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East Coast bubble convinced themselves Democracy dies when GOP wins

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-1-22 7:10am

We talk about the power of the mainstream media to craft the message and ‘move’ gullible voters-all the time.

But we never talk about the leftist media members’ ability to-convince themselves- of these false narratives.

And it really is a very important part of how and why our big, legacy, media outlets operate.

Over the decades, subtle biases have given way to more intentional-overt-biases in the MSM, and some of that -really can-be explained by the fact that these east coast media elites are living in such a thick bubble-

And in such a relentless echo-chamber-

That they really do convince themselves of these things. They really do- get deeply invested-in their own false narratives- like Trump is a Russian operative.... and... voter integrity laws are really ‘Jim crow’...and... The latest: democracy is dead if republicans win elections.

This is the most bizarre falsehood that the east coast media members have talked themselves into-yet-

Given that for decades, it has been their own side of the aisle that has posed the greatest threat to democracy. It has been-their side-of the aisle that has called every election since 2000 ‘stolen’ if they didn’t win it.

It has been members on-their side-who have called every republican president since Reagan ‘illegitimate’.

It is their side of the aisle that has been working for decades now to -abolish the electoral college.  Add dc and Puerto Rico as states to cheat.  

More recently: invent cheating schemes to take permanent control of the supreme court-so they ‘owned’ that branch of govt, too...

All of these anti-democratic schemes, maneuverings, and machinations have been on their side of the aisle. They’ve been engaging in them for decades.

And yet- a few hundred absolute idiots storm the capitol...and they have convinced themselves it was an ‘insurrection’...

And yes. Donald Trump was hatching schemes to try to delay or overturn the 2020 election results. Yep. He was. But no one with any real power around him was going along with it- not mike pence, or mark meadows...etc.

Trump’s Jan sixth scheme was never going to be successful.  It’s also two years in the past now and trump isn’t even on the ballot...

But somehow-

Still?!- these DC and NY democrats have convinced themselves that ‘democracy is in danger’ this election. ‘Democracy will die’ if republicans get control of congress.

They don’t even appear to hear how dumb that sounds: so...the only way democracy survives in America is if-only democrats- ever win elections?

That’s what they are suggesting-and in the most serious and urgent tones-yes.

It’s ludicrous.

And since we are outside that bubble-outside that echo chamber in which these east coast democrats exist-

I don’t think that most Americans understand just how deeply deluded most of them are; how-deeply-they apparently feel that ‘democracy dies’ if republicans ever win control again.

I know. I know. It’s bat-crap crazy...but they believe it.

I offer you as evidence...Juan Williams and F-Chuck Todd-who have both been singularly obsessed with January sixth since it happened...and who have spent this entire election season...two years later...insisting that ‘when democracy is dying’ none of the other issues matter.

Genuinely, people.

I’ve been watching these two...and they are perfect examples of a fever- a deep psychosis-that has set in with ‘bubble’ democrats.

On Sunday’s Meet the Press... (and no on watches this show, anymore, and so fewer than 1-million Americans even saw this show) ...

These shows have lost all viewers-and all value- long ago.

But...on Sunday- F-Chuck Todd was in a genuine tizzy. A genuine...tight lipped...flush-faced...arrogant jag...tizzy.... over how our ‘democracy will die’ if republican ‘election deniers’ win office next Tuesday.

It turns out that about 100 GOP candidates for congress...sitting and newbies about 100 total...are what the left wants to call ‘election deniers’...and that’s got Chuck’s undies in such a tight twist that he cannot imagine how the republic doesn’t fall if they win.

Listen to him grilling the New Hampshire governor, Chris Sununu about it...because Sununu has endorsed some of these ‘evil MAGA people’.

Sununu tells NBC's Chuck Todd he's 'in a bubble' while clashing over voter priorities ahead of midterms

You get a fuller sense of how unhinged Chuck Todd is when you see the video and can read his face and can see the full interview...because he just won’t move on from this.

Well, there’s no point in moving on from this is there? If democracy is dead. won’t matter what the two sides think about inflation, or crime...

Chuck Todd is-legitimately- unhinged. Alarmed. Ready to evacuate the country- over republican wins- because ‘democracy’s going to die’.

And what does that even mean?

Could Todd, or anyone on the left even tell you?

What do they mean ‘democracy dies?

What do they think is going to happen. If we have split government again? Or if republicans are back in charge in 2024?

Do they think a president Trump or President DeSantis are going to outlaw elections? Are going to ‘cancel representative government?’

What do they think is going to happen?

I am not kidding when i say-somehow- the elitist media members are managing to freak themselves out over a bumper sticker slogan.

‘Democracy will die’.


Unless your side controls everything. Democracy will die.  

Were you hit in the head with an anvil? Cuz...that’s nutty.

Juan Williams writes his 200th column on democracy dying for the hill, today.And its’ the same tone that f-Chuck Todd takes: how can you worry about your pocketbooks...or your nephew who was shot in the street...when ‘democracy is dying?’....

That’s three times the number that Chuck Todd must be counting republicans running at the state level, too. 300 dangerous election deniers are on the ballot...and somehow...Americans are sleeping at night.

But democracy -wasn’t-at risk when Al Gore sued over his loss in 2020 and every top democrat insists-to this day-that election was stolen.

And it wasn’t a risk to democracy when Trump won, and dozens of democrats stood up in Dec and Jan -of that year- and challenged the results and insisted on ‘do overs’ in 2016?  

There was no threat to democracy, then.

Democrats can-to this day-believe that George Bush was an illegitimate president and so was Donald Trump...but...if we question whether Biden won fairly? Democracy dies?

This is genuine crackpotism, people. But it has been rattling around in the east coast echo chamber for so long that many of them have convinced themselves of this.

That republicans-somehow- pose a greater risk to this republic than today’s new breed of socialist democrat does.   Well, trump, DeSantis, and republicans are simply looking to restore long-standing American ideals and restore the constitution to the center of this republic.

How can they be ‘killing democracy’?

It’s the democrats who have schemes to steal control of elections away from the states. Wipe out voter id laws. Kill off the electoral college. Cheat to steal the supreme court.

How are they the protectors of democracy again?

And as for Chuck Todd and Juan Williams- they are just embarrassing themselves at a whole new level.

How can you worry about inflation when democracy is dying...sounds about as reasonable as... How can you ignore the threat that Martian radiation poses to your family.

Say, what now?

You ignorant cow.  You’re worried about your paycheck...and Martian cancer is coming...


photo credit: Getty Images

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