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MKE Mayor ignores homicide record, calls for a more compassionate PD

Jay Weber Show Transcript 11-22-22

So... The City of Milwaukee has now set homicide records for three years in a row....

MILWAUKEE - For the third year in a row, Milwaukee's homicide record has been broken. As of Nov. 20, police data show 194 people have been killed.

And let’s note that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and we’ve already set a new homicide record this year.

There are 39 days still left in the year- there are five more weekends left in the year-when most of the killing occurs...

And we have already set a record for yearly homicides.


And so, of course the natural reaction to that news would be for Mayor Cavalier Johnson and the police chief to announce that... We need more women on the force?


This was the MPD’s big announcement yesterday: that there’s going to be a ‘diversity in hiring’ drive.

The story on it doesn’t even mention the record homicide rate or the fact that crime is running rampant in Milwaukee...

I have no idea what sort of reporter goes to a news conference on the Monday after we broke a new city homicide record and -doesn’t-ask about that.

But this story says-while that’s going on- 

The mayor and chief are apparently living in a bubble...and announcing an initiative to

‘Chick-if-y’ the department.


I have nothing against female police officers. Some of them have written some of my very best tickets...

But....why are Milwaukee and America’s cities raging with crime these days?

Because the woke democrats running them are more worried about political correctness and idiotic, pretend, social justice.

And this -is- all nonsense based on pretend injustices. And today’s left wants to focus-mostly- on the pretend injustices to the criminals.

Folks, any hope that I had that Cavalier Johnson would be something different from John Norquist and Tom Barrett...has flown right out the window.

He’s turning out to be as useless and pathetic as they were...when it came to crime and cleaning up the city.

And when Leon Todd is in charge? You know you’ll be turning out a putrid product.

Listen to this quote: we need honest, compassionate, officers who understand the job requires respect and humility as well as strength and pride...

Is he putting together a police force, or a pom-pom squad?

Are we arresting the city’s’ criminals and gangbangers? Or are we trying to make sure they feel included at the ‘under the sea dance’ on Friday?

Good lord.

This is the Milwaukee leader’s version of defunding and defanging the police. Putting counselors in kitty sweaters...and having them do ‘conflict resolution’ at the scene of the crime.

That’s what this initiative is, that Johnson, Norman announced yesterday.

And as two men of color-this is a particularly pathetic display. They are finally able to protect their minority communities...and instead they are engaging in this ballcap.

It goes hand-in-hand with a new report on how the Milwaukee PD still isn’t stopping suspects equally -based on race.

I think anyone in this audience, and anyone with a brain, can figure out why Milwaukee officers aren’t stopping and frisking -equally-based on race.

Because-ah-gee...even though Blacks and Hispanics make up a smaller percentage of the overall population- in Milwaukee-  

In Milwaukee and in most of our major cities- people of those races commit more of the crimes.

They simply do. That’s simply the truth...and we’ve got mountains of local, state, and govt facts to back it up.

Why are cops-in any major city? - stopping and frisking and/or investigating people of color more? Because those are the communities that are seeing the most crime. That’s’ why.

Remember- most of the victims of inner-city crime are Black or Hispanic. They are people being victimized by members of their own race.

And the race of the police officer shouldn’t matter. And the statistics on racial make-up shouldn’t matter: the only question should be is it defensible, or logical, that these officers should be stopping and investigating-these individuals.

And so, unless we know what the officers found in the stops...and how many of the suspects were arrested. How many crimes were discovered or solved.... unless we know all of that information. I hope you realize that everything that follows here, is useless.

The big, banner headline j/s story:

Milwaukee police have made slow progress to reform stop-and-frisk practices. Here's why.

None of that means anything.


None of those stats mean-anything-because they are so ‘out of context’.  Black residents were 18 times more likely to be subjected to a frisk than whites...

Okay. Who were these suspects? Why did the officer feel the need to frisk them?

Did the officers see a group of white kids at the bus stop and walk past them to frisk a group of black kids for no reason?

No.    What was the-reason-for the action?

Was the stop warranted? Did it lead to an arrest?

Without any of that information-we don’t know if any of these frisks were unfair. Correct?

Let’s say...on a single day...only one white kid was frisked but five black kids were. Okay. So?

Well...the white kid was acting suspicious outside of a liquor store so that’s why he was frisked and that’s the only white kid the officers encountered that day, and he was arrested.

But....right after a different robbery...officers stopped a group of five black kids that acted suspicious when they saw the squad car...and fit the descriptions of the suspects.

All five were frisked...sure enough...the cops found some evidence... And all five were arrested.

Was that...racism?

Does the stat that says Milwaukee police only frisk one white kid for every five black kids they frisk- hold up? Does it prove racism?


The raw numbers- totally out of context-are idiotic. And yet, its’ what these racial grievance groups are focusing on.

What justifies the stop and frisk is- does this person strike us as suspicious?

-or-does this car look like the one that was used in the robbery?

That’s what justifies the officer’s actions: are they doing their jobs?

Everything else is crap. Grievance group, social justice alarmism meant to make law enforcement’s job more difficult.

Well-what do those reports say?

Did the officers have good reasons for doing the stopping and frisking? What number of arrests and/or illegal gun confiscations followed?

What is the -result-of the stop- darn it?

Because unless we know that-this looks like an intentional attempt to-only- look at skin color and to-intentionally- omit facts in order to make the actions of Milwaukee officers look racially motivated. And that’s mullarKEY.

story credit: Fox 6 News and J/S

photo credit: Fox 6 News/Milwaukee

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