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Biden vilified half of America on Thursday night

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-2-22 6:10am

So... President Biden gave a historic speech last night, in the sense that- never before-has a president taken to prime time in order to engage in a broadside political attack against one half of the country.

Never has a president used his position and his bully pulpit to so-intentionally-attack the Americans who didn’t vote for him and don’t agree with his ideology.

It was a new ‘low’ for this country...and clearly, this is an attempt by Biden and the democrats to divert attention away from the first two-disastrous-years of his presidency, and instead, invent a scary boogie man or straw man to distract voters with.

The sole intent of this is to make the fall elections about-anything-other than his terrible leadership, and so, vilifying Donald Trump and his supporters as the greatest danger to this country, will do.

But- what Biden, then, suggests we are left with-as Dan Henninger puts it is a choice between semi-fascism and American socialism.

Biden and the democrats want Americans to believe that there is only one choice here: reject republicans and conservatives as ‘fascists’ and turn America into a pseudo-socialist state.

There’s no debate: this administration is semi-socialist. President Biden and his team-along with their loudest voices in congress-have proven that over the last two years.

Heck-they started out by using covid as an excuse to expand every big-govt welfare and lay-about program that they could... They then went even further and attempted to buy every vote they could with ‘free’ govt money, deposited directly into the bank accounts of ‘select’ Americans.

And then they pivoted to spending over a year trying to ram into place- a six-trillion dollar socialist wet dream: BBB.

There can be no debate, anymore, that today’s democrat party is-at least- a pseudo socialist party. 

There can also be no debate, anymore, that that is where they want to take this country. That is where they are-desperate-to take this country.

They are so desperate that they are now inventing new dangers to democracy. Creating new strawmen and boogie men. Labeling half of all voters as terrorists and fascists.

And i cannot imagine that this will not backfire in fall.

Newt Gingrich is a former speaker of the house, of course. He’s also a historian, and he was on fox saying, we’ve never seen a president before-

We’ve never seen a man elected to represent and lead- the entire country- go so far out of his way to vilify half of America’s population.

And he sees it being linked to the desperate effort of dc republicans to keep their deep state secrets.... given that it looks more and more like the country is at a tipping point.

This is a president who has performed far below jimmy carter. He has left Americans behind in a war zone. He has created 9 percent-40 year high-inflation. He has killed off a new housing boom. He has erased any raises or wage gains that Americans got under president trump, or since.

The American people are now dipping into savings again, getting more credit cards again-going into more debt again- to pay their bills. 

This is a president who took over a country that was energy independent for the first time in 70 years, and quickly canceled pipelines and other projects that would have kept that going-and instead gave us four and five dollar a gallon gasoline and put us on a dangerous path toward being reliant on-China-for every part of our new ‘green energy’ grid.

Oh-and then there’s the fully open border that has terrorists and drug and human traffickers pouring into the country along with criminal foreign enterprises- compromising the safety and sovereignty of this country in a major way.

This man and his party members have been an unmitigated- bleeping disaster- for this country.

And he’s going to go on primetime TV-once? - and pretend that it is republicans and Donald Trump who are the threat to democracy?

Who is the threat to our freedoms and constitutional norms?

If you believe that, you really are a dope.

Inflation, cost of living, high crime and open borders remain the top issues for voters in fall

But hey-the never Trumpers and the dem strategists think this is savvy politics: all I’ve heard for three days is- it’s smart to try to divide the Maga republicans from the rest of the party.

No. It’s not. Because 70-million Americans voted for trump and would love to go back to the more prosperous trump era- in a heartbeat- and Biden and other democrats who are now openly attacking quote ‘Maga republicans’ are really attacking all of them-

And that’s how they are going to take it.

Every person who voted for president trump, whether they are traditional conservatives, independents, whatever-

Are going to view this as an attack on them. Because they were (and likely still are) Maga supporters. Correct?

They-internalize all this-as Biden and the democrats calling them terrorists and fascists for daring to want to save this country from a truly disastrous Biden regime.

And they don’t appreciate it.

Moreover- if Biden keeps this up and/or this catches on as a new strategy: if most democrat office holders decide that it’s now a good idea to attack and smear half of the population-

Well-that’s when it really does start to move us into a dangerous area.

That’s when this country really does start to move into taking up sides for a new civil war.

And I’m not trying to be alarmist of factitious, here.

If this country-is going to have the leaders of the two parties starting to vilify everyone on the other side of the aisle as terrible, and irredeemable, well, it’s going to fuel a civil war. It is going to make it easier and easier for the extreme and intemperate people on both sides of this political divide to start talking about armed conflicts and open warfare.

And that-is unacceptable.

I have never seen a President go so far out of his way to suggest that fully half of the country isn’t worth listening to, honoring, or even tolerating. 

And to clarify- when you go back and listen to that Philadelphia speech on Monday- President Biden didn’t call Donald Trump a semi-fascist. He called trump’s supporters semi-fascist.

Smearing Donald Trump as a fascist was implied-but Joe Biden-president of the United States- directed his arrows at -the American people- not Trump.

He labeled a wide swath of the American people ‘dangerous’ to democracy and unfit to represent or have a decision-making role in this country.

That’s astounding. Even coming from a man who has always been a rancid hyper-partisan, Joe Biden.

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