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Dems try to redefine the 100 year old definition of ‘recession’

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-26-22 7:40am

My friends- nothing is to ridiculous, bold, or Orwellian for today’s democrats-

They are now trying to redefine the 100 year old definition of ‘recession’- and do so before a terrible GDP report comes out on Thursday.

What. Scumbags.

What is the textbook definition of a recession?

You all know it by now-

Two consecutive quarters of negative growth in the gross domestic product. We saw negative 1.6 percent growth in the first part of this year, thanks to Biden and the democrat’s shriekingly bad inflation and energy crises...

And on Thursday, economists are expecting another bad number...which would mean.... the textbook definition of a recession.

As of Tuesday, Biden’s minions were out doing interviews and issuing statements -trying to redefine what a recession is.

Here is one of Biden’s chief gas lighters- Brian Deese- his national economic advisor- lying to CNN:

Folks, Deese is dead wrong when he says the definition includes all sorts of other factors. No. It doesn’t. And it never has.

This comes as the official white house council of economic advisors posted on blogs and social media- this fraudulent new talking point. Quote..

This is -full on-Orwell.

This is asking the American people to accept nakedly false assumptions.  

Tweaked a bit-this is the Biden white house saying, ‘even if Tuesday follows Monday, and Monday was yesterday, that doesn’t mean this is Tuesday’. 

That is how patently asinine this spin is from the Biden White house and the democrats.They have given up on trying to find plausible excuses for their screw ups, and are now resorting to bold lie-telling:  

They are asking their supporters to-honest to God- suspend reality. Ignore what we ‘know’. And join them in an alternate line of B.S.

It is remarkable, even by Washington standards.

And here’s the thing: you can bet that their mindless minions and activists will buy it-completely-and start spouting it out themselves his week: you know, that’s not what a recession is. This isn’t a recession.

You know your idiot liberal neighbor is going to be throwing that at you-at the cookout this weekend...and you are going to be thinking.... good lord, how can you be so stupid.

The Biden administration is trying to change the definition of a recession-which has literally been the definition for nearly 100 years.

Economists aren’t buying it-and that includes Larry summers, barrack Obama’s chief economic advisor and treasury secretary.  

Larry summers-Obama’s guy- says that Biden’s policies are leading us into a recession and it’s going to be a longer-term event.

Summers-himself-says all the talk of the fed trying to create a ‘soft landing’ is malarkey. It’s the sort of nonsense that liberal economists and financial guys toss around when they don’t want to admit to the truth: we are screwed-for years here.

That’s what a ‘long term’ recession is, and summers is predicting one. No soft landing, only misery. 

The other pollyannish hope this week is that we have seen the worst of the inflation. That- okay-the worst is over now.

No, it’s not. We might not keep up with this trend of increasingly brutal monthly numbers...but that doesn’t mean that inflation or the price increases that we have suffered under Biden are getting any better.

Everything got more expensive in 2021, and is now ten percent more expensive than that, this year. And the worst hits-the highest hikes-are on everyday expenses: food, housing, gas. The overall cost of living has skyrocketed under Biden...and now ..if Janet Yellen and Gina Raimondo say ‘the worst is over’ we are supposed to believe them?

When is gas going to return to 2.30 a gallon, Janet? When will chicken and beef and bread return to their pre-Biden levels? 

When will my grocery and gas bills drop to the point where they won’t’ be crippling and shocking anymore, Janet and Gina?

Tomorrow, the fed will-again-raise the base interest rate by at least three-quarters of a percentage point and send our retirement portfolios tanking-again- 

When will they recover to where they were under Trump, Gina?

It’s going to take years. Not months. Years.

And this misery and these price hikes were-all-so-unnecessary.

They really -are- all Biden and the democrat’s fault. Even the liberal economists and talking heads on CNN and MSNBC are starting to agree. They can’t hide the truth, anymore, and at least so far, they aren’t willing to redefine what a recession is for this disastrous regime.

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