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Mail-in ballots needs to end

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-14-22 7:40am

I said it last week-following the election-

Days later-I’m even more convinced: the republicans need to ban mail-in voting where they can...and aggressively fight it everywhere else...

This is a way for democrats to flood the states with tens of thousands of unsecured ballots for months before election day....and then engage in new ways to cheat with them...from collecting the unused stuffing ballot drop ballot harvesting old age homes and apartment buildings in the cities...

It's insane that this would ever be allowed, but now, since the democrats used the covid-debacle in 2020 to spread mail-in balloting across the country...

Now it’s bound to become the ‘new norm’ in all sorts of states, including ours. And it’s idiotic.

We should allow for two weeks of-in person- absentee voting, at most. No mail in voting. No voting over the internet. No other way to vote early...

We should allow for two weeks of early -in person-voting, and then -on election day. And that’s it.

It is not a mistake that the democrats started to win more elections -in their own states-and nationally-once they started mail-in voting schemes and allowing for ballot harvesting.

And if the republicans doing wise up about it, they may never win another presidential election again. And they could very quickly find themselves unable to win congressional majorities, either.

Republicans have joked-forever-about had to win above the margin of fraud.... But that fraud has been thought to be relatively most states.

But now democrats can flood entire states with unsecured ballots and then spend months tracking them down. Recollecting them either filled out- or empty-

And then only God knows what happens to them.

We already know of cheating schemes out of California and Oregon in which operatives go around and collect the blank ballots from apartment buildings in the major cities. Most often, the postal carrier just dumps them on the steps, all bound together, and easy to snatch up.

We already have written admissions from liberal witnesses who participated in efforts to ‘cleanse or correct’ the ballots that were collected from the ballot harvesting schemes. In some instances, GOP ballots are burned or tossed other instances...the ballots are replaced with new ones that are filled out the ‘right’ democrat way...

We don’t have to speculate about whether this goes states that have allowed for mail-in balloting for years. It does. And now-Dems have imported it too much of the country.

And no, I’m not saying that most of the GOP losses on Tuesday were due to cheating...or mail in balloting. A party can’t get wiped out that thoroughly across all states and blame cheating schemes in every city and state….no.

I’m not blaming mail-in balloting for all the losses.

But I’m pointing to a sloppy system that -we know-democrats use to cheat- now being imported into most states. States like Pennsylvania, which is already known for cheating.  Do you really think that Jon Fetterman won by 300-thousand votes?

Come on.

In Michigan- the same: do listeners realize that the democrats-swept?-in Michigan Tuesday night?

They didn’t just give Gretchen Whitmer another term-they took control of both houses of the state legislature and won everything from dog catcher on up.

Really? In this atmosphere?

was that fair? Or maybe mail-in ballot harvesting?

It is going to be very hard for republicans to win elections in the future if we allow for this Mail-in mullarkey.

It allows for democrats in states like ours to run up huge leads before election day rolls around.

I asked Robin Vos last week: do we need to ban? Mail-in voting? Or get in the game-with it?

His reaction indicated he was against banning it...but said we need to ensure there’s no cheating.

Well- the entire point of mail-in voting- from the dem’s perspective-is that it allows for cheating.

If the republicans had won veto-proof majorities over Tony Evers last week-i would -today-be pushing them to ban mail-in voting in Wisconsin.

Not early-in person voting. I’m talking about mail-in voting.

It simply shouldn’t be allowed.

Mail-in voting has created a ‘voting season’ for democrats...where they focus on voter turnout-both legal and illegal-for one, two, or even three months... 

And republicans are still focused on election day. It’s got to change.

And then- another awful side effect of this mail-in voting is- it takes some states days and days to count their ballots...when there is no reason, we need to allow that, either.

It’s insane that a modern democracy cannot count all the ballots on election night-even in those states like Oregon and Arizona who do heavy mail-in balloting.  

And if Dems have their way-by the way? Voter id laws will be erased, and mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting will become the law of the land.

These changes are featured prominently in Nancy Pelosi’s ‘election reform bill’ that she has introduced as the first order of business over the last two sessions...

And people like squats with unions have pushed bills to make it happen- as well.

Running operations with the loose ballots that have been flooded out-thru the mail- are also presenting new ways to cheat that most republicans still don’t want to acknowledge.

photo credit: Getty Images

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