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Today's woke media in search of fecal financial dysfunction

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-17-22 6:40am

I want to make it clear right off the bat that that i am-not- making fun of people with eating disorders or G-I issues.

That is-not- what is going on here.

I am finding amusement in how our leftist media outlets today are on the-relentless-search for bad news.

It’s a sickness that pervades the modern media, actually: we have so many ‘woke’, preening, depressed lefties working as fake journalists that their first instinct is to-always-find the pain or everything.

I swear- today’s liberals and socialist crybullies can never, ever- enjoy a moment of happiness.Every instinct is to look for the downer...wallow in the dower...

We have a nation of young Debbie Downers:

Oh, did you hear?Kim had her baby.

Great. Another person killing the planet.   

Hey....we get off on Monday because it’s Columbus Day...

Sure. We continue to celebrate a mass murderer....

It’s always a matter of looking for the ‘worst’ of every situation. And for today’s sour young reporters-it’s always looking for the potential victim.

And so-Thanksgiving is coming up. A time to relax and give thanks. A time to enjoy family and football and turkey. Think about all the warm feelings that come with the idea of thanksgiving.

So i laughed at this headline from the green bay press gazette:

Thanksgiving can be especially hard for people struggling with eating disorders.

Yeezus...really? Debbie downer?

The author is Natalie Hebert, but we may as well call her Debbie. She found ‘the victims’ of thanksgiving.

And it’s quite a lengthy article detailing the tortures of thanksgiving. For those who might have eating disorders.

Good grief.And I’m not making fun of people with eating disorders. It’s meant to be a ‘helpful’ piece: please remember these ‘victims’...etc.

But you get my point: it’s one reason that so many of us find today’s MSM outlets so exhausting.


Every time? Every spin? Must be related to finding new victims? 


None of us can enjoy the things we want to enjoy...because you’re going to carpet bomb us with guilt trips and stories of victimization-on everything? 

Every hobby? Pastime? Holiday? Tradition-must be trashed?  Really.


We’ve talked about today’s socialist crybullies. It’s an intentional indoctrination of our young people into adopting this negative posture. This cynical and angry outlook on life that suggests that -if one person is being treated unfairly- none of us can enjoy ourselves. We must all join in wallowing in angst and work to fix some injustice or unfairness.

It's constant virtue signaling and constant search for inequality that is being taken to such ridiculous extremes that they’ve had to invent new words and new explain it.

They now talk about being ‘triggered’. They aren’t really hurt. They suffer no real loss or emotional damage. They just want you to know that makes me anxious when you talk that way, or you do that or whatever. So, you got to stop.

It's cry bullying.

And no, I’m not suggesting that people with eating disorders just got to ‘shut up and suck it up’ on thanksgiving. They know who they are. The people around them who love them know who they are...concessions and sympathies will be offered...

I’m simply pointing to where this young, woke reporter-immediately-took thanksgiving.We are over a week away from it...but she and the Green Bay Press gazette already have the ‘victims of thanksgiving’ identified and ‘raised’ for awareness.

Good grief.

And these leftist media members do it on-everything now. There is no activity. Topic position. Tradition. That does not have its own set of victims...and they are going to find them.

I’m going home Thursday, and my mom told me to bring cranberries...

Do you know. That the CDC says.... eight Americans suffer from uncontrolled flatulence at the very sight of cranberries?  They don’t even need to eat them. Just the sight produces flatulence and    a loose stool.

Really?Just eight people, huh?

It’s a real thing, Todd. Who’s speaking up for the.... the...aromatic eight? Todd?  Hmm?

How can you.... big cranberry. When eight of your fellow Americans are squirting a little...into their pants...just at the sight of them? 

I’m a villain now for bringing the cranberries. How did this turn on me?

Some of these young people are nuts. They have been raised and brainwashed into having this mental problem.

And I’d argue that it-is- a mental problem: you can’t find joy in anything or take anything at face value? You’ve got to hunt for the victim?

Here’s another great example of it: Biden’s unconstitutional executive order to forgive student loan debt and move it onto the backs of the taxpayers has been stopped in court, right?

A lower court ruling in Texas has declared it unconstitutional. Two appeals courts in the country have put it on hold- suggesting they find it unconstitutional. I’d be shocked if the Biden admin was allowed to do it, now.

Even Biden’s regime has stopped taking applications for debt forgiveness. Everything is in a holding pattern...because this order was overtly crazy and unconstitutional from day one.

Well- the Washington Times says Biden and his team are now getting heat from the ‘victims’ in all of this: the people who thought they were going to leak out of their obligations. But are still having to pay their monthly student loan payments.

It’s basically the same that it’s always been: if you sign a contract that says you are being loaned money that you promise to pay got to pay it back.

But-how’s that for woke preening: you cannot ask people to keep paying on loans that Biden lied to them about and said they didn’t need to pay back.

Ah, yes, we can. And if you have a beef or find it unfair-take it up with liar joe Biden. But pay our debts.

It’s off topic-but do you know that just Biden’s freeze on payments during the pandemic-and his never-ending extensions have already cost taxpayers 100-billion dollars in lost revenue? 

Meanwhile-Biden lied to 20-million Americans and pretended he would erase up to 20-grand of their debts as a way to bribe them to vote for democrats.

I love that this is all crumbling and no the people who believed the false promises are not victims.

But you know who is?

The twelve people in this country who have fecal financial dysfunction... And who see that student loan booklet every month...and who squirt into their pants a little....

photo credit: Getty Images

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