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Biden caves "a little" on the border wall

Jay Weber Show transcript 8-1-22 7:40am

My friends- President Biden is not ‘finishing the border wall’ some conservative outlets want to characterize this.

But he is caving in on a significant campaign promise and -in the process- completing a stretch of the wall near Yuma Arizona-

Huzzah, huzzah.

And from where I sit on this ‘cave’- great. Let’s take the win and see the work completed, and then do the victory dances and beat Biden up about it closer to the 2024 election.

But let’s not discourage-any- move by the Biden admin to build more wall or complete the work that trump had underway in several sections.

To me-that’s the dumbest sort of political taunting. Let the stooges quietly admit to their errors and -get those stretches of wall completed-

And then we can mock them later. Don’t create such a crap storm of coverage over him caving that it forces the Biden admin to back off this new position because we taunted the leftist activists to counter with a new wave of open borders venom against Biden’s White House.

This is the first responsible action on the border we’ve seen out of this administration in nearly two years. Let’s take the win and get the work done.

If you missed the story- the Biden admin last week- quietly approved the completion of a section of border wall in the Yuma sector of Arizona. That stretch of wall has four openings in it where they contractors simply didn’t have time to connect them up- before Biden got into office and ordered all work to stop immediately.

It has been a beautiful stretch of high wall- that was made useless- by these four openings. And for 18 months, Biden’s team has allowed the cartels and coyotes to funnel hundreds of thousands of people thru those openings...unchallenged.

It is-idiotic-not to allow for those openings to be closed.

And yet-it took 18 months and hundreds of deaths to convince Biden and Mayorkas to-at least- do this much. Close. The damn gaps.

They’ve finally agreed-and are getting pounded by conservatives for it-because conservatives are more interested in getting democrats to admit they’re hypocritical and stupid than taking the win-

Getting something done.

But the Biden White House’s excuse-is- pathetic. Here’s a clip of the terrible new press sect, kairine Jean-Pierre, trying to blame trump for the mess Biden and the dems made along this stretch when they immediately ordered construction to be halted.

That -is- really a dumb spin.

They most certainly-are-finishing that stretch of wall-and why are they?

Because they recognize ‘walls work’.

So why can’t Jean-Pierre simply admit that they are completing that part of the wall?

Because she would have to admit that ‘walls work’.

Get it?

Of course, democrats are being terrible hypocrites and lying again...but at least that stretch of wall gets finished and the border agents in the Yuma sector get some new relief.

Again-I’ll take it.

But let’s point out how stupid the ‘safety’ excuse is, when migrants have been dying by the hundreds, if not thousands, on both sides of the border...and all along the border.

Another 700 people have been found dead on the US side of the border since Biden and Mayorkas reopened trump’s borders. Over 500 this fiscal year alone. 

And those bodies have been found all along the border. Just last week, Ted Cruz was posting gruesome and grim photos of some of the corpses found along the Texas border.

So, these gaps in the Yuma sector aren’t any more dangerous than any other stretch of border, really. But those gaps-did- make that stretch of border the most attractive to the cartels and illegals.

Closing them off is going to force them to find other routes. And that’s a good thing. Long overdue.

The fact is that Biden and Mayorkas have been breaking the law and the constitution for eighteen months, by refusing to spend the rest of the money that congress has allocated for that wall.  

They turned about 6 or 8 billion back to the military because trump had diverted it from the defense budget...

But another two-billion or so that congress specifically approved to be used to build that wall and secure the border has remained unspent. Biden’s admin has simply been engaging in an illegal and unconstitutional action...and so...i assume this is one way they can say they are allowing that money to be spent.

They should just admit that the high wall works where trump built it, and at least use that money to hang the remaining gates and complete the existing gaps in the wall. At least do that much. doing that are finally making that huge effort and large expenditure of taxpayer dollars- useful.

A wall is no good if there are gaps in it every few miles, correct?

So- close the remaining gaps. At least make the trump border wall that-was- completed, as secure as it can be. At least give our border agents and the American people -that.

But this ‘cave’ is a big deal because it represents several things, not just Biden going back on his campaign promise to not build one more foot of wall.

It also represents them admitting that-gee- the border wall, where it is in place-is- an effective deterrent.

This is a white house and a political party that has wanted to insist walls were a quote...ineffective use of taxpayer dollars’...

Which is rich coming from an administration that wastes tens of billions of dollars every week on new nonsense and foreign handouts.

Where trump’s wall has been installed-the border agents rave about it. They say it absolutely works. And on a 2000-mile border, the best experts have estimated that we need about 700 miles of that high, bollard style, fencing to secure this country. Trump had it all planned and paid for...

Trump had all the major administrative and court hurdles crossed-and if he’d had another four-year term to do it- this wall would have been completed. Flat out. No question.

Instead, Biden got into office and stopped it.

And now, even if a republican gets in in 2024-the way to do it will have been made clear by trump-but the entire process of wrangling over it and getting the final 300 miles of it done- will need to start over.

And that’s why- looking at a 2024 nominee-we need to consider which candidate will-by God- get it done. Trump sure will try-and might have it completed in the four years he has remaining.

But if we had a ‘two term’ option like DeSantis in the white house-he would absolutely have the time to get it done.  

And it is instances like this that will have part of the republican’s consideration in 24 being- wouldn’t it be smarter to elect someone who can be a two-term president rather than a guaranteed one-termer.

And I know, some of you have the fantasy-one more term of trump and then two of DeSantis.

It tends not to work out that way.

It tends to be-eight-year terms, then hand the office back to the other side.

A 2024 equation will be: do we want one more term of trump...or two terms of DeSantis or some other nominee?

photo credit: Getty Images

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