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Barnes is getting national attention for being a radical

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-19-22 7:40am

Hey-Mandela Barnes is now getting national attention for being a fan of defunding the police, and now pretending as if he’s not.

James’s Freeman of the WSJ has a column related to how many democrat candidates this year- are now pretending as if they -didn’t- support the ludicrous defund the police movement, which has been part of the reason that we are seeing this nationwide spike in crime...

And freeman features our own lunk-head, Mandela Barnes, prominently in the piece, by noting that Barnes still hasn’t rejected the support of at least five far left organizations who endorsed him for this ‘defund the police’ position:

The column goes on to talk about the spread of crime in Wisconsin from Milwaukee-out into the suburbs and x-urbs...and how Milwaukee has fewer cops on the it’s homicide rate spikes again.

Yep.Mandela Barnes hopped on both the ‘defund the police’ and ‘abolish ice’ movements when they were considered the latest, coolest ‘thing’ on the far left...and now wants to pretend as if he didn’t.

Voters need to know that-every time-

Every time-that today’s woke, socialist progressive extremists came up with a new line of radical, dangerous nonsense, Mandela Barnes was ‘right there with them’.

He was admitting that he supported it all.

And you can claim that, well, he was just ‘going with the crowd’ and pandering to his party members...

But those same party leaders are still in Washington DC, and still in control, and -given their druthers-would still vote all of these radical, extreme ideas thru congress, if they had the numbers.

And so- sending Mandela Barnes to Washington DC to be an ‘automatic vote’ for every radical, ‘dangerous item on the democrat’s agenda-is a terrible idea.

You know how these democrats operate: they pretend to be reasonable when they run for office. Many of them even come off sounding conservative in their ads...and then when they get to dc-they talk about-and vote in favor of-every radical leftist idea that they can.

Mandela Barnes has already proven that he would be the same way: for years, he supported defunding the police and no cash bail and releasing up to half of the prison population, and now he’s going to pretend as if he’s a pro-cop, law, and order guy.

Don’t let him get away with it.

I’ve been making the point that- when it comes to Mandela Barnes-everything is on tape. It’s all recorded, or on video, for all to see. It’s not as if the Johnson campaign or the GOP are misrepresenting Barnes’ positions.

As Wisconsin right now recently reported:

Yep. And Tony Evers supported effort to release half of Wisconsin’s prison population...and so far,...has managed to reduce it by fifteen percent.

Evers and Barnes, in 2018, campaigned on opening the prison-house doors and releasing half of the inmates.

But not the violent ones. They spoke.

Folks, 68 percent of Wisconsin prison inmates- seven in ten- are categorized as violent criminals.

So-by the laws of simple mathematics- Gov Evers and Mandela Barnes were supporting the release of violent felons.

And as WRN’s recent reporting proves- hundreds of the nearly 900 prisoners that Evers and Barnes have paroled- something like 3 or 4 hundred-have been violent offenders. Murderers, rapists, child molesters. Terrible people who were sequestered from society-for a reason.

Evers and Barnes let go...and still haven’t hit their

photo credit: Wisconsin Right Now

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