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Biden doubles down on labeling YOU a fascist

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-7-22 8:10am

So, the Biden team is doubling down on this strategy of labeling half of the country ‘fascists’ ...and why not? It’s all the democrats have, as they try to salvage their slim majorities in fall.

It's not like they want the country and the news media focusing on the terrible inflation, high crime, and open borders that Biden and the dems have ushered in-

And so- this is a desperate attempt to split the republican party’s voters ...and at the same time. Energize the democrat base...and just hope it works.

But Biden’s ‘roll out’ of this strategy clearly backfired last Thursday, in the now infamous ‘Maga Mussolini speech’. The ‘dark Brandon’ speech. Several fun labels have been put on it.

And so, every day since, Biden and his minions have been trying to defend it and trying to clarify that he wasn’t talking about-all-republicans. Just ‘Maga republicans’...

And my friends, if you are spending all your time backfilling and clarifying, you aren’t ‘onto a winning strategy here’.

Just-in general- let’s start there.

As Ben Shapiro pointed out: the definition of a ‘good’ republican is one that Biden can quote work with.

Oppose him-and you’re a threat to democracy.

Oppose him-and you are a domestic terrorist or a fascist.

But if you roll over to Biden and the larger democrat agenda, then you’re a ‘good republican’.

And see-

Therefore, this effort is backfiring: because Biden and the democrats are now-literally-trying to insist that you either agree with them, or you’re a threat to democracy.

And that’s a bridge too far for most Americans. Never, in the history of this republic, has this been a reasonable standard: agree with me, or you are an enemy of the state.

No-that’s what fascists say. That’s what the dictators atop totalitarian or authoritarian regimes say. And this is how Biden is acting-and sounding.

This is pure demagoguery, and those of us on the receiving end of it- recognize it.  

Joe Biden and the democrats who have picked up this talking point-are trying to convince Americans that if you don’t vote for them, you hate America and democracy...

And the people in this audience know the terrible irony of that claim: we know that it is the other way around: if you -do vote-for Joe Biden and the democrats- you are displaying a distain for America, and for democracy.

Because if you support-this?  This thing that he’s doing. That’s not democracy. It is decidedly-unamerican-for reasons that i have explained over the last several shows.

After nearly a year of antifa and BLM rioting, Joe Biden now insists-quote- there is no place for political violence.

Great, joe. Welcome to the party.    Now, if you will just tell that to the activists on your own side of the aisle...and to your vice president, who helped bail out rioters-

And while you’re at it-tell it to the pro-abortion groups that are attacking and firebombing

Pro-life health centers...that’d be great.

Oh-and while you’re at it- speak up the next time Chuck Schumer and AOC and other democrats either tacitly or overtly threaten violence against our supreme court justices.

You could be a kitten and do that too, Joe. Thanks.

And the next time you talk about election deniers-be sure to include Hillary, and Al Gore, and John Kerry, and Adam Schiff, and

Stands-with-cake and all the other democrats who have been insisting their election losses were ‘stolen’ elections.

Yesterday, Biden’s own press secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, was finally confronted with tweets that prove she’s an election denier, too, so you can go ahead and fire her, joe, and prove you are serious.

Nope. This is all just hollow raging and preening against strawmen and pretend enemies of the state, in orchestrated, cheap, political stunting.

And if you want to hear the type of mental midgets who Biden has coming to his defense...I give you MSNBC’s Joy Reid...who’s a terrible racist and who’s show is still, for some reason, on the air.

Listen to this- stupendous idiot- and one of her idiot panelists. Apparently, they’ve been calling trump supporters fascists for years, and so, welcome to the party, Mr. President.


God, she’s dumb. Dangerously dumb. As is her guest, Dean Obeidallah, who i had to look up. He is allegedly a comedian and a journalist...and who made it clear on behalf of the MSNBC crowd that this isn’t democrat versus republican, in America, anymore- it’s the good guys versus the Maga people.

That is what passes for analysis on MSNBC...but you see how the left is embracing this move by Biden and dc democrats to vilify half of the country. They are-so desperate-

So desperate-to maintain their slim majorities and try to realize their dream of permanent control of DC a reality-that they are willing to resort to anything, including doing something that every president and every leader of these two major political parties has known better than to do-

Turn the half of the country that doesn’t agree with you into mortal enemies of the state.

photo credit: Getty Images

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