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Obama in town to downplay crime in stump for Evers and Barnes

Jay Weber Show transcript 10-31-22 7:10am

Eric bott of Americans for prosperity-Wisconsin- tweeted this at me yesterday:

That’s an interesting observation-and distinction. Earlier on in this campaign, door knockers were hearing voters questioning gov Evers’ tenure...or expressing anti-Evers sentiments....

Now they are expressing ‘pro-Michels’ sentiments...which would suggest they are ‘sold’ on him now. More people feel like they can vote ‘for’ something, rather than ‘against’ something’.

These people didn’t like Evers’ four years much...that much they knew...

But now... Are sold on this Tim Michels guy.

This is only ‘anecdotal’ evidence, of course, but eric bott at afp has been doing this long enough that he isn’t likely to exaggerate, or put it out on social media, if he didn’t clearly see the trend...

And it-at least-suggests that Tim Michels has run the strong campaign we believe him to be running.

Tim and his wife, Barbara were in-studio last Tuesday for the town hall- 

And Barbara struck me as a wonderful woman. Very smart and savvy. Great personality on her. She’d be an awesome first lady, and i can see why the Michels’-as a couple- have done as well as they have. They struck me as a formidable team.

But- I was talking about this ‘intangible’, gut feeling that i have that tells me he’s connecting with more union workers, more ‘Joe and Jane lunch pail voters’ of the sort that democrats used to ‘own’ in this state.

I feel like he’s broken thru add a different pool of crossover voter...this election, that is going to show up on election day.

And it’s just a feeling-but i believe we saw it evidenced in the primary results, against Rebecca Kleefisch...

I think it’s there.  And eric bott’s observation here, as he and his team do doors, might speak to that.

But hey-

I don’t even know why we are talking about a Tim Michels win...because...the democrats brought in ‘the closer’ this weekend.

Barrack Obama was in Milwaukee as a series of stops that he made over the weekend-which look to me like ‘one weekend of hard work’...for that he can say he helped this election season.

The Obamas were-completely checked out- in 2022, because they never did care about politics, or party, if it didn’t benefit them.

And so...barrack and Michelle have been MIA.

Obama was eventually goaded, cajoled, bullied-into it: at least doing a few stops on the campaign trail...

I still don’t think Michelle got off Oprah’s yacht to campaign. Did she? 

If anyone has seen evidence of Michelle ‘helping’ this week, let me know.

But...Barrack got bullied into committing to three appearances. Then that expanded to five. But most, not all of them, were this weekend. So, it’s as if he agreed to one weekend of hard work...and then...there. I helped. Now shut up about it...

And to his credit...he gave some impassioned speeches. He spoke for about 50 or 55 minutes for these was good rhetorical content. I’ll give him that.Obama’s gifted enough that speaking to-and moving- a crowd is second nature to him...

He gave the fawning crowds some red-meat content. Even if it wasn’t truthful. also seemed every stop...something happened to take the wind out of Obama’s sales.

For example...he spoke here in Milwaukee for Evers and Barnes...and he downplayed the importance of this spike in violent crime that we’ve been seeing in Milwaukee and across the nation...

As Obama, Evers, and Barnes were holding their rally, a murder occurred about a mile way.  As Obama’s trying to blame the spike in crime on Trump, and saying no one was concerned about it in the Trump era. It’s happening just outside the walls of the school gym he’s speaking in.

I want to run the clip of Obama speaking to a Michigan

It’s a great example of the casual lies democrats tell on the stump that act as ‘sustenance’ for their ignorant acolytes.

Also-before we play this- tell me what color the people in the crowd are. Can you tell by Obama’s voice?

What color was the crowd?


It was a sea of black faces. And how do we know-over the radio?

Because Barrack was using his ‘black lilt’, wasn’t he? What’s interesting to me is that America’s first black president is as guilty as every other white democrat has been...of using a ‘black voice’ or a ‘black dialect’ when speaking to black crowds.

Bill did it Hillary did it. Al did it. Joe does it.It’s pathetic when white demcorats try to ‘add a little black lilt’...into their voice in front of black crowds.

But Obama’s always done it, too. 

This is him...speaking’ to the common folk.

Let me tell ya about crime....

And he goes on to several casual lies- just in that quick clip. First- yes, crime has been rising for seven years...and we republicans and conservatives-have-been talking about it for seven years.We’ve been talking about it ever since these ‘Soros funded’ d-as got into office and started to refuse to prosecute crimes.

We’ve been talking about it since blue state governors and legislatures started to pass ‘no bail’ policies and ‘clear out prisons.

And since all of that has been happening in every major city in the country...yes. It’s been happening in red states as well as blue states.  Lawlessness in America’s big cities-spreads- yes.  And so yes, red states have seen crime increase, too. But the spikes in crime are far more evident in the blue states...and they have gotten worse all thru the trump era- yes- because they were increasingly seen as a ‘reaction’ to Trump’s administration!! Correct?

And so- what is Obama talking about?

He tries to casually blame the spike in crime on Trump when it was his party and their increasingly radical leaders who have been behind it the entire time-and really double down on coddling and releasing criminals- in reaction to trump’s call for more law and order!

Remember- president trump offered the help of federal troops to every blue city mayor and governor during a year of riots and every single one of them turned him down...

Instead, their reaction to Trump’s offer of help was to back off. Not even call out their state guardsman. And to instead, back off, and give the BLM and antifa thugs ‘room to riot’.

And now Obama wants to try to reinvent history?

This is how democrat leaders toss out casual lies to their dimwit acolytes- and why there is so much misinformation out there.

Obama’s claims go unchallenged in the media...and for the next week...every mindless democrat friend you have will be on social media insisting...the spike in crime happened under Trump. Its’ Trump’s fault...

Because they just absorb the lies like sponges, too stupid to understand how they are being used.

photo credit: Fox 6 News/Milwaukee

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