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Manchin struggles to defend his deal with Schumer

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-3-22 Joe Manchin being crucified for agreeing to this foolish, tax raising, inflation-increasing deal at the last minute.

It is rare that I have seen this level of push back from the talking-heads on a bill that -clearly- misrepresents itself.

Maybe it was the ludicrous name he and Schumer gave it-which is an intentional lie-

Maybe it’s because -in truth-all sorts of moderate democrats in the house and senate don’t want to vote to raise taxes for climate change nonsense right before an election-

But for some reason- this Schumer/Manchin deal is getting a level of scrutiny that we’ve only rarely seen in a democrat-dominated media-

And for some reason-even the outlets that you expect to protect the democrats and run propaganda for them are reporting on the studies that have already been done that show this deal -will not- reduce inflation, and -will-lead to tax increases on everyone.

So far, I’m not seeing all that much cheerleading for the bill itself from the left-wing news outlets. They might be super-invested in seeing it pass to give the democrats a badly needed boost-but they aren’t covering up the fact that this act falls far short of what Manchin is promising.

Several independent reviews of it say it -will-raise taxes on everyone and-will- lead to even worse inflation.

And all Joe Manchin can do in interviews, is deny that’s the case. But he doesn’t have any facts or figures to back it up. He just-insists-all those independent reviews are wrong.

I’m still not sure what caused Manchin to reverse course on-everything-that the has said and believed over the last year or more- about not wanting to make inflation worse. Not wanting to harm the American people or businesses more-

I’m not sure what ultimately caused him to change his mind and sell out his year-old positions on these things-

It could have been a side-deal related to Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden clearing the way for an important pipeline to be completed in West Virginia-

But- the man has completely shot is credibility in DC, and back home in West Virginia.

He’s already 74 years old, and this might be his last term anyway, but this move virtually assures he will lose his senate seat in 24.

The last time he ran as a democrat in a very red West Virginia-he only won by 3 points. Trump carried West Virginia by 30 points in 2020. Manchin won by-three-

But, any reserve of good will that he had built up with most home-state republicans will be shattered if this bill gets thru and raises their taxes-

And- slams manufacturers with new taxes.

See-West Virginia is also a state that relies heavily on manufacturing. And so, what was Manchin doing when he agreed that about half of the 320 billion in new taxes in this bill-falls on manufacturers? 

Half- of the new corporate taxes in this bill- are raised with a fifteen percent minimum corporate tax on manufacturers.


Joe Biden and these democrats keep insisting that they want to see ‘more things made’ in America. We must return to our roots as great ‘makers of things’.

And this is how they treat businesses that make things?

Also-as a guy from a coal state- Manchin agreed to incentivize green technology over his home state’s coal and fossil fuel industries.

Initially, Manchin said that this deal included expansion of permits and other ‘wins’ for the fossil fuel industry that he didn’t detail.

But- in agreeing to the green energy bologna- he had ‘won’ for fossil fuels, too.

No, he didn’t. None of those things are in this bill. Instead, it was learned later thathe simply has a verbal ‘promise’ from chuck Schumer to take them up later. Come on.

Do you think Schumer is going to keep that promise when the angry activists start circling?

Not a chance.

The other thing Manchin ‘got’ from Schumer, is also, only a promise: to clear away the opposition and the govt hurdles to completing the long-stalled mountain valley pipeline.

This is also-only a promise.

So, what is that other than a ‘promise’ that Biden and Schumer just ‘cannot fulfill’ in September, after this global warming spending has already passed?

There is no way that Biden, his EPA, or the eco-zealots are going to allow him to streamline the approval process for that pipeline- and here’s a huge, huge problem: there’s no way for the Biden administration to clear away the court cases.

Biden’s regime cannot magically snap it’s fingers and end lawsuits that private environmental groups and West Virginia residents have filed to stop this pipeline.

These are separate branches of government and private lawsuits are involved.

Biden has no way to control those.

In fact, just on the ‘whiff’ of this news that Biden’s regime will streamline the permitting process, environmentalist groups and some dc democrats are already in a tizzy...saying it would allow for more drilling and polluting...and it cannot happen. Biden will not be allowed to sign it.

Joe Manchin has almost certainly been played for a fool, here.

And against this legitimate-flood -of evidence that this Schumer/Manchin deal will only cause more inflation and raise taxes-all democrats and the Biden white house can do-is lie about it.

Manchin is looking foolish in his interviews by saying- i just don’t believe those studies-and offering no counterevidence.

And joe Biden’s press secretary...who is simply god-awful- could only resort to lying again, yesterday, when Steve Doocy pushed her on how this bill breaks joe Biden’s promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than 400-thousand dollars.

She’s saying the experts who analyze these things are saying it will raise taxes and inflation...but they aren’t considering things like...the money seniors might save on pills.

And the lower energy costs the bill produces.

Let’s take those separately:

First- govt. price fixing of prescriptions that they are paying for- thru Medicare, doesn’t mean that seniors will be saving money. Only Medicare will.

And by the way-the bill-specifically-uses that Medicare savings for more govt spending. Manchin’s bill -specifically-uses that ‘savings’ in a shell game and shifts the money over to balance off another part of the bill.

So, there is no savings to seniors, or to govt, related to that price fixing.

And as for the claim that this spending will reduce energy prices- how?  Building windmills and solar panels and replacing existing power grids is -very expensive. There is no ‘savings’ to be had, in a transition over to green energy. It is far more costly than fossil fuels and is going to lead to -increases-in our energy bills, not decreases.

And so- Jean Pierre is lying about that, too.

But all these democrats have, anymore, is lies. It is genuinely surprising to me how today’s democrats simply- cannot- be honest anymore.

Their agenda and their policies are so extreme, that -every time-they find themselves lying about them in an attempt to explain them or support them.

It’s remarkable.

This bill-is a slapped together disaster-and dems are using a series of lies to sell it.

photo credit: Getty Images

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