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Mandela Barnes is nothing more than a Wisconsin AOC. A poser

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-9-22

AOC represents a generation in which the ‘vapid posers’ seem to make up a much larger percentage of the population than they should.

Half of the young democrats serving on congress now, really want nothing more than to be preeners and posers-

And not all of them are 37 years old.

Some of them are 57, like Tammy Baldwin and Marc Pocan.

We’ve got far too many elected officials on both sides of the aisle who seem far more interested in their public image, or in ‘pretending’ to do the job, instead of members who are -actually-doing the job.

And so now, you tell me: based on what you know about Mandela Barnes- will he be another useless poser if he wins this senate race? Or will he take the job seriously?

Everything about his background suggests that he’s a poser.  Everything from his weak resume to his penchant for adopting every idiotic political fad that comes along – suggests he’s nothing but an unserious poser.

In fact, Fox News yesterday-

Barnes got national attention-

When video surfaced of him telling a friendly crowd that he wanted to release up to half of Wisconsin’s criminals from prison.

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, Senate candidate, supported cutting prison population in half

Okay-here’s the problem: about 7 in ten inmates in Wisconsin prisons have been deemed ‘violent’.

If 68 percent of the prisoners are violent then how can you cut the prison population in half without releasing violent offenders?

And by the way? Jessica McBride and Jim Piwowarczyk have launched an effort at Wisconsin Right Now to detail some of the worst -violent- criminal offenders that Tony Evers’ parole board has released early. There are hundreds of them.


But- even the effort to clear the prisons of non-violent offenders is idiotic. The democrats talk about that as if it’s a reasonable position.

So-who are you going to let go?

What categories of crime, and criminals, are you going to give a pass to?  Sexual abusers? Child molesters? Embezzlers? Defrauders? Drug dealers? 

How is society better off with those louts going free?

And this fox piece is a good reminder: tony Evers and Mandela Barnes-did- run for office-on a promise to cut the prison population in half and return thousands of criminals to the streets.

The article documents the numerous incidents, to the point that Barnes can’t deny them. Some of them are on tape.

These are all unserious, socially destructive policies.

And you’ve heard the ads with Mandela Barnes-in his own words- praising AOC and Ilhan Omar and today’s young socialists as ‘visionaries’ and kindred spirits.

It’s not like we on the right are making-any-of this up. 

My personal belief is that Mandela Barnes isn’t a socialist ideologue like, say, Bernie sanders and Liz Warren are.

I don’t think he gives his positions much thought at all. Instead, he’s an unserious preener trying to scam his way into a higher seat and a bigger salary.  

Unlike Bernie, Squats, or AOC- if the democrat party leaders decided to reverse course and move back toward the middle-  Mandela Barnes would simply change jackets and start marching the other way. He just wants the fame and fortune. He wants the high profile and the trappings of the job.

He doesn’t really want to-do-the job. And I don’t particularly think he’s got a strong sense of the ideology or ideas that he’s fighting for. Because, in the moment, they can change.

He is a stark contrast with senator Ron Johnson. Ron Johnson built a business and then ran for office -specifically-to fight a govt take-over of our health care system and he only went to Washington DC-in order to make a difference-and make an immediate impact.

We’ve talked about Ron Johnson’s quick rise within the ranks of the senate GOP caucus, even though he was expected to be a quiet back bencher for six, twelve, or twenty years, before he got his shot at leadership, or was in a position to have his opinions valued.

Johnson sliced right thru all of that-and quickly became a valued voice within the caucus.

Ron Johnson-wants-to do the work. He ran-do to the work.

He’s the last guy who wants to be famous. His disdain for the media is clear. 

And again, this week, he is showing his substance by changing direction on the same-sex marriage bill that passed thru the house with a bipartisan vote and is now stalled in the senate.

Initially, senator Johnson expressed measured support for it because, gee, he’s not interested in intruding on the lives of gay couples and the supreme court has settled the matter, anyway, and so, whatever.

That was his initial take on the bill-and it was mine-as well: that this was just a ‘show vote’ by democrats that meant nothing.

But then conservative groups and religious groups did a deeper dive into the language of the bill, and into the implications of it- and they make a convincing case that- if democrats can get the federal government to take the -official-position that same sex marriage is sacrosanct, then they can launch all sorts of new attacks against religions and religious freedom in this country.

It’s another move meant to make anyone, or any church or organization, who disagrees with gay marriage -an enemy of the state.

These groups make a convincing case.

And so, this week, senator Johnson said he’s changed his mind, and his ‘qualified support’ of the bill, initially, ran into some ‘qualifying’ issues, and he won’t support it.

Leftists can whine all they want about a flip-flop, but that is a man taking his job seriously, instead of just voting along with the crowd-on his side of the aisle- or caving into what might be the popular social opinion.

Moves like this-to me- prove Johnson’s substance and dedication to the job.

You’ll find no such ‘critical thinking’ going on from Mandela Barnes on these matters.

photo credit: Getty Images

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