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The leftists are creating a new breed of young, violent criminals

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-13-22 7:40am

There’s a story on crime today that I’d say is a ‘first of its kind’.

This is the first time that I have seen a mainstream newspaper talk about the fact that we, in this country, with our weak prosecutors and judges, have created a whole new category of violent young offender.

I have been talking about this for a few decades on this show: how, if you don’t attach consequences to a young criminal’s actions early in the process. Early, early. On criminal offense number one or two-

Then the lesson that is learned is: there are no-real-consequences for my actions, so I may as well keep committing crimes.

And what happens, of course, is that the crimes escalate. A ‘first offense’ that might be ‘stealing’ escalates to maybe, car theft or car-jackings, or armed robbery, or eventually, rape or murder.

Lawlessness breeds lawlessness. Both in society, at large, and in the youngest criminals.

There -must-be consequences early. And instead, the leftists in this country, including John Chisholm and the judges here in Milwaukee, are subscribing to the exact opposite approach, and they are breeding more crime, more serious crimes, and social decay.

This isn’t rocket science, and yet, leftists still don’t get it: we must step on the first offenders-harder- not give them a pass or a slap on the wrist over, and over, and over again.

The story I have here quotes experts as wanting to blame the pandemic, again, but that’s crap. This was happening for years before the pandemic hit, it is, instead, tied to the newly created ‘easy pass’ justice system that has been adopted by so many das in our big and medium sized cities.

Carjackings, shootings, murder: Violent underage offenders add to America’s crime wave

And that-is-the motivation. It is an offshoot of this idiotic ‘de-incarceration movement’ that even some republicans and conservatives have been silly enough to fall for.

If we need to build more prisons-build more prisons. If we need to build more short-term juvenile lock ups-then build them. Because the way back to sanity is to enforce consequences on offense number one or two-

And I’m not talking about years-long prison sentences for 13- and 15-year-olds-i’m talking about- some time-

Even if it’s just a few weeks-

Sometime-in a prison cell, learning what life behind bars is really like, so that young, impressionable kids still have a chance to come out and resolve that ‘I’m never going thru that again’...I’m never stealing another car, again.

Instead, the current system teaches them that they can engage in all sorts of criminality and not worry about suffering any real consequences.

How is that helpful?

We on this show-have been talking for years. Years. About john Chisholm’s pattern of slapping criminals on the wrist until they kill someone and we got to lock you up for decades or for life.

How about teaching them an impactful lesson-earlier- and not having them choking up the legal system for the next 10 to 20 years, unless or until they kill somebody?

How about trying that-after decades of failure?

The story goes on to talk about how many American teenagers- 13- to 17-year-old- are engaging in murders now. Most of them have no home life to speak of, and had no one to teach them right from wrong, instill a sense of values, or even teach them how to deal with their own anger...and now the justice system is also refusing to hold them accountable for anything or teach them any hard lessons...

If we are looking at a government-or policy-approach to combatting today’s crime problems-tough love and ‘scared straight’ policies are going to work far, far better than a revolving door system that teaches young people that there really-are-no real consequences for criminality and for following their worst instincts.

This pares with another column out of the LA area recently, from Joel Kotkin...who details the fall of Los Angeles.

The fall of Los Angeles:

The same case can-and should-be made for San Francisco, and Oakland and Seattle, and Portland and Denver...and every major city where George Soros style Marxists have taken over, and their unionista voting bases are keeping them in power.

Today’s democrats are destroying America’s cities and fooling themselves into thinking they’ve got all the answers-as they do it.

story credit: The Washington Times and Spiked On-Line

photo credit: Getty Images

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