and a presidential candidate have always had the right to keep their taxes private, and we have seen no other situation like this-in which one party went on an absolute jihad-to ‘out’ the financial particulars of a president.

The democrats made up some bogus smears related to Trump’s businesses profiting off his presidency and used that as a pretext for their ‘need to know’...and it’s all bologna.

But yesterday, Chief Justice John Roberts clearly determined that the law states- yes- this congressional committee can ask for-any-American’s tax returns. And get them.

That would even include a president.

But Roberts determined that on his own- given that this was a direct appeal to the court.

Oh-we know what they will do with them: they will use them to launch 15 new smear campaigns against president trump.

The democrats will use them the way that they used the fake Russia collusion evidence and he fake Ukrainian phone call evidence.

We’ve been thru this: all these putrid democrats need is an ocean of paper- an ocean of ‘records’ that no journalist or citizen can possibly pour over themselves... And today’s democrats will simply use it to make up lies.

We’ve seen it time and time again. This Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer technique of we can’t share with you what we know...but we’ve found really explosive stuff.We found a, b, and c.

When it’s all lies.

We’d love to show you the evidence, but we can’t. But trust us. We have evidence of more trump criminality.

That’s how they are going to use this.

And if Trump’s team can’t find a way to head this off-in this ‘final hour’.... well...

This is going to open a new bitter battlefield between the two parties...and yet again it’s the democrats ‘doing it first’. Going lower into the muck.

And if this is the case-yes-the minute republicans take over ways and means in January-they need to demand the taxes of Joe and Bill Biden, Jim Biden, and Hunter. Absolutely.

If we are going to play this game-let’s play this game.

And sadly, these relentless democrat smear campaigns have already poisoned the well for another trump term.  

It’s already clear that 2/3 of the country won’t vote for trump again.    The relentless democrat attacks, investigations and smear campaigns-have-worked to marginalize his appeal.

And Donald Trump-himself-helped out in some ways...but  this is ‘where we are’.

And now- days after Trump announced another run, we have two. Two. New DOJ investigations are being launched under a special prosecutor.

And now... A conclusion to Trump’s tax drama that might allow the dems the chance to launch a dozen new smears against the man.

If these taxes get turned over to the democrats in congress- lord only knows what they will pretend to find in there...

And it means that this relentless destruction of president trump is only going to continue...and continue...and continue...

And sadly. It has already worked to sour 2/3 of the country against trump.

Donald trump is already-more than likely- unelectable in 2024- and we-on the right-are going to have to be honest about it.

There are several new surveys out related to who republicans want to be the next nominee...and the national polls of republicans tend to show a close race between trump and Ron DeSantis...with trump leading slightly...

But if you look at the polls being taken at the state level.... DeSantis is now preferred over trump in most of them-


If you look at the polls coming out of the early primary states? Right now? DeSantis is far more popular than trump.

And remember- the primary-like the general-is a series of statewide contests...not a national vote. And so, if a ‘not trump’ wave would develop in the early states...thru Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina...etc... someone like DeSantis might have a chance of taking away the nomination.

And I say ‘someone like DeSantis’...but I suppose I should say ‘DeSantis’...because, other than him, no one else on the right is really going to rival trump for this nomination.

In the national polls-Harvard/Harris had trump comfortably ahead of DeSantis earlier in the week

Both Biden and Trump are equally odious to the average American voter...if Biden runs again in 24-we need to acknowledge that on our side and run a more popular candidate than trump ..and we probably win.

The question is: is there a real chance of taking the nom away from trump?

Well-if it’s DeSantis? The early indication is ‘yes’.

We’ve seen polls in numerous states now showing DeSantis as more favored in 24 than trump...

But yesterday’s focused on Iowa. The first primary state. And the results showed a shocking shift in Iowa-from Trump-to DeSantis- compared to the last survey.

That is not the news that Donald Trump wants to hear-just a week after he announced a third run.

He didn’t get the sort of excitement and buzz that he wanted to see last week...and he’s not getting any better news...this week.

In national polls-yes.

But the primaries are about the state-to-state maps...and i have yet to see any polling that shows Donald Trump is leading in key states.

And yes, this is all way, way early.

Things will change dramatically between now and this time next year, no doubt.

But- there is also no doubt that the 2022 election results have more republican voters than ever-in the trump era- looking to move past trump.

We don’t even know if Ron DeSantis is running yet, but he’s making all of the moves you’d expect- like- flying to Las Vegas last weekend to give a keynote speech at an influential meeting of Jewish republicans...

You don’t do that right after a grueling election cycle.... If you want to keep being the governor of Florida, and nothing more.

DeSantis has been signaling he’s running. Meeting with big donors. Etc.

But...other than him?

I don’t see who emerges out of the mist to give Trump a real run for the nomination.

photo credit: Getty Images

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