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More signs of a Red Wave building

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-2-22 6:10am

So... there were two significant findings yesterday, related to the pending ‘red wave’ next Tuesday and both were from credible polling organizations.

The first-was gallop- finding that the national mood if. bad, if not worse, than it has been in any recent election year.    

This would, of course, be terrible news for the party in charge of Washington DC.

Gallop says only four in ten Americans approve of the Joe Biden is doing, but even fewer than two in ten say they are satisfied with the way things are going...

And so...this is -at some level-democrats simply lying to pollsters about how crummy Biden’s era has really been.

Gallop says the ratings on the economy are the lowest gallop has measured-ever-over the lifetime of their polling...

And ditto for the ‘national satisfaction’ rating: lowest ever measured.

And when it comes to specific worries- you’ve been listening to the broken record: it’s inflation, crime, education, the border...etc.

Listen to NBC’s election analyst- Steve Kornacki: the leftists used to love this guy, butevery time he pops up on MSNBC now, he’s delivering more bad news, and so, he’s not so ‘beloved’ this election cycle.

And I don’t have to tell you that ‘abortion’ ranks lower and lower as an issue that voters say they care about...given the other challenges of this country-

And frankly- given how dramatically the democrats have overplayed their hand on the issue.Very few Americans-

Very few Americans- support abortion past the 15-week mark...and yet...virtually every democrat who is running this year is running on ‘no holds barred’, no restrictions. Right up to the point of laws...and their position isn’t popular.

But Steve Kornacki over at NBC is worried: this looks like one of the most significant red waves of our lifetime.

Then there’s the Wall St Journal finding that several voter groups, including Latinos and suburban women, have swung toward the republicans in a-very-significant shift.The poll shows a 26-point swing among Latinos and suburban women-who-together-represent a full 20 percent of the electorate.

And if you are skeptical of the polling...and... like Joy Reid...think the republicans are engineering all this bad news for dems-

Well-believe the democrat leaders, themselves, and their strategists...who are scrambling to spend their remaining money in deep blue districts to save sitting lawmakers who were expected to be safe.

Folks-the democrat party and their 3rd party groups are plowing money into races in southern California, New York, Las Vegas, Washington state-all sorts of areas where their incumbents should have been safe.

And these decisions are being made based on their own internal polling...not some ‘rigged’ game from the conservative media.

This is the theory that Joy Reid is pushing, over on MSNBC.

I was wondering where this thread of last-minute crackpots was coming from in my emails-

It turns out it’s listeners who also watch Joy Reid. 

And any time i get the same narrative flowing into my ‘in’ box, i know its’ coming from some other show host...and normally. It’s something Hannity said. Or Tucker said...that people are parroting out to me...

But yesterday’s odd suggestion that -you know- the republican pollsters are just inventing the red wave here....

Was too off the wall to be coming from individual listeners-all having the same thought.

It turns out it was something that the stunningly stupid, and staggeringly racist, Joy Reid has been saying on her show.

Reid claims ‘insidious’ GOP conspiracy is releasing ‘junk polls’ to create narrative of a ‘red wave’

And that would mean that the other half of the polls are coming from left-wing pollsters Joy, correct?  And that’s unfair or

What a dimwit.

I think her point is well...Trafalgar and Rasmussen polls are being used in these averages...and those lean right so, so, so this is rigged.

And Joy acolytes in the audience: Trafalgar and Rasmussen’s pollsters are-literally- two of the polling organizations that have proven to be the most accurate over the last 20 years of polling.

No exaggeration:these are two organizations who have gotten their results the closest to correct over the last 2, 4, 10, 15 election cycles.

Joy’s complaining because the most accurate pollsters are being included in the real clear politics mix of polls.

That’s like complaining that the best ingredients are going into your stew...isn’t it?

Ugg. French truffles and Kobe beef...gaw...this stew’s going to be terrible.

It’s not exactly newsworthy: but Joy Reid proves she’s an idiot who shouldn’t even be on the air. Yet again.

Meanwhile- the real clear politics prognosticators that Reid wants to trash...moved ten more house seats in the GOP’s favor, yesterday...

And these are house seats that were expected to be ‘easy keepers’ for democrats. They’re in states like California and New York.

So, the dems aren’t expected to lose all ten of these additional seats that have been shifting but none of these races would have even been a normal year.

But the Biden regime. Working in concert with Pelosi and Schumer to move a radical, America-destroying, Bernie sanders-style agenda-has put them all in play.

Americans are PO’d. Even in the blue states.

They have seen enough of this Biden nightmare...and they’ve seen enough to democrat ownership...for a while.

As it currently sits, these real clear politics prognosticators have 228 house seats in the GOP column, only 174 in the dem column, and 33 listed as toss-ups, yet.

Doug Schoen is the old Clinton pollster and advisor...and he also believes that the GOP’s prospects are improving we get closer to election day.

His prediction is somewhere in line with my own:

And I’ve explained why this is. Reince validated this when he was on a week ago: there simply aren’t 50 or 60 seats in the house that are realistically up for grabs.

Thanks to more heavily gerrymandered maps, and thanks to the fact that republicans unexpectedly gained fourteen seats in 2020...even as Trump lost...

There are fewer seats available for republicans to realistically steal.

Priebus agrees with me that-even flipping 30 seats in the house this year-would represent a historically bad route for the democrats.

These predictions from some conservative pundits of 50 or 60 seats flipping isn’t realistic. They haven’t gone race by race to see what’s available to flip.

We knew this wasn’t going to be a good year for democrats...but some of the signs here speak to a super PO’d, super angry, and super disillusioned electorate.

And ‘likely voter’ polls...are even more heavily slanted in favor of the GOP that those of registered voters and ‘average Americans’.

If this new Wall St Journal poll is correct and suburban women, Latinos, and young people, and independent voters abandon the dems? oof.

Next Tuesday’s going to be fun.

photo credit: Getty Images

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