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Abbott and DeSantis exposed the scummy blue state Govs and Mayors

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-16-22 6:10 am

During the show, yesterday morning, I looked up to see these two busloads of illegals being dropped off right in front of the vice president’s house in dc...

And i mentioned it, along with Gov DeSantis flying two small planeloads of illegals into Martha’s Vineyard the night before-

But if i knew that these two new ways for GOP governors to ‘troll’ the democrats who are denying Biden’s border crisis were going to work as well as they did-

I might have talked about it longer.


I cannot believe that Gov’s Abbott and DeSantis are getting the near-perfect reactions to it by the democrat mayors, governors, and leftists that they are.

These governors could not have planned for more perfect, over-heated, over reactions by these democrats, who have spent years preening and virtue signaling over how we need to be more welcoming to illegals.

The reaction to DeSantis’s dump in Martha’s Vineyard was-unhinged, and the reaction that gov Abbott got to dumping them out in front of Kammy’s house was just as priceless...

With a Venezuelan illegal thanking Americans for the bus ride, and telling fox news that, oh, yes-the border is wide open. Very welcoming. We were ushered right thru.

He is saying this on the sidewalk in front of Kamala Harris’ residence, just days after she told Chuck Todd that this border is secured.


The day’s events had Kamala Harris so rattled that she slowed down to take a reporters’ question as she walked by him...then turned away and sped back up when she heard it was about the migrant dump out in front of her house...

The video is priceless: Kammy hears the question and…..ah....nope...and just keeps walking.

Gov Abbott has sent dozens of buses now to DC, New York, and Chicago...but this is the first time the bus drivers were instructed to let them out right in front of the naval observatory, where the vice president stays.

Meanwhile-these blue state mayors and governors are making themselves look more and more ridiculous as they try to vilify and smear Abbott and DeSantis for these bus trips.

How is it racist and evil and unchristian to have republican leaders arranging to transport illegals where they want to go-instead of having Biden’s administration do it?

Biden and his scummy border secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, have been doing this for nearly two years-and they have worked hard to do it in secrecy.  Why?

Are they ashamed that they have taken over two million illegals and dumped them in every corner of the country that they could, this year?

Why the secrecy, joe, if you think the American people are so ‘with you’ on the immigration issue?

In fact, the earliest technique that Biden and Mayorkas used, in order to ensure there weren’t huge crowds of illegals being held in detention centers or that could be seen in drone videos by conservative news outlets-

Their first move to hide these illegals-was simply to load them on buses-drive them further inland in Arizona and Texas-and literally dump them off in any small town or community in which they could: they’d stop at the gas station at the end of main street...and get out...welcome to America.

They just wanted them away from the border.

And those shorter bus trips just to dump them in areas away from the border has continued...but Mayorkas and Biden quickly started to organize ‘longer range’ dumps of illegals, too.

They quickly realized that they’d need to: we need to get these people moved, and we can’t have long caravans of illegals walking from Yuma or eagle’s pass...along America’s get to their final destinations in LA, Seattle, Chicago, New York, St Louis, Milwaukee.

So, they started moving them on buses and planes. Joe Biden has-literally-become the final leg of the journey that these illegals are promised by the Mexican cartels when they take thousands of dollars from each illegal to get them across the border.

Its’ the final promise in the brochure, so to speak oh, yes, yes. Americans will give you showers and new clothes and feed you and even transport you to where you want to go in America. Yes.

And we do!

Biden and Mayorkas have been doing this for nearly two years. And dumping a lot of them into red states.

But it’s racist, unchristian, and terrible if republican governors organize the same sorts of buses and flights to locations where America’s preening white elites live?

Something really doesn’t add up here, folks. And the American people know it.

Rasmussen polling shows most Americans support Governor Abbot’s push back

The American people know how unfair and unlawful this Biden border situation is...and these democrat mayors and governors only hurt themselves even more-when they put up the sort of stink that Muriel Bowser, Eric Adams, Beetlejuice, Gov Pritzker, Kathy Hocul, and others are making.

In Massachusetts, yesterday, these leftists’ elites were ‘losing it’ because DeSantis sent a total of about 50 immigrants on two small planes...into Martha’s Vineyard.

They are furious because-as liberals-they have always been able to force their terrible ideas on the rest of us, without expecting to ever see or hear about the consequences of their actions.

The rest of the America is just supposed to bend over and quietly take the consequences of Biden’s outrageous open borders policies...but the moment elite democrats are personally forced to deal with just a taste- a taste- of those consequences...they scream bloody murder.

One local official in ‘the vineyard’ called DeSantis’s move...bleeping depraved.


Poor communities in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico are just supposed to take the abuse and absorb the foreigners when thousands. Thousands. Of illegals are dumped into their communities...and that’s fine...

But when 50 illegals hit ‘the vineyard’, the idea of them being there is ‘f-ing depraved’.

This wailing and gnashing of teeth went on for nearly a day before those Massachusetts democrats got word that they were looking like petulant children, and then suddenly, the coverage turned:   they were ‘leaping into action’ to welcome and find room for these fifty.

Bull plop, they were.

And as that was going on-in Illinois- I kid you not: Chicago leaders have had to deal with only a few hundred illegals dropped off in their city-and mayor Beetlejuice is having a meltdown and Jb Pritzker is calling out the national guard!


Folks, 500 illegals have been dropped there by Gov Abbott over the last 15 days. This is ‘nothing’ compared to what the governors of the border states have been forced to deal with...and Pritzker is so panicked that he called out the national guard!

Good lord.

And Lori Lightfoot, for her part, has been whining for two weeks now about ‘the terrible burden’ that these illegals put on city services-and yesterday-insisted that, hey, if the southern governors are going to do this. We should get their FEMA money.

Oh-for heaven’s sake:

Do they even hear themselves?

Could this be working out any better for Greg Abbott?  He and the mayors of Texas cities have had to deal with hundreds of thousands of illegals overwhelming their communities for two years now...and Beetlejuice is whining about how she can’t keep up with 500!

And you’ve probably heard the side-bar stories about how both she-and Bowser in DC-are farming many of those illegals out to nearby suburbs.

What slimy pretenders, these Dem mayors are. What rank hypocrites... Who have spent years virtue signaling about their ‘sanctuary cities’.

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