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Elon reactivates Trump's Twitter account but Donald doesn't care

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-21-22 6:40am

Oh...I am so happy that Donald Trump is allowed back on twitter-even though he doesn’t want to be on it.

Whew....thank God the Trump fans and first amendment advocates obsessed over this for years.... even though Trump said he had no interest.

And yes, I’m being sarcastic: and no, I’m not bashing Trump here. I’m pointing out that-for nearly two years-he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be on twitter...but a core of his fans has been obsessing over it, anyway.

And it’s been the oddest thing.

And now, following a poll that Elon Musk put up over the weekend..oh..oh...oh. Thank heaven.... Trump can return to twitter..., no, shouldn’t be allowed to return to twitter... one checked with Trump.

Because he doesn’t want to be on twitter.

The whole thing is bizarre. And the energy, and effort, and obsession, that has been given to this over the last two years has been bizarre to me.

In a way-it has proven to me that we’ve got crybullies on our side of the aisle, too, that are starting to rival the woke left.

Holy cow- we can blow things out of proportion.

 not everything rises to the level of a constitutional crisis or a threat to the republic.... when it comes to today’s politics.

And yes, the past administrators of this social media platform-

A platform that most Americans don’t even use-by the way-

Yes, the past treatment of trump and conservatives on it was unfair. 


It was a site being run by leftist bullies and crybullies, yes.

And banning president trump from the site after January sixth-and ironically- after he had used that platform to tweet out pleas for protestors to calm down and honor our capitol police and law enforcers...

Was an odd move. Yep. It was unfair that he was ever banned.

But trump moved on, and formed his own social media platform, and has said ever since that he has no use for twitter. He has no interest in returning.

So.... The jihad-like-effort that some trump fans have put into getting him back on twitter has been bizarre to me.

I commented on it- on twitter-last week and got blow back from some of them: how hard to you fight for something, or someone, when they don’t want them fighting for you?

It has all of the hallmarks of a trump obsession without trump. 

It’s hard to even come up with an analogy: it’s like a grandma obsessed with giving you a piece of cake that you don’t want and never asked for: 

No, thank you nanna...

You aren’t going to have a piece of cake?

No thank you. I’m watching my weight...

But i gotta force this piece of cake onto you..and i’m going to keep at it until you get angry and say....

Okay! Okay! Give me the damn cake! 

Donald trump has said for two years-he doesn’t want the cake.

 trump and his people went off and formed ‘truth social’...and are trying to grow that brand as an alternative to twitter.Trump is currently in the process of merging it with a bigger company and taking it public: Trump’s efforts are- all behind truth social and he’s got a financial interest in seeing it succeed...

For nearly two years...he has had no interest in being back on twitter. He has said so- dozens of times...

But many his fans-on twitter-have never let it go. They’ve been working to -by God-get some ‘win’ for trump that he’s repeatedly said he doesn’t want.

And i understand that it’s a bigger ‘free speech’ fight...even though it’s not...because twitter is a private company, and not the government...

I understand why some people are -sooooo obsessed with it...

But, I’ve been quietly watching the whole thing, because it’s bizarre. I’ve never seen anything quite like it-and it speaks to a unique-almost cultist- loyalty to president trump that I’ve never quite seen politics.

It's routine that a president or a politician’s supporter rally behind their cause. And add the numbers, voices, and energy behind something.

But it’s bizarre-and unique- to see those supporters launch a fight in that politician’s name, when the guy has made it so clear: it doesn’t interest me.Trump doesn’t want the twitter....

 And so, the ‘Trump obsessed’ got a ‘win’ over the weekend that was waged over a sense of moral outrage...for years...and we learned that- was a bunch of energy spent in a fruitless way. 

Trump’s reaction was exactly what should have been expected:

Mr. Trump...we got to get you back on twitter.

I don’t want to be on twitter.

But they banned you we got to get you back on twitter.

I have truth social now. I don’t want to be on twitter.

But we got to get you back on.

Thanks, but no thanks, I’m with truth social.

But you were banned. We got to get you unbanned.

Thank you, but I don’t want to be on twitter...

But they weren’t going to let you back on.

But i don’t want to be on.

But now we got you back on...

What. A waste. Of time!

I’ve been watching it play out, and i guess it fascinated me because it followed the same pattern of the silly obsessions that rattle around in trump’s own brain...but this time, this wasn’t something he was obsessing over.

It was a huge number of his cultish fans obsessing over it for his. Because he wasn’t.

And it rattled around in their brains...for two years...instead of Trumps, and over the weekend, without Trump asking, Elon Musk held a poll of users as to whether trump should be allowed back on-

Which was a silly PR stunt in-and-of itself; either you are standing up for free speech and a free expression of ideas with your ‘new twitter’ or you’re not. Free speech isn’t something governed by polls...

So... the entire thing was just a stunt: if Elon Musk felt strongly about ‘righting past wrongs’, there’s no need to float or follow a poll.

So that was odd...

And then- after a very split Twitter community voted 52-48 to let trump back on.... Musk restored his account.

An account that- Trump -again said- he doesn’t want!

So-bottom line:

Musk and trump’s fans are-still- trying to shove this piece of cake down his throat.  

And so, the account is back open. You can see trump’s past tweets. He could at any moment decide to tweet something out and reactivate the account...

But...even a few tweets could screw up his truth-social merger there are literally financial reasons that Donald Trump would not want to start tweeting again.

But uh. Oooh...don’t you feel better that this is all resolved now? That trump can be on twitter again?

Even though he doesn’t want to be.

But he can be.

But he doesn’t want to be.

But he could be-if he wanted to...

Even though doesn’t want to be...

But he could be.

What? Is going on in this country?

Both sides have given too much air to their obsessed fringe members.

And maybe Trump completes his merger deal and then decides to tweet again. It could certainly be a good tool during his third election run. He’d be silly not to use it-given that he’s got 83-million followers on twitter and only a five million on truth social...

photo credit: Getty Images

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