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Merrick Garland threatens FBI and DOJ whistleblowers

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-1-22 7:10am

Boy, this doesn’t look suspicious: Merrick Garland, President Biden’s attorney general, banning all DOJ employees from talking to congress.... just as a small flood of FBI and DOJ whistleblowers starts to emerge that-validates-there were actors within the deep state who have been working to smear and villainize well as cover up the hunter family criminal enterprise scandal.

This comes as a reaction to that-and amounts to Merrick Garland trying to stop all leaks and put out this growing fire. This is quite the move:

Garland said all communication with Congress must be handled by the Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA). Per DOJ policy, "no department employee may communicate with Senators, Representatives, congressional committees, or congressional staff without advance coordination, consultation, and approval by OLA." 

If this is accurate, it means that the memo-itself-is a veiled threat to all agents and agency workers: talk to congress, and you’ll lose your job.

Do you know what i mean?

If everyone within the agency knows how ‘snitches’ are really dealt with, and if there is no-actual- whistleblower protection for DOJ employees who might rat out bad behavior-

Then the memo-itself-is the threat.

The rest of us might interpret it one way, but the agency insiders will know it’s a threat on their jobs and careers. This is what Merrick Garland-really-put out, yesterday.

And three more cheers for Mitch McConnell for not allowing this rancid scumbag to sit on the supreme court.  We dodged a real bullet, as a country, because Mitch refused to bring this clown’s nomination forward.

And this comes, of course, as congressman like Chuck Grassley and Jim Jordan and Ron Johnson say they have a growing number of DOJ whistleblowers who are telling insider stories related to the highly unusual raid on Mar a Lago-and on the FBI’s -clear- cover up of the Hunter Biden laptop before the 2020 election.

It's not even conjecture, anymore, that the FBI agents involved worked to keep the story out of the media and off social media and worked to keep any investigation from even starting until after the election-and then- still worked hard to keep it from going public.

Last week a special agent in charge of the Biden laptop investigation abruptly resigned, probably before being fired, for his political bias, and the fact that his work to protect joe and Hunter Biden was discovered by congress.

And given how many FBI agents and employees-still- have integrity. Still love their country. Still see the agency’s mission clearly. 

Given how many-good and decent and honest-agents we have.... Garland has a huge problem on his hands if they all start ‘talking’ right?

Also-given all those agents with integrity-it’s also not surprising that a new report says the FBI staff has lost confidence in Christopher Wray as the FBI director.

Even the resignation of Timothy Theibault on Friday only came about after Wray was forced into a corner. The agent’s scummy activities and hyper-partisanship had already been exposed by others and GOP congressmen weren’t just going to ‘let it go’...and so Wray was forced to let that agent go.

But he’s the first.

That laptop proves the Biden family has been engaged in a criminal enterprise related to selling access to the highest level of the federal government-

And selling it primarily to foreign actors in enemy nations like China and Russia.

And that’s not an alarming find?

That’s not something that the FBI and DOJ should-immediately? -hop on?

My god.

It wasn’t that long ago that these agencies took foreign threats and attempts to infiltrate and influence American government-very-seriously.

We must get back to the days when spies are shot and corrupt politicians selling out America are imprisoned. Even if it is the president of the United States.

We are living in -very-interesting times, my friends. We have one side of the aisle and their highly dishonest media machine insisting that Donald trump was engaged in criminal activity and may have been even trying to sell govt secrets to our enemies-which is idiotic.

And meanwhile-the guy atop their party and his son have spent decades doing basically that exact thing.

The outrageous irony of it is- seen-by no one and noted-by no one.

That is how corrupted our country has become at the highest levels and amongst the most influential media members-who have willingly turned over their powerful media machine to one side of the political aisle.

And I loved this late-breaking story yesterday:

The DOJ won’t reveal any charges against Donald Trump until after the election.

Well, of course they won’t.

The entire point of the exercise is to create the framework for the next ‘never ending smear’ against Donald Trump.

They are going to play this out for years if they can-but short term?

This all popped up now-specifically to try to make the fall elections about trump, and not about Joe Biden’s putrid presidency.

Of course, the next two months are going to be full of new fake news, falsehoods, and Adam Schiff conspiracies. Of course, they are.

And I dismiss all this week’s nonsense about But...trump had secret documents. He’s been caught with the goods. There are photos.

And i dismiss it because...but...but...Hillary Clinton had a secret server full of secret documents. And she was caught with the goods.

And given a complete pass.

I also dismiss it because the most recent filing by Merrick Garland’s operatives is so obviously biased-

So obviously intended to further smear trump-that we can’t take anything the FBI or DOJ claims ‘on its face’ anymore.

We simply cannot.

The attempt yesterday to pawn off a clearly staged array of ‘secret documents’ strewn all over the floor of Trump’s office- was so idiotic that garland’s agency should be embarrassed by it.

Those folders were obviously laid out that way-by agents-for the photo. That’s not how they found them-and everyone who isn’t an idiot knows it.

Donald Trump was not...spreading out classified folders on the floor of his office...and then just leaving them there, willy-nilly, like a stalker laying out photos of their victim.

Come on.

photo credit: Getty Image
story credit: Fox News

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