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Some tough love for Donald Trump

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-21-22 6:10am

Okay-it’s time for some ‘tough love’ for Donald Trump and his supporters.  

It is becoming clear that if he-and they- don’t give up this obsession with overturning an election that isn’t going to be overturned...they are going to make themselves irrelevant in 2024.

I’m going to focus my comments on Trump, but they will apply to anyone who simply...cannot...cannot...cannot... Admit that the 2020 election cannot be overturned, and so we instead, need to focus on ending the ways the Dems committed the fraud and/or gamed the system in 2020....while addressing the immediate, pressing issues of the American people.

Donald Trump is starting to lose noticeable support because he’s not talking about inflation. He’s not talking about high crime. He’s not crafting a Republican vision for this year, and beyond.

Instead, he’s just wallowing in ‘how he was wronged’ in 2020, and is, in fact, lessening his chances to have strong advocates for him in the swing states in 2024.

The quiet ‘shifting of the sands’ toward DeSantis has already started, folks.

Trump- now-is harming his own chances in 2024-by going after people like Robin Vos and Ron Johnson here in Wisconsin...and the governors and sect of states of Georgia and Pennsylvania, and these other swing states in which he believes he was wronged.

These are the very people who are going to be doing a lot of the coordinating, networking, and politicking to deliver a win for the republican candidate in 2024, if they can, and if they all hate trump, and he hates them, it’s going to guarantee another loss.

Trump’s attacks on fellow Republicans are so stupid. They were dumb in 2020-in the wake of the controversial results...but it is dumb to keep them up.

And I’m sorry if that offends you as a Trump supporter. At some point, you’re going to have to embrace the truth here, too.

The 2020 elections here in Wisconsin, and nationally, cannot and will not be overturned. And don’t argue. Don’t get your dander up. Just please, let it sink in.

It is constitutionally and legally impossible. President trump has been told that multiple times now, and if he just ‘refuses to accept that’, well then, that’s ‘on him’.

If i keep telling you it’s Thursday-because it is-and you -by God-refuse to believe it- then, what can i do?

You’re wrong. Go wallow in your anger somewhere else.

Sincerely: this relentless insistence by trump that the Wisconsin results can be overturned-and need to be- has hit that point: 

Donald. They can’t be. They won’t be. And if you can’t get over it, don’t drag the party down with you, just go off and wallow in your anger somewhere else.

And I say this as someone who still has no problem saying that Donald Trump was the most effective president of my lifetime. It was a joy to watch him -for once- manage this country’s problems so capably: both the ones that popped up daily, and the longer-term issues. Trump was brilliant at it, and i hope he eventually gets his due with historians.

I also say this as someone who will have-zero-hesitation voting for Donald Trump a second time if he secures the 2024 nomination. 

In fact, i say this-because- the way he is going now. He won’t be. This is the point of the segment: if Donald Trump won’t give up this posture of looking back at 2020 and obsessing over it, the voters and the party will move on without him.

We’ve got Ron DeSantis waiting in the wings, who appears to have all the best qualities of trump, along with more political savvy, and a more likable family...

The party will be fine...taking the best of trump’s lessons...and moving forward with a new generation of ‘Trumpier’ candidates.

Trump, himself, is the only one who stands to lose here if he won’t relent on this nonsense.

And to be clear: i am not calling the suggestion that there were cheating and fraudulent schemes that occurred in 2020.  We have outlined and detailed those in the months following the election. But they have been identified, and some have been corrected. Others require a republican governor...and so let’s focus on electing a republican governor in fall to complete that task.

And by the way- Robin Vos and the WI republicans who Trump insists on continuing to trash, have already passed those new election laws once, and will again, so a gop governor can sign them.

But there is a process, constitution, separation of powers, and other realities that need to be honored, and those are the things Trump doesn’t want to hear about.

It’s one reason that his regular attacks on Robin Vos are so silly.

Vos made national news yesterday by simply telling channel twelve that, yes, Donald Trump called me again after the state supreme court ruling on drop boxes...insisting I overturn the election.

That’s hardly newsworthy, but it was ‘national news’ because Trump got off the phone, didn’t like Vos’s answers, and chose to smear him on social media, again.

So... okay.... ‘now what?’

The ‘now what’ is- President Trump to choose to continue to be an influential voice and a major player in the party, or whether he’s going to relegate himself to ‘kook in the corner’.

And I hate to put it this way-but this-is-what we are talking about, now, because that is how most republicans are going to view him: we want to ensure a red tsunami in fall...and a big GOP win in dammit, we can turn this country back around reverse Biden’s terrible inflation, high crime, open border. Stop him from making dangerous blunders on the international stage.

And either Donald Trump can help us do that-again-as he did in 2016, 

Or he can wallow in the crapulence of 2020.

And again-the same goes for his supporters, of which I am one.

I say to the rest of you: stay with the work that trump so brilliantly started in 2016...of taking back this country from a sliver of truly dangerous extremists who have shown us-in frightening technicolor-where they want to take this country.

Their ’planned’ socialist destruction is bone chilling.  Don’t sit on the sidelines of the fight because Donald Trump tells you to have to-in order to be loyal to him.

He has -got to-stop harming and smearing his own party and his own legacy if we are going to be collectively successful. And only he can decide which it will be.

But if he decides ‘I’d rather wallow’, then the shift that has already started toward DeSantis and other candidates is going to snowball.

photo credit: Fox News

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