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No, Republicans aren't denying health care for Veterans

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-2-22 6:40am

I can’t believe i have to say this-but a handful of listeners are asking, and that means some percentage of the audience also ‘wonders’:

No, the republicans are not looking to harm veterans by temporarily blocking a VA funding bill.

This is one of those commonsense things that you can run your own litmus test on: you don’t need me for this.

Do you really think that the republican party is standing in the way of caring for veterans?

Come on.

 If you had to guess: which party is more likely to be the one on the wrong side of a veteran’s issue- republicans or democrats- which one, would you choose?

Come on, people.

Today’s democrat party hates the military, hates ‘wars’ of any kind, no matter how necessary or important they might be for national security.

Heck, they hate cops and law enforcement.

Which party- do you think? - is more likely to be on the wrong side of a ‘veterans’ issue?

What is happening here-in this dust-up about a funding bill for veterans who were injured by exposure to toxins- passed the u-s senate once by a wide margin..

And then got held up last week by a few republican senators who realized that -the way the democrats had crafted it- allowed room for the administration and the agencies to divert the money to other uses.

This-temporary-stoppage of the bill sent democrat veterans’ groups into a tizzy. The well-meaning but misguided Jon Stewart got involved. This has been a pet project of his since leaving the daily show. It is a charity he supports.

He got PO-ed and flew off the handle and mischaracterized the republican objections, and it became a big thing.

The truth is that- about half of the democrats in the senate joined with republicans on the first vote because-both sides want to get this done.

There were about 23 democrat senators who were anti-vet turds who voted against it.

But 27 dems of the 50 joined with republicans to vote in favor of this: everyone wants to get it done...

But then this other issue with the language came up...and Senator Pat Toomey and others were right to slow their roll.

But of course, the leftist media has been having a field day peddling the fake news that republicans are playing politics with sick veterans.

Instead, if either side is, it’s the democrats.

Republicans are engaging in-responsible- budgeting. They found a loophole in the language that the democrats had slipped into it.

And so-if the question is- which side is trying to exploit the injured vets-

It would be the democrats, correct?

The republicans want to fund these new health benefits for vets injured by toxins...and so do about half of the democrats...but Schumer and his team decided to ‘take advantage’ of a rare bill that might pass this session...

And hide a poisoned pill in it.

That! Is what this is about.

And John Stewart-thinking he’s always the smartest guy in the room- honestly-didn’t know what he was talking about, when he got into this social media fight with Ted Cruz.

And here’s another litmus test you can do: who do you think is more likely to know what they are talking about in this situation? Ted Cruz? A brilliant, long time, sitting senator who knows how dc operates?

Or a comedian whose heart might be in the right place, and who-thinks-he knows how Washington works, but has mostly just made jokes about it?

I used to know a guy who was a factory worker but would argue law with lawyers and medicine with doctors...because he simply ‘knew it all’. Knew everything. We all know people like this.

Jon Stewart fits that mold: he’s arguing senate parliamentary procedure and legislative bill crafting-with a sitting u-s senator.

Toomey and Cruz and others have told Chuck Schumer-just vote on the amendment to fix the language- and we’ll gladly pass it.

So, the future of this veteran care bill -genuinely is- in Schumer’s hands. If he decides that the dems were caught in their little darn, it...we didn’t slip that thru...but still does the right thing and holds another vote on a more honest bill... Then great. The vets get their desired additional coverage.

But if Schumer decides to be a bitter game-player and try to hold veteran care hostage until the democrats can bake 400-billion dollars in even more spending passed-entirely unrelated to vets- then no, the bill won’t pass this fall.

But the republicans-are not-the ones playing games with veteran care. It’s today’s -perpetually dishonest democrats-who are always looking for another cheat, or a sleazy new angle.

Speaking of sleaze-bags always looking for an angle...

photo credit: Getty Images

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