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I'm seeing positive signs for the GOP this fall

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-4-22 7:10am

I did a segment earlier about this week’s breathless narrative from the left-wing news outlets that Biden and the democrat’s political fortunes are turning around.

No. The really are not.

First of all- they aren’t any closer to actually -passing-the terrible Schumer/Manchin bill that they think is such a sign of new success.

Secondly-that bill has already been exposed as a tax-raising, inflation raising nightmare that the bulk of the American people are going to hate.

The dems are going to raise taxes on everyone and put some Americans out of work-to spend billions on climate change b-s?

How’s that going to fly with the average voter?

Third-killing a terrorist who the average American has never heard of-in a time of low terror worries-in august- will be forgotten by fall-but only after we mark the one-year anniversary of Biden’s disastrous and cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan where u-s servicemen were killed, and thousands were left behind. That anniversary date is coming-and this terrorist having been killed in Kabul- raises a whole rash of new questions about how Biden and Blinken are handling terror...

Fourth- gas prices are predicted to start rising again as we move closer to winter-because OPEC won’t pump more, and Europe has vowed to stop using Russian oil completely by Christmas.

None of those influence the fall vote positively for the left.

Oh-and then- (where am i? Fifth? Fifth point?)

In a week, another bad inflation report comes out that is expected to show we remain at about nine percent inflation-which experts say could last thru the rest of the year.

-and sixth? Biden’s regime is warning that they are about to officially end ‘remain in Mexico and it could spark another huge crush of illegals at the border -moving into fall.

I’ve just given you six events that we-know-are coming before election day....and any ‘good vibes’ this week over Zawahiri, or Manchin’s bill, will be long-forgotten.

And then there’s this- unimpeachable reality: these democrats are going to remain hung up on an agenda that is far too extreme for the country.

Whether it’s raising taxes for global warming fixes no one wants or asked for....  

Or whether it’s more attempts to preserve ‘abortion on demand, right up until birth’.

Or whether it’s some ‘Last Minute’ student loan forgiveness that infuriates 2/3 of the country...these democrats are going to continue to overplay their hand in this regard.

It’s a given: their agenda is too extreme...and will remain so. Because- somehow? -they think they have the winning agenda!

There’s this odd thing going on in which -Joe Biden ran as a moderate-then entirely caved to the leftist agenda. It ruined his presidency, but now the same radical leftists who pushed him onto that path want to blame Biden for its failures and insist that -he-is the problem.

When so many Americans from across the spectrum are hurting financially-and know it is due to bad moves by Biden and the democrats.

Every poll taken over the last year seems to show a widening chasm between the democrat’s agenda and the democrat’s own voters. Members of the working class, Blacks, Hispanics, suburban moms, young voters- every demographic that the democrats rely on- who major erosion of support.


Because the party’s agenda-and constant focus- are way out of step with the American people.

That’s why.

No one voted for billions to be spent on global health care for illegals...or free college for today’s kids when all the rest of us paid our own way. No one voted for ‘transvestites to corrupt our schools’ or for ‘racist black professors to organize the re-teaching of racism to new generations of kids who-thankfully- were starting to have no idea what racism is.

No one voted for this.

These socialist progressives who are controlling today’s democrat party have-literally-taken the opposite position of where 70 percent of Americans are -on every single issue.

And they expect to win elections this way?

I question whether they really do.

These young democrats and their activists strike me as a group of people who believe that they can just bully the rest of us into getting their way. And we -cannot-allow that to happen. 

So no, don’t expect some chastened democrat party when and if they lose ‘big’ this fall. Don’t expect any introspection or post-mortems that have the party moderating their positions, realizing their mistakes, and moving back to the middle. No.

They will just-triple down on all it-and keep going. And they will-because this is a party being run by cry-bullies and zealots now- almost entirely.

If they lose big in fall- trust me-they will just double and triple down on ‘ending drilling. Killing fossil fuels. Raising taxes. Stealing federal control over all elections. Packing the supreme court.

They’ll double down on the most extreme abortion positions. Trans-bullying. Critical race theory, and all the rest.

They will not. Moderate, despite the mountain of polling that shows the American people are choosing the republican’s position on all these matters and the republican’s idea of what America’s future should be.

It is one reason that 2024 will present such an incredible opportunity for conservatives and republicans to launch a new era

photo credit: Getty Images

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