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It's not trolling, it's forcing the left to acknowledge the border crisis

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-21-22 6:10am

The latest claim is that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are looking to ratchet up the controversy over transporting sending flights to Delaware- and Biden’s weekend vacation well as Washington be dropped off right in front of the white house.

Gov Abbott has sent numerous busloads to Washington DC, already, buy wasn’t dropping them off right in front of the president or vice presidents’ homes...and so.... the locations of these drop-off points represent an escalation by Abbott, too.

And both men-to their credit-say, ‘look. This isn’t about trolling or ‘owning’ the liberals. It is about trying to-force- President Biden and the democrats to acknowledge their terrible, dangerous border mess.

It needs to be made clear to the American people and to Democrat voters that this open border isn’t just about people coming into this country illegally, anymore.

It is about four or five other terrible crises that Biden’s policies have created-including a massive flood of drugs and fentanyl that killed 100-thousand young people last year.... Including an actual -slave trade. Trafficking of humans into this country to be put into indentured servitude of the Mexican cartels on this side of the border.

Including-fueling sex trafficking rings of women-and children- girls and boys.

Including over a thousand deaths of migrants on both sides of the border, this year alone. Again, many of them women and children.

Including allowing dozens of possible terrorists in.

You might have heard the latest admission from Biden’s border patrol: twelve more people on the terror watch list were picked up trying to cross the border in august...bringing the total for the fiscal year to 80. 80 known and potential terrorists caught-

And that, of course, begs the question: how many got in?

This is a disaster on multiple levels and is harming the American people in multiple ways.

It isn’t just about ‘good hearted and desperate people coming in illegally’, as the left wants you to believe.

Gov DeSantis had a fantastic retort to the Democrat’s feigned outrage over his flights to Martha’s Vineyard. 

DeSantis pushes back against critics: Where's the 'freak-out' over migrants dying in Rio Grande, trailers?

And apparently, these east coast elites have been patting themselves on the back and trying to flip the script by detailing how ‘welcoming’ and compassionate they are being...even as they call for new buses to take these illegals elsewhere.

The officials in Martha’s Vineyard shipped them of to cape cod-with a military escort. Mayor Beetlejuice in Chicago farmed them out to the suburbs.

Where is the compassion being displayed by lefty leaders who have been preening and virtue signaling over their ‘sanctuary cities’ for years?

And folks- instead of having democrats admit that they need to do better on the border...

Instead, their leaders have put all of their efforts into ‘flipping the script’ on these overburdened border states and these GOP governors.

Their leftist mouthpieces got-heavily-invested in the idea of prosecuting these governors for ‘human trafficking’ in just a few hours, didn’t they?

Listen to just a chunk of a two min montage of democrats and their talking heads insisting that something Joe Biden has been doing for two years-and that the leaders of Martha’s vineyard and Chicago-just did-

Moving new arrivals around- is human trafficking:

MSNBC figures, Democrats call for DeSantis, Abbott to be prosecuted over 'human trafficking' claims

Isn’t that laughable?

And just for good measure, Greg, i suppose we should give them legal expert Jonathan Turley saying, no, these governors have not committed federal crimes for moving people where they willingly said they’d go.

WATCH: Biden called ‘biggest coyote ever’ if transporting immigrants is illegal

And for the record? So far? Gov’s Abbott and DeSantis are gaining new supporters over this move to-force- a democrat response to our terrible border crisis.

In Texas, where the loopy, dopey Beto O’rourke is running against Greg Abbott again, a new poll shows Abbot’s lead widening to nine points, now.

It’s a university of Texas poll with a large sample size of nearly 13-hundred voters...and DeSantis is leading 47 to 38...with Beto sliding...and Abbott surging.

The reason that the bulk of the American people are behind the red-state governors on this is that- most people understand-closing this border is a moral and logistical necessity. We won’t have an ‘America’ unless we do.

Folks, I watch this stuff closely, and even I didn’t know that. NY’s mayor, Eric Adams, has been talking about how flooded his homeless shelters and social services are. And this would explain why he’s carping louder than ever: because the democrat mayor of El Paso has been bussing him illegals, too.


But therefore, desperate locals and Govs are resorting to high profile stunting:

Biden and his team have ignored desperate pleas from the border states for two years now, and so, it’s great to see those leaders taking decisive action and -forcing-this country to confront Biden’s terrible failures here.

Joe Biden’s regime-with its open borders- is violating their oaths, violating the law, and violating the constitution... And none of them care.

They are making this country far more dangerous and heaping terrible new miseries on all sorts of American, Mexican, Central and South American, and Haitian immigrants...and they don’t care.

At what point is it ‘enough’?

At what point is it finally too much to have Biden’s fellow democrats silently stand by and allow it to happen?

Because-the sooner we get to that point-the better. And the actions of these red state governors and mayors are meant to hasten that moment. It’s a move made from desperation after two years of Biden-regime abuse. Biden’s team has-abused-all of these Mayors, governors, and American people.... living in these border states.

But because those people vote republican in large numbers...not a single democrat in DC or NY seems to care.

Our border agents caught 80 potential terrorists crossing this border this fiscal year.They used to suggest that roughly however many they caught- also got thru. Now we have better surveillance technology and can say that probably- one third of the overall number of illegals that Biden let thru...crept in illegally.

Well-if 2 million were caught and processed that would mean about 700 thousand got thru undetected or spotted-but never collected.

Is it foolish to think that ...if we caught 80 likely terrorists trying to sneak in... that about 30 got in?   And now roam America...plotting?

It took 13 terrorists to orchestrate and carry out 9-11, which cost us 3-thousand lives. How much damage could 30 terrorists do. Working in several teams?

None of this is even pondered-because it is a democrat president and democrat regime that’s allowing it to happen.

Trust me-if a republican was president- dozens of terrorists roaming America because of the president-intentionally-reopened the borders would be a huge deal and a relentless obsession by the news media.

Biden and the democrats are-allowing it-to happen. Allowing it! And the news media covers for them. 

It’ll be interesting to see if- God forbid-we have another major terror strike on American soil here, these same leftist news organizations will suddenly want answers, here? Or whether they will still find a way to cover up the democrat’s culpability, here.

In todays’ environment? I think we already know the answer: somehow, terrorists who sneaked in under Biden...will be blamed on Trump.

story credit: Fox News and Washington Examiner
photo credit: Getty Images

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